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Maidstone soldiers take on police in rowing challenge

In a battle of soldiers versus police, who do you think might win? That's exactly what a challenge in Maidstone this week tried to find out - and raise plenty of money for charity at the same time.

David Johns explains, talking to Maj Devkumar Gurung of the Queen's Gurkha Engineers; Lt Col Richard Walker of 36 Engineers; PC Paul Hughes; and Ch Insp Mick Gardner of Kent Police.

For the Gurkha Welfare Trust, see For More Than Words, see

Turner to showcase 'Risk' art exhibition

'Risk' exhibition starts at the Turner gallery in Margate

An art exhibition opening in Kent today aims to challenge the way people think about the unpredictable.

'Risk' at the Turner Contemporary in Margate includes more than 40 works by artists from around the world. The exhibits include footage of a burning plane and images of survivors of the Fukushima earthquake in Japan. The exhibition runs until the 17th of January 2016.


Magna Carta exhibition at Rochester Cathedral

The 'Magna Carta Rediscovered' exhibition continues in Kent

Two of the world's rarest written documents are been shown together for the first time, in Kent today.

An edition of the Magna Carta dating back seven hundred years is coming to Rochester Cathedral. It will appear alongside an even older artefact called the 'Textus Roffensis'. The display marks the end of an special exhibition that has been touring the county since May.

'Swine team' lead archaeologists to Ice Age find

Archaeologists from the University of Reading have been sharing the tale of how a herd of pigs led to them discovering the oldest evidence of human activity in Scotland.

Dr Karen Wicks from the University of Reading with the 'Swine Team' Credit: University of Reading

The team were alerted to Islay in the Inner Hebrides after a herd of pigs dug up uprooted mesolithic items while foraging along the coastline. The scientists discovered a set of Ice Age stone tools used for hunting - including sharp points used for hunting big game and scrapers for cleaning skins. The items date back 12,000 years.

Some of the tools found by the archaeologists

"The Mesolithic finds were a wonderful discovery - but what was underneath took our breath away. The Ice Age tools provide the first unequivocal presence of people in Scotland about 3000 years earlier than previously indicated. This moves the story of Islay into a new historical era, from the Mesolithic into the Palaeolithic.

"Western Scotland was the northwest frontier of the Ice Age world, a continuous landmass stretching across Europe to Asia. It was originally thought that people first arrived in Scotland after the end of the ice age, around 10,500 years ago. However we now know that a group of ice age hunter-gatherers visited Islay much earlier, discarding broken stone tools at what we think was maybe a camp site, on the island's east coast...

"The initial discovery was more swine team than Time Team. Archaeology relies on expert planning and careful analysis - but a bit of luck is also very welcome."

– Dr Karen Wicks, University of Reading's Department of Archaeology

Tarrant 'really thrilled' to unveil statue of Reading hero

Statue honouring Trooper Fred Potts has been unveiled in Reading

A statue depicting the bravery of Reading's only winner of Britain's highest award for gallantry - the Victoria Cross - has been unveiled in the town's Forbury Gardens.

Hundreds of people gathered to witness the event and attend a special ceremony to honour Trooper Frederick Owen Potts, affectionately know as Fred Potts, one hundred years after he rescued a colleague, Trooper Arthur Andrews, at Gallipoli during World War One.

The television presenter Chris Tarrant, has spoken about the honour of removing the covering from the artwork. He was involved in the public awareness campaign and fundraising efforts to get the statue made.

The story of Trooper Potts was not widely known, but that has changed. The Trooper Potts VC Memorial Trust was set up in October 2010 to raise money for the statue. The organisation brought more recognition for the Trooper Potts story. A street has been named after him, and now, his legacy will live on with the completion and placing of the statue at Forbury Gardens beside a military roll of honour.

Pride of place for Trooper Fred Potts VC statue


Home again: Missing Bald Eagle flies back to owner

Eddie Hare with Helga Credit: Raptor Centre

A Bald Eagle, missing since Tuesday, has returned to its Kent home.

Helga, a 17-year-old North American Bald Eagle flew off during a demonstration by the Raptor Centre in Groombridge.

The bird of prey, which has a seven-foot wingspan, returned to its home on Thursday evening.

Her owner, Eddie Hare, is thrilled to have Helga back after her prolonged flight.

Search continues for missing Bald Eagle with seven-foot wingspan

Helga coming in to land Credit: Raptor Centre

A bald eagle called Helga is still missing from the Raptor Centre Wildlife Sanctuary in Tunbridge Wells.

She is a very large bird of prey with a white head and tail, a brown body and a seven-foot wingspan.

Helga is 17-years-old and has lived at the sanctuary since she was 18 weeks old.

Video of missing Bald Eagle with seven-foot wingspan

A bald eagle called Helga is missing from the Raptor Centre Wildlife Sanctuary in Tunbridge Wells.

She is a large bird of prey with a white head and tail, a brown body and a seven-foot wingspan.

Helga is 17-years-old and has lived at the sanctuary since she was 18 weeks old.

She has taken part in the flying demonstrations for her entire life and is a very experienced flying bird.

She was last gaining height and soaring away during a display.

The video shows Helga and her owner, Eddie Hare, at a display.

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