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Journey of Grade II listed Eastbourne pier

Children playing in the sand on the beach at Eastbourne in the 18th century Credit: PA Wire

The pier was built in 1866, created by the same designer as Brighton's West Pier.

It cost more than £13,000 and was opened to crowds in 1870.

Eastbourne Pier was designed by Eugenius Birch in 1870 Credit: Barratts/S&G Barratts/EMPICS Archive

During WWII, part of the pier decking was removed and machine guns were installed in the theatre as the pier's situation provided a good vantage point to spot enemy landings.

A hunt in East Sussex taking place in 1967 along the Grand Parade at Eastbourne Credit: Sport and General/S&G and Barratts/EMPICS Sport

In 1942, an exploding mine severely damaged the pier and nearby seaside resorts after police mistakenly thought it had been fitted with a safety device.

The pier known as 'Old Lady' to locals in East Sussex Credit: Julie Murray

Over several decades, the pier theatre was rebuilt several times until a big fire destroyed it in 1970 - but the owners replaced it with a theatre which stayed in place.

The last remaining flames this morning are battled by firefighters Credit: PA


Three arrested after stolen car crashes into police car

Police are appealing for witnesses after a stolen car crashed into a police car in Brighton.

Police were informed of a Nissan Micra car doing "doughnut turns" in Whitehawk Road, Brighton, at 3.40amon Thursday 31st July.

The car made off when police arrived and it was followed through Whitehawk to the seafront but it failed to stop at a give way junction of Chichester Place and Eastern Road. It then collided with a police car heading west in Eastern Road.

The three people in the car, two 16-year-old boys and a 17-year-old boy were taken to the Royal Sussex County Hospital, Brighton.

The 17-year-old and one of the 16-year-olds suffered minor injuries and have been released from hospital.

The other 16-year-old has more serious injuries is currently still in hospital. All three have been arrested on suspicion of stealing a motor car.

The police officer driving the vehicle was also taken to the Royal Sussex County Hospital with minor injuries and has now been released. Eastern Road was closed for investigations but has now been re-opened.

Eastbourne 'determined to rebuild arcade'

Eastbourne's business leaders have met to discuss next steps. MP Stephen Lloyd said afterwards: "I have spoken to the pier's owners and they share our determination to rebuild the arcade by next summer."

"A package of measures is being worked on to help the small businesses who had concessions on the pier. It appears they were unable to get insurance covering them for fire and lost trade."

The meeting also discussed the possibility of securing public access to the two thirds of the pier that was not damaged.

If that can be achieved, the pier could be partly operational this summer.

The arcade section of the pier has been completely gutted by the fire Credit: PA


Emergency services continue to tackle pier fire


Eastbourne Police, Firefighters and all emergency services are still working hard this morning at Eastbourne Pier.

Emergency services remain at the site of the pier fire in Eastbourne after a large part of its structure went up in flames yesterday.

Firefighters are concerned that certain hotspots on the pier will relight so they are still working to dampen the fire.

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