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The festival where art illuminates every day life

'Every day epic' is this year's theme at one of the most creative festivals in the South - the Brighton Festival.

31-year-old rapper, poet and author Kate Tempest is guest directing this year's event. She said she's excited for everything that's been planned but admits she's never done anything like it before.

Our reporter Andy Dickenson spoke to Kate about taking on such a challenge.

'We're awake' - two rescue bears have first hibernation

Bears wide awake after their first winter hibernation Credit: Wildwood Trust

Two brown bears have just come out of hibernation for the first time at a wildlife park in Kent. They had never been able to hibernate before now because of the appalling conditions they experienced before being rescued.

The bears, who are brothers, are now wide awake and have been released into their large enclosure. Jenna Verdicchio reports.

The interviewee is Peter Smith from theWildwood Trust.



'Right Said Fred' and their new single with a twist

The Sussex band 'Right Said Fred' have been talking to ITV Meridian about life 25 years after releasing the worldwide hit 'I'm Too Sexy'.

They've just released a new song called 'Sweet Treats' and are involved in a campaign to help raise funds for the homeless charity Crisis. Here's what happened when 'Right Said Fred' met Fred and Stacey.

Right Said Fred will be appearing at various locations around the region including the Cornbury Festival in Oxfordshire on 9th July and Camp Bestival at Lulworth Castle in Dorset on 30 July.

Did you know the band 'Right Said Fred' were from Sussex? That & more revelations in their chat with Nia

'Right Said Fred' at our studios to talk music

The band 'Right Said Fred' have dropped in to tell the team at ITV Meridian about their new single and the serious message at its heart. More on that follows. But outside the studio - in our 'green room' they talked to Nia Mason about their Sussex connections and the lighter side of life.

9,000 runners take part in Brighton Half Marathon 2017

Almost 9,000 runners have taken part in today's Brighton Half Marathon. The 13 mile race is not just a significant date in the South's sporting calendar, but also an opportunity for people to raise funds for causes close to their hearts.

This year's race was launched by international DJ Norman Cook, who also took part - we spoke to him and Simon Dowe from the Sussex Beacon which provides specialist care and support for men and women living with HIV. The Sussex Beacon charity organises the Brighton Half Marathon which is their biggest annual fundraising event.

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