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Young woman with "unseen illness" speaks out through art

A young woman from Crawley, in West Sussex, who has struggled since her teens with a debilitating - but invisible - medical condition, is using her rare talent for art to throw some light on people with unseen illness.

She enlisted the help of Fixers, the campaign that gives young people a voice, to stage an exhibition at London's Mall Galleries of her portraits of people who live with hidden medical conditions.


Motherless rare penguin chicks venture out, with dad

The chicks to leave the nest Credit: Cotswold Wildlife Park

Three new rare Penguin chicks have spread their wings and joined the rest of the Penguin pool at Cotswold Wildlife Park.

Peanut, Basil and MJ spent the first two months of their lives inside their nests before Peanut, a male chick, ventured out, with the two females closely following behind.

The two female chicks are being reared by their father, Wonky, after their mother, 24-year-old Mushy, the oldest penguin at the park, died of an age related illness.

The new chicks are Humboldt Penguins, which are becoming increasingly rare with just approximately 12,000 left in the wild.

Since fledging, the three chicks have been swimming around with the rest of the colony in their pool.


Human Scarecrow appears ahead of Scarecrow Festival

Dave the Human Scarecrow Credit: Sharon Clark

The residents of Pevensey Bay, East Sussex, are getting ready for a festival they hope won't scare people off.

The annual Scarecrow Festival starts on Saturday 23rd July and scarecrows are popping up throughout the town, ready for the judges to choose the best one on Tuesday 26th July. This year an unexpected contender entered the mix, meet Dave the Human Scarecrow.

"Tomb-stoning" youngsters risking death

The summer break has only just begun but already youngsters across the region are risking their lives as they try to make the most the of the heatwave.

This week one person has died in the sea at Brighton and several teenagers have been spotted tomb-stoning in Portsmouth.

In Bournemouth twenty people have been rescued from the water and in Poole, lifeboat crews have launched seventeen times in just the last five days. Martin Dowse reports.

Scouts may lose holiday due to 'Brexit' pound value

Two scout groups who were due to go away next week say the have felt the negative effects of Brexit.

The 2nd Newbury and Wash Common groups found themselves £1500 short for their trip to Norway, due to the sudden downturn in the value of the pound. It means they're desperately fund-raising to make up the difference.

Our reporter, Cary Johnston, spoke to Scout Leader, Lara Desroche who is "saddened" by the situation.

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