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Protestors march against housing development

Villagers marched through the rain to express their concerns Credit: ITV Meridian

Hundreds of residents staged a protest march in West Sussex today against a plan to build 2 thousand new homes. Villagers from Barnham, Walburton, Eastergate and Westergate braved torrential rain to voice their concerns. Sally Simmonds joined them, and spoke to Nick Herbert MP and tenant farmer Jim Helyer

Man's body found in water close to Sussex beach

The body was recovered at 12.25 this afternoon Credit: Eddie Mitchell
Sussex Police are investigating Credit: Eddie Mitchell

Police have launched an investigation after a man's body was found in the sea off Goring beach.

The body was spotted in the water near Worthing Sailing Club at 12.25 this afternoon.

Police, Solent Coastguard and Worthing Beach Office staff were called to the scene and the body was recovered by two boats to the Alinora boat ramp, in Goring.

It's thought the body had not been in the sea for a long period of time.

HM Coastguard was involved in the recovery Credit: Eddie Mitchell


Man jailed after bombarding woman with abusive texts

Nathan Hageman from Reading sent hundreds of abusive texts Credit: PA

A 33-year-old man is behind bars after subjecting a woman to more than 400 abusive and threatening texts in just two days.

Nathan Hageman, of Ambrook Road, Reading pleaded guilty to the harassment of a woman in her thirties.

He received a four month prison sentence with a requirement to serve at least two months in prison.

The offence took place between 17-18 November, when Hageman harassed his victim with over four hundred abusive and threatening text messages by mobile phone.

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Passengers describe initial fear that train fire was bomb

Eileen Harris, 60 was on the train to travel to Tunbridge Wells in Kent when the fire started.

She described the chaos when the fire broke out and how some of those on board initially feared it was a bomb.

Suddenly the doors burst open and a woman ran through shouting there's a bomb on the train, everybody get off. We ran away towards the opposite end of the station because I thought that if there was a bomb, they'd probably take out the concourse. But the staff kept saying to us come back in and we really didn't want to come back through the station, because by then there was thick smoke.

Where the fire was there were big bangs and pops and flashes. And the smoke, the smoke was the worst thing.

– Eileen Harris, passenger

Mrs Harris' 26-year-old son Daniel was travelling with her on the train:

There was fire and lots of thick smoke, so we assumed that there was a bomb ripping through the train. People were running through the train, and my first thought was the reason they're running down the train is because they can't get off. No-one really knew what was going on.

– Daniel Harris, passenger
  1. London

Passenger talks of fire ordeal

A passenger who was on the Southeastern train which caught fire at Charing Cross this morning has spoken of his ordeal.

Vincenzo Minore, who is from west London and the CEO for cosmetics company Soap and Glory, was on board with his wife, two children and in-laws, when the fire broke out.

I was sitting on the train with my family when there was a blast and a lot of light. You could see the fire - it was not like a normal fire, it was pushing out and consistently burning.

We walked away from the fire but it was in the wrong direction. The security services arrived quickly and escorted us out. We had to walk right past the fire which was quite worrying.

– Vincenzo Minore


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