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Royal Gurkha Rifles go on the attack against litter

Gurkha soldiers in Kent have been scaling the Leas cliff in Folkestone in their battle against litter.

The efforts of the Royal Gurkha Rifles 2nd Battalion is in honour of the Queen's 90th birthday, and is one of a series of clean-ups coordinated by Shepway District Council as part of the national 'Clean for the Queen' campaign.

Royal Gurkha Rifles 2nd Battalion Credit: ITV Meridian
Royal Gurkha Rifles 2nd Battalion Credit: ITV Meridian
Royal Gurkha Rifles 2nd Battalion Credit: ITV Meridian


Farmer asks: could you adopt some of my hens?

Have you ever kept hens? No? Well now's your chance! A farmer in Sussex needs to find new homes for thousands of them. Regulations on egg producers force them to get rid of the birds when they're only 18 months old. Usually they're slaughtered. But Susie Macmillan is determined that her hens should live out their days peacefully. Malcolm Shaw reports.

The farm's link is here.


Message in bottle found at Southampton Guildhall

The bottle can be seen in the wall Credit: Southampton City Council

A message dating from 1935 containing a warning of troubled times to come has been uncovered by masons restoring damaged Portland stone at Southampton Guildhall, which is part of the city's Civic Centre.

The time capsule, fashioned from what is thought to be a lemonade bottle, contained a message written in pencil on the back of a cigarette packet which reads:

19th September 1935 Stanley JefferyGeorge GrovesFred PearceMussolini threatens war.

Further research has revealed that the mention of war in the message refers to the ongoing 'Abyssinia Crisis' at the time, with Mussolini rejecting a peace treaty offered by the League of Nations to end the conflict on the previous day.

The items has been passed to Southampton City Council’s Arts & Heritage service for restoration and further analysis.

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