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Wanted: Valentine's date with GSOH, own teeth, but no horns

Now, it's that day of the year when many of us turn our thoughts to Love, or sometimes, our lack of it. And in Knockholt, near Sevenoaks, one lonely suitor is urgently advertising for a mate. He's looking for a partner with a good sense of humour and all their own teeth. But no horns. Brian the goat is a little lonesome living the solo life at Coolings Green and Pleasant. So he's on the lookout for a little Valentine's Day loving. No funny business, though. He's been neutered. Andrea Thomas reports.

Anyone who can help with a companion, male or female, is asked to call Carol Cooling on 01959 534386


Hilda Maybutt celebrates her 107th Birthday

For her 106th birthday Hilday Maybutt took to the skies!

A woman from Bournemouth is celebrating her one hundreth and seventh birthday today. Hilda Maybutt is going to have a special party at her care home and the mayor will be a special guest.

It's going to be difficult for Hilda to top her last birthday, when she celebrated in style with her her first helicopter ride! Hilda was given a surprise flight to a luxury hotel for a cream tea with family and friends.


'He gets so excited' meet Harry, the skateboarding dog!

The owner of a labrador-cross says he is one talented pooch.

A dog owner from Hampshire is hoping that her pet will become the new face of an animal charity. Christina Farley from Stubbington claims her Labrador-cross, Harry, is one of the cleverest dogs in the country.

Harry has reached the final of a competition run by Blue Cross. He has an extensive trick list, that even includes skateboarding. Richard Jones reports.

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