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Santa is given the sack after mayhem in his grotto

Santa has been given the sack Credit: Solent News Agency

Santa has been given the sack after after 15 years in the job. Families became angry after queues built up at a grotto in Crawley.

Paul-John Harris, 65, from Newhaven, said he was no longer required after an incident on Saturday, where queues built up and the crowds watched on after an elf became ill.

Mr Harris said: “There were kids in the queue and the printers weren’t working so families couldn’t get their pictures. The photos were coming out with all their heads chopped off and it was holding everything up.

“At around 5pm they closed the queue but there were still loads of people waiting. Then one of the elves was taken ill and started crying. She came into the grotto screaming and hyperventilating. There was still a big crowd outside and people were getting angry.

“I really enjoy being a Santa but I’ll probably have to work doing discos.”

Can you talk turkey?

You'd think they don't have much to shout about at this time of year, but a farm in Kent has released footage of their turkeys talking.

The footage was released by Ashford Farm Turkeys and shows the flock of birds responding to the farmer's 'turkey calls'.

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300 thousand pieces of Christmas at Legoland

At 8m tall and made of more than 300,000 bricks, it is not the sort of Christmas tree Santa Claus is likely to miss.

Model maker Katrina James took great care as she leaned out from a cherry-picker and gently slotted into place the bright yellow star that adorns the top of the tree at Legoland in Windsor this week.

The enormous Lego tree took six modelling experts four weeks to construct.

The pine tree was built in sections that were then manoeuvred into place, and the tree has been festooned with hundreds of twinkling lights.

The star itself took Ms James six days to create, requiring meticulous design to ensure it was precise and had perfect proportions.

Despite looking rather delicate, the tree has been built to withstand the elements.

The Lego model makers are amazing at making sure everything is weather-proof.

They have special glue and other things to make it weather-proof. The tree will have an internal structure, an architecture of metal, so it is not just classic Lego but is built around a frame.

– Legoland spokesperson


Fleetwood Mac to headline Isle of Wight Festival

It will be the band's first show on the island Credit: PA

Fleetwood Mac will headline this year's Isle of Wight Festival in June.

It will be the first time the band, which has sold over 100 million records, will play at the festival.

"We've always wanted to come to the UK to play The Isle of Wight Festival! So many of our fellow artists and friends have played at this historic event over the years, and we can't wait to see all of our fans on the island next summer"

– Fleetwood Mac

Is this the best marriage proposal ever?

It can be difficult today finding a way to propose to your other half in a way truly special and unique to you both.

Roses, Champaign and diamonds, while traditional, may not be the personal gesture you’re after.

Which is when one farmer from Willingdon decided to get his flock of sheep involved.

Henry Brown, 34, recruited the sheepish wingmen to come to the rescue to deliver the message with style.

Emily Walker, 22, thankfully said yes and the couple say they are ewe-phoric.

Rare mammoth skeleton fetches £189,000 at auction

The skeleton of one of the most iconic ancient mammals- an Ice Age Woolly Mammoth- went under the hammer in West Sussex today.

In Summers Place Auctions' second Evolution sale, at three and a half meters tall and over five meters long, the rare beast- known as Monty- fetched £189,000.

Leeanna Faulkner was in Billingshurst earlier today:

Mr Fuller said the 30,000-50,000-year-old creature would have looked like "a rather large elephant".

The animal, which had been in an old private Eastern European collection for years, was sold to a private buyer.

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