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  1. Divya Kohli

Memorial to Sikhs of the Great War

They left their farms in Northern India to fight alongside allied soldiers on the Western Front ..Now the first national monument to Sikhs who served during the First World War is about to be unveiled at the National Memorial Arboretum. The memorial was a labour of love for a foundry in Basingstoke in Hampshire, who've handcrafted this historical masterpiece Divya Kohli reports.


  1. David Johns (@davidjohns_itv)

"World's Oldest Sheep" lives in Sussex

At the age of 23, Dolly is taking it easy; living the life of riley, mostly sleeping or eating, or just pottering about. Dolly, you see, is a sheep - and, it's thought, the oldest sheep in the world.

Normally sheep live to about 10 or 12 so at double that, Dolly's doing remarkably well. A bit doddery on her feet but in good voice and with a ferocious appetite, she's looked after on a farm in East Sussex. We send our own doddery reporter, David Johns, to meet her and her keeper, Sharon Moore.

To make a donation to Moore Racehorse Trust, where Dolly and the other animals are being kept, please visit their page on Facebook (click this link to visit).

  1. David Johns (@davidjohns_itv)

Sandwich on the menu for Pub Landlord

He'd hoped to make a splash by dropping into Sandwich from 10,000 feet - but as it turned out, too many sandwiches were his downfall.

The Free UK Party's Pub Landlord and would-be MP, Al Murray, was banned from a parachuting stunt this morning after weighing in too hefty for the jump.

Unbeaten, he went to Sandwich anyway and we sent reporter David Johns to track his election progress.

He spoke to Al Murray of FUKP and Nigel Askew of the Reality Party.

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