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Passenger describes moment plane makes emergency landing

A passenger has described the moment an easyJet plane carrying 157 passengers had to make an emergency landing - after smoke was detected in the cockpit.

The plane was delayed after smells of smoke in the cabin Credit: Emily Scott

We were due to leave Liverpool at 6:40am to Naples. The flight left with no problems and all was well. Then came the an acrid smell of burning. At first it seemed like nothing to worry about but as the smell grew as did the concern of some of the passengers. The captain then announced that they were apologetic for the smell of smoke and that the plane was to make an emergency landing as a precaution. The oxygen was issued in the cockpit as that's where the smoke was coming from. The crew remained extremely calm and professional. Some of the passengers started to notice that there was a mist coming from the air condition which the captain reassured us was completely normal. The flight landed safely on the ground and we were greeted by the firemen who came aboard (to our delight). Currently there is another EasyJet flight awaiting for us to board and we have been offered a free drink and small snack as a form of apology. The flight landed into Gatwick just 40 minutes after taking off at Liverpool. I commend the crew and captain for handling the situation in such a calm manner. One passenger has decided she would not like to continue with the next flight.

– Emily Imogen Scott, passenger on flight

Tube workers to take more industrial action

Members of the Rail, Maritime and Transport union will ban overtime and refuse to take part in courses from next Wednesday.

Unions have been in dispute over the closures, and loss of hundreds of jobs, since last year.

Workers have previously taken strike action over the closure plans.

RMT acting general secretary Mick Cash said: "This next phase of action has been called for the clear and simple reason that London Underground has failed to engage in serious discussions over cash-led cuts to jobs, services and safety which ignore harsh realities like the 10% increase in violent assaults on the Tube and which instead are based on a bankrupt Thatcherite ideology handed down by Mayor Boris Johnson as he gears up for a return to Parliament and a pitch for David Cameron's job.

"RMT has scrutinised the details and it is clear to us that many locations will be left without sufficient staff to safely and effectively run stations. "



easyJet plane makes emergency landing at Gatwick

easyJet said the safety of passengers was not threatened.
easyJet said the safety of passengers was not threatened. Credit: PA

An easyJet plane carrying 157 passengers has had to make an emergency landing after smoke was detected in the cockpit.

The Airbus A320 aircraft, en route from Liverpool to Naples, touched down safely at Gatwick airport around 7.20am today.

The plane, which had left Liverpool at 6.40am, is being checked.

An easyJet spokesman said:

The plane landed safely at Gatwick and the passengers remained calm. At no point was the safety of passengers threatened.

We now want to make sure we get the passengers to Naples as quickly as possible. Meanwhile, the plane is being inspected.

– easyJet spokesman


Farnborough Airshow boosts aircraft sales

red arrows
Red Arrows performing at Farnborough International Airshow 2014 Credit: ITV Meridian

Aviation industry orders reached record levels last month, boosted by the Farnborough Air Show.

Firm orders for a total of 650 aircraft and 1,000 aircraft engines were made in July - an all-time monthly high, said aerospace, defence and security trade organisation ADS.

The orders were worth £1.7 billion to the UK economy and took the order book to 12,000 aircraft and 21,000 engines - totals that are estimated to be worth between £135 billion and £155 billion over the next nine years.

"As an important event for the global aerospace industry, we expected to see a peak in orders during the Farnborough show. However, the volume of firm orders placed throughout July was unprecedented. Looking to rest of the year, we expect the focus to shift to maximising production and delivery numbers. Already this year, we have seen the number of aircraft being delivered increase significantly, putting us on track for a record-breaking year for aircraft deliveries, contributing more than #10 billion to the UK already this year."

– ADS Group chief executive Paul Everitt

10 years since Dame Kelly Holmes won gold

Pa images
Dame Kelly Holmes won two gold medals at the Athens Olympics Credit: Suzan/Suzan/EMPICS Entertainment

It's 10 years since Dame Kelly Holmes won two gold medals at the Athens Olympics. The runner, who is from Hildenborough in Kent, received a massive turnout to her open-top bus parade through Tonbridge when she returned home from the games. She later received a 'damehood' from the Queen.

Weapons discovered in Worthing pond

Police are hoping to reunite burglary victims with their possessions after finding hundreds hidden in a pond in Worthing.

Officers from Sussex Police's specialist search unit have recovered more than 850 items that are believed to have been stolen in burglaries in the county.

Among the items recovered have been necklaces, brooches, rings and trinkets.

Police are hoping to reunite these items to their owners Credit: Sussex Police

There are also handguns, a machete and knives in the haul that are being examined to see if they are linked to any other crimes.

The search was carried out after a dog that left its owner and jumped into the pond in Whitebeam Wood, Durrington, emerged with a jacket and some cufflinks on 23 July.

The recovered items have been cleaned and examined but officers have been unable to identify who many of them belong to.

If they have been stolen, they can be returned to their owners and officers may be given more evidence that could help catch and prosecute those responsible for taking them.

"Many of these items are not particularly expensive but could hold great personal value to the owners. We have already identified some of the items as having been stolen in burglaries in Sussex but we want to find out who owns the rest of them. If you recognise any of the items, or think some could belong to you, please get in touch with us."

– Detective Constable Emma Fields
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