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VIDEO: Migrants clamber on to lorries in Calais

Footage of desperate migrants trying to clamber on to lorries coming into the UK from Calais has been posted online.

It was taken by a coach passenger who said he saw hundreds of people trying to get onto vehicles at the border crossing. It comes as calls have been by the Freight Transport Association to get the Home Office to lobby the French government, in order control the situation in Calais.

Tributes paid to coach crash victims

Tributes are being paid to a couple from Hampshire who died in a coach crash in India over the weekend. Rupesh Nawarkhele and his wife Kavita from Southampton were killed when the luxury bus they were travelling in collided with a car in the Punjab region on Saturday. Three others also died in the crash and fifteen people, including the couple's 9-year-old daughter, were injured. The flag outside Southampton City Council where Rupesh worked was flown at half mast as a mark of respect. Kerry Swain reports.


Amur leopard club named

Kanika is now 13 weeks old Credit: Marwell Zoo

A critically endangered Amur leopard cub who was born at Marwell Zoo near Winchester has finally been given a name. Kanika is now thirteen weeks old and left her den for the first time last week.

The Amur leopard is the world’s most threatened big cat, with fewer than 35 remaining in their natural range in the Russian Far-East.

Born to mum, Kaia, and dad, Akin, the zoo says this female leopard is an important addition to the European Endangered species breeding Programme.

Amur leopards are under serious risk of extinction and maintaining a healthy captive population is crucial to the global conservation of the species.

Do you know this man?

Police have released this efit Credit: HAMPSHIRE POLICE

Police investigating a robbery in Shirley in Southampton, have issued an e-fit of a man they need to trace. It follows an incident at around 3pm on Saturday August 9th when a 27-year-old man was walking along Shirley High Street towards Cash Convertors. A man grabbed the victims’ necklace and pulled it off his neck-and then racially abused the man before making off along towards McDonalds.

The man police want to speak to is described as:

- White

- Aged between 30 and 40

- Slim build

- Blond hair that was pushed forward in a messy style

- Quite prominent cheek bones

- Unshaven with blond stubble that was slightly darker than his head hair

- Wearing a horizontal stripe t-shirt.

Police Staff Investigator Marta Drozd, said, “The victim sustained minor injuries to his neck as a result of the offender pulling the necklace off, which was of sentimental value to the victim."

New road schemes confirmed for the region

£24 billion will be spent on roads Credit: ITV News

The Government has today confirmed the key road schemes it plans to take forward in the next Parliament. All the schemes have been announced before apart from an upgrade to the A303 which it hopes to make public in the Autumn Statement.

£24 billion will be spent on roads which it says is the biggest amount since the 1970's and six times more than in recent years. By 2021 is says there will be 900 more miles of extra lanes.

Critics say the announcement contained nothing new and falls short of what is needed to bring our roads up to a good standard. £9 billion will be spent on maintenance and £6 billion on resurfacing 3,000 miles of main roads. They also point out a change of Government could make major changes or axe some of the schemes.

£24 billion will be spent on roads Credit: ITV News

Key improvement schemes include new by-passes and turning motorway hard shoulders into running lanes.

These are the planned schemes to start after the next election:

A21 Tonbridge - Pembury - New bypass M4 J3-12 Extra running lane A2 Bean - Junction improvement A2 Ebbsfleet - Junction improvement A27 - Chichester Bypass M23 J8-10 - Extra running lane M27 J4-11 - Extra running lane M20 J10a - Junction improvement M3 J9-14 - Extra running lane M20 J3-5 - Extra running lane

Roads Minister John Hayes said, “ As a crucial part of our long-term economic plan to secure a brighter future for Britain, we are fixing problems that have been created by governments of the past by delivering around 35% more capacity on our roads than was delivered in the nine years up to 2010. It is because of the difficult decisions that this Government has taken that we are able to triple investment in our major roads to over £3 billion a year up to 2021. “We’re doing this with great care for our environment. This extra capacity will be achieved mainly by the use of smart motorways and selective widening to minimise the environmental impact..."


Omelette anyone?

The elephant bird egg is going to auction Credit: Summers Place Auctions

It would have made an omelette big enough to feed around 50 people, holding the contents of 100 chicken eggs but the bird that laid this egg has been extinct for around 500 years. The Elephant Bird egg is due to be sold at auction in Sussex later this year. It's expected to fetch between £30,000 and £50,000

The elephant bird egg is going to auction Credit: Summers Place Auctions

Farage says he is not complacent after hustings win

Nigel Farage told Good Morning Britain there is "not one ounce of complacency from me" after he was selected to stand in the South Thanet seat for Ukip at next year's general election.

"I'm not pretending for one moment that it's going to be easy, but Ukip is offering something different and distinctive," Farage said.

Asked if he would stand down as leader if the party fails to win a single seat at the election, Farage reiterated his comments from last night.

"If we'd failed in the European elections I would have stood down, if we fail next year the party will pick someone better than me, but do you know what? That ain't going to happen," he said.

Street Art at Gatwick Airport

Sculptures are in place at the terminals Credit: GATWICK AIRPORT

Passengers using Gatwick Airport are now able to enjoy some of the world's most famous sites before they even pass through the boarding gate. A sculpture of New York's Chrysler building and Dubai's Burj Al Arab are in place at the terminals for the next two months. The two metre structures were designed by street artist Zeus.

Sculptures are in place at the terminals Credit: GATWICK AIRPORT
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