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Jeremy Corbyn sings Twinkle Twinkle Little Star and Incy Wincy Spider

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn joined children in a rendition of the nursery songs Twinkle Twinkle Little Star and Incy Wincy Spider.

Mr Corbyn knew all the words and actions to the song during a visit to Caterpillars Pre School in Crawley.

He saw the work of the pre-school and listened parents who will be affected by the Conservative's planned cuts to tax credits.


Racing champ Paddy backs refreshers for older drivers

He won at Monte Carlo - now former racing driver Paddy Hopkirk is advising his peers to do refresher driving courses

Older drivers have come under the spotlight in Buckinghamshire, with new figures showing a dramatic increase in the number of people over the age of 65 being involved in accidents.

Now the local council has enlisted the support of one of the World's top rally drivers to help keep senior citizens in the fast lane.

During his racing career Paddy Hopkirk, won the 1964 Monte Carlo Rally and numerous World titles. Now 82 years old, he's backing a scheme that encourages mature motorists to get their driving checked by the professionals. Penny Silvester reports.

The interviewees are: Paddy Hopkirk, 1964 Monte Carlo rally winner; Cllr Mark Shaw, Buckinghamshire County Council; and June Howlett, Buckinghamshire County Council road safety officer.

There is helpful information for older drivers at the Hampshire & Isle of Wight Older Drivers Forum.

Is this the world's most expensive sausage?

A butcher from Aldershot has created what he claims is the world's most expensive sausage. Paul Turner, who runs a family business, made it with ingredients like truffles, Stilton cheese and expensive vintage port.

Each banger costs 37 pounds each - you wouldnt want to burn it would you!

It's all part of National Sausage Week - and keeping a little family's heritage alive. Divya Kohli has been to find out more.


Edenbridge guy set to be unveiled

Brighton's Katie Price was the target in 2009 Credit: PA

The Edenbridge Bonfire Society are set to unveil this year's guy later.

The society has been poking fun at the famous and infamous for 20 years by building and exploding an 11m tall effigy alongside their traditional figure of Guy Fawkes.

Past targets have included José Manuel Barroso, Katie Hopkins, Tony and Cherie Blair, Wayne Rooney and Lance Armstrong.

The latest odds on who will be this year's target:

  • 3/1 Sepp Blatter
  • 5/1 Vladimir Putin
  • 8/1 Stuart Lancaster
  • 9/1 Nicola Sturgeon
  • 10/1 Jeremy Corbyn
  • 10/1 Kim Jong Un
  • 12/1 David Cameron
  • 12/1 Donald Trump
  • 16/1 Zayn Malik
  • 20/1 Jeremy Clarkson
  • 20/1 Nigel Farage
  • 20/1 Craig Joubert
  • 25/1 Justin Bieber
  • 33/1 Josie Cunningham
  • 33/1 Julian Assange
  • 33/1 EL James
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