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Lights, decorations and... lobster? The most popular Christmas cargo flying through Heathrow

Credit: PA images

Heathrow Airport has revealed some of the most popular Christmas exports, with a record number of cargo expected this year.

More than 143 million kilograms will be exported in the run up to the holidays.

In terms of weight, salmon was the most popular export to non-EU countries over the holiday season last year.

Over 6 million kilograms was flown through the airport- the equivalent to 480 London buses.

That was followed by exports of books, with nearly 5 million kilograms transported last year (approximately 382 London buses).

Some other popular commodities which saw an increase last year include:

  • Christmas lighting sets: 27,467 kg
  • Frozen lobster: 443,146 kg
  • Calendars: 31,316 kg
  • Dried flowers, including for decorations - 310,677 kg

(Source: Heathrow Airport).

Credit: PA images

The top 5 destinations of long-haul exports have also been revealed:

  • 1. United States (15.31 million kilograms)
  • 2. China (6.20 million kilograms)
  • 3. UAE (3.77 million kilograms)
  • 4. Australia (3.36 million kilograms)
  • 5. Hong Kong (2.77 million kilograms)

Heathrow is at its busiest time at Christmas – and this year, we not only expect record numbers of passengers to fly through, but also a record amount of cargo to be flown in the holds under their feet. Santa may still have the claim on the most deliveries on Christmas Eve, but for the months before it, Heathrow is doing its bit to export our British Christmas across the world.

– Nick Platts, Head of Cargo at Heathrow Airport said