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'Right Said Fred' and their new single with a twist

The Sussex band 'Right Said Fred' have been talking to ITV Meridian about life 25 years after releasing the worldwide hit 'I'm Too Sexy'.

They've just released a new song called 'Sweet Treats' and are involved in a campaign to help raise funds for the homeless charity Crisis. Here's what happened when 'Right Said Fred' met Fred and Stacey.

Right Said Fred will be appearing at various locations around the region including the Cornbury Festival in Oxfordshire on 9th July and Camp Bestival at Lulworth Castle in Dorset on 30 July.

Did you know the band 'Right Said Fred' were from Sussex? That & more revelations in their chat with Nia

'Right Said Fred' at our studios to talk music

The band 'Right Said Fred' have dropped in to tell the team at ITV Meridian about their new single and the serious message at its heart. More on that follows. But outside the studio - in our 'green room' they talked to Nia Mason about their Sussex connections and the lighter side of life.


9,000 runners take part in Brighton Half Marathon 2017

Almost 9,000 runners have taken part in today's Brighton Half Marathon. The 13 mile race is not just a significant date in the South's sporting calendar, but also an opportunity for people to raise funds for causes close to their hearts.

This year's race was launched by international DJ Norman Cook, who also took part - we spoke to him and Simon Dowe from the Sussex Beacon which provides specialist care and support for men and women living with HIV. The Sussex Beacon charity organises the Brighton Half Marathon which is their biggest annual fundraising event.

Winchester Pride parade marks annual event

Dozens of people have joined a march in Winchester as part of the city's gay pride event. The annual gathering celebrates the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender community. Tonight a party will be held at the Guild Hall.

We spoke to some of the people taking part in the celebrations, and one of the organisers - Sarah Collins from Hampshire Pride.

Tourists flock for an encounter with a religious masterpiece - in Goring, Sussex

The great works of art can, of course, be found in the likes of Paris, London, New York and Rome...

But in recent times tourists have flocked to a new destination - a small church in Goring, in Sussex, for an encounter with a masterpiece.

It's 25 years since parishioner Gary Bevans completed his recreation of the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel.

As Andy Dickenson reports, speaking to Anne Niven, Parish secretary of English Martyrs Church, it now has truly global appeal.


Pooh Bear's birthplace up for sale - take a peek

A property on the housing market in Sussex is attracting a large amount of curiosity because it has two claims to fame.

Cotchford Farmhouse in Hartfield was the 'birthplace' of the world's most famous bear - Pooh Bear , in the tales written by A A Milne; and the scene of a rock 'n'roll tragedy. John Ryall reports.

The interviewees are Alistair Johns the owner of Cotchford Farmhouse; and Ann Thwaite, a biographer of A. A. Milne.

Man raises money to help others with disabilities

Jon Hastie is taking part in a 28 day marathon Credit: Jon Hastie

Jon Hastie will be taking part in a 28 day marathon to help raise money for young adults who suffer from disabilities, by driving his wheelchair for 28 miles.

Mr Hastie who was originally from Worthing but now lives in Shoreham - by- Sea suffers from Duchenne muscular dystrophy - a progressive muscle-wasting condition.

The money raised will go to the charity he co-founded which helps support other adults living with Duchenne.

His challenge started on 1st February and by day two he had already raised £2000.

I'm determined to complete the challenge and raise money for our cause. I've been blown away by the generosity we've seen so far and how much support everyone has shown us. It makes it all worth the effort it takes to brave the elements!

– Dr Jon Hastie

Fundraiser honoured for inspirational work

Beryl Parker with celebrity Bradley Walsh and Pat Egan from Places for People Credit: BCA awards

A woman, who raised over £40,000 for the hospital she had cancer treatment in, has earned a national award.

Beryl Parker from Bournemouth, was presented with the British Citizen Award that honours people who've made positive impacts on society.

Her fundraising efforts went in supporting the breast care unit at the Royal Bournemouth Hospital, where she too, had received life saving treatment.

I can think of no other person who is more deserving of such an honour. She has given so much, helping others by taking up the mantle and raising £40,000 to benefit other women who have been diagnosed with cancer, despite her own ill health, and this shows exactly what sort of a person she is.

– Friend, Rev Chris Colledge
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