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Man 'brave' to sell extensive Star Wars collection

An anonymous seller in Dorset has spent 15 years collecting Star Wars memorabilia, but now it is being sold at auction.

Dorchester auction house Dukes said it was 'most unusual' for such an extensive collection to go under the hammer.

Auctioneer, Matthew Denney, said the man was very brave to take his collection to the market:


May the force be with you... Massive Star Wars collection goes on sale today

Credit: ITV News

An auction war is expected to break out today as a huge Star Wars collection goes under the hammer.

People have contacted Dukes Auctioneers from all over the world expressing their interest in the collection which could sell for more than £50,000.

The collection, which includes some of the more sought after action figures, has been amassed by just one fan.

  1. David Johns (@davidjohns_itv)

Celebrate the potato!

You can boil them; you can bake them; you can roast them; and for many people that's about it. But for one woman in Kent, it's not enough. Hilary Steel wants to make us all appreciate the potato a lot more!

Inspired by a book that her mother wrote 30 years ago, she's now bringing it - and the potato - into the 21st century, as David Johns reports.


Because they're happy!

From the flight deck - to the parade ground - members of the Royal Marines Band Service have been busy putting together a video showing their fun side. The bandsmen and women, based in Portsmouth, filmed at several locations - including on board HMS Ocean and at Eastney seafront.

The Pharrell Williams' song, Happy, was aimed at raising a smile among colleagues, family and friends. And, seeing as the Band Service are such a musical bunch, usually entertaining the public at big and small events, it seemed only appropriate.

  1. David Johns (@davidjohns_itv)

Boy finds suitcase full of missing star's photos

Her career highlights include acting with Joan Collins, Marlon Brando and Ava Gardner. Worldwide fame was found by appearing in some of the most popular programmes on TV in the eighties - Dynasty, and The Colbys.

But when Stephanie Beacham had a suitcase packed full of precious family photos stolen from London, little did she expect them to turn up on a fly-tipping site in Kent - and be found by a young boy on a day out with his Dad.

David Johns has the extraordinary story, speaking to the suitcase-finder, Jordon Mothersole.

Wife saves husband's life after he falls into 50ft well

Couple glance down the well in their garden after near miss

A pensioner has been saved by his wife after falling into a well at their home in Aylesbury.

Seventy five year old John Ridgway dropped headfirst into the hole, but managed to cling on for dear life. His wife Eileen came outside to find his feet sticking up in the air. Kate Bunkall takes up the story.

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