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Heavy rain and high winds cause damage across south

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A brief but violent freak storm swept across the south this morning, bringing down trees and power lines and causing flooding in several areas.

Authorities were inundated with calls about trees falling onto property and blocking roads, while hundreds of homes were left without power.

A tree blocking the road in Whiteley, Hampshire

Trains and ferries were delayed and a plane from the Channel Islands had to turn back as a precaution because of stormy conditions off the Isle of Wight.

CCTV captured the moment a large tree fell into Debbie McKay's garden in Gosport, destroying her summer house.

It just came straight down towards us and the next thing, my husband shouted 'quick, run' so we just ran to the front of the house out of the way because that tree is well over 100 feet.

– Debbie McKay

Meteorologist Philippa Drew says a very active frontal system was always forecast to bring wet and windy conditions but on rare occasions like this one, just before these kinds of systems clear, very strong winds and stormy conditions can develop.

A driver had to be rescued from flood water outside Dorchester