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Deer freed after becoming trapped in railings

The deer was dstuckj in the fence Credit: Fire and Rescue

Oxfordshire County Council Fire and Rescue Service were called to a report of a deer stuck in a fence at Marston Ferry Road, Oxford.

Firefighters from Rewley Road, Oxford and Kidlington assisted with rescuing a deer which had its body trapped in the metal fence railings. Firefighters used a hydraulic rescue tool to open the metal railings and released the animal unharmed into nearby fields.

Tabby cat Slim Shady is shot in the back

Slim Shady is making a good recovery Credit: RSPCA

The RSPCA is asking for help from the public after a cat was shot in the back at Eastleigh in Hampshire. The owner thinks someone objected to Slim Shady being in a garden.

Slim Shady was found at her home in Kipling Road on the evening of Tuesday, 4 October with blood on her back

The three-year-old was taken straight to the vet whose X-ray revealed that there was a 1.71 calibre pellet, probably from an air pistol, lodged next to her spine and an enlarged kidney. She has now had an operation and is set to make a full recovery.

RSPCA inspector Penny Baker said: “Slim Shady was lucky to survive - the shot missed her spine by mere millimetres. This bullet went into her back, and then grazed her kidney. Whoever shot her must have done so deliberately - taking aim.

Owner Dawn Morgan, 33, said: "We didn't realise what had happened at first to our Slim Shady. She had blood coming from the wound on her back, but it didn't occur to me that she had been shot until the X-ray showed the pellet and the enlarged kidney."



RSPCA called after workers find Black Widow spider

The Black Widow spider survived in the box for several months Credit: RSPCA

Workers at Aerfin in Gatwick had a shock when they found the 4cm north American black widow spider in a box of aeroplane parts.

Staff member Rob Green carefully coaxed the spider - now nicknamed Nadia - into a plastic tub and called the RSPCA for help.

He said: “It was a bit of a shock finding her in the box. She must’ve been in there for quite a while as the box was packaged up in Arizona back in December and arrived over here in July. She has done very well to survive that long in there.

“I saw her and realised she wasn’t a normal spider from the UK - but it wasn’t until I saw the red spot on her abdomen that alarm bells rang and we looked up what she was.

“We weren’t frightened as I think there have been hardly any deaths from these spider bites - and Nadia was fine. We popped her in the box and called the RSPCA for help.”

Inspector Tony Woodley was called to the depot on Friday and moved the spider to Drusillas Park, in East Sussex for specialist care.

Puppies sold after being kept in horrific conditions

The puppies were kept in horrific conditions Credit: RSPCA

Dealers have pleaded guilty to fraud in connection with the breeding and selling of sick and dying puppies.

Teresa Wade of Ship Lane, Aveley, in Essex, pleaded guilty to one offence of conspiracy to commit fraud at Basildon Crown Court.

Victoria Montgomery of Melford Avenue, Barking, in London, changed her plea to guilty part-way through the four-week trial.

Her daughter, Roxanne Montgomery of Grafton Road, Dagenham and her partner Tony Hammond of Brunswick Court, Upminster, had already pleaded guilty to the same offence - of making false representations as to the condition of puppies being sold, intending to make a gain.

The RSPCA launched an investigation into these puppy dealers after receiving dozens of calls from members of the public complaining about buying sick and dying puppies.

Undercover investigations for the animal welfare charity found that two houses were being used as front addresses to sell the dogs from, while they were transported there from a travellers’ site.

RSPCA inspector Carroll Lamport, who led the investigation, said: “We received lots of complaints from members of the public who had bought puppies which were really poorly.

“Following some investigations, we found out that this network of puppy breeders and dealers were using front addresses to sell the dogs from, making out that they’d come from loving, family homes.

“The reality was far from that. These dogs were being bred and kept at a travellers’ site in Aveley, until it came time to advertise them online and sell them to unsuspecting members of the public when they were moved to these staged home environments. Sentencing will take place in December.


Firefighters rescue tarantula from house fire

The pale grey creature was passed into the care of the RSPCA. Credit: Hampshire Fire and Rescue

Firefighters have rescued a tarantula from perishing in a house fire.

​Crews were called to a blaze in a terraced house in Cedar Road, Southampton, shortly after 10.30pm on Wednesday, by a neighbour who smelt smoke.

Hampshire Fire and Rescue Service broke down the door to tackled the flames. The occupiers were not home but firefighters found a giant spider in its tank.

We removed the spider and could see the heat pad had melted part of the tank.

We then handed it over to the RSPCA, it had its legs very close to its body so it was difficult to see how big it really was."

– Ally Hicks, Crew Manager

Ocean-going bird makes a long-haul flight too far

An unusual visitor has appeared in Sussex

It would be more at home in the Caribbean, but a huge seabird has been found washed up on the Sussex coast.

It's the first time a Red-footed Booby has ever been seen in this country.

The bird was on its last legs when an animal lover came to its rescue.

Now, the Booby is being nursed back to health, ready to be flown thousands of miles home.

Malcolm Shaw spoke to Richard Thompson of RSPCA Mallydams Wood, and Gail Cohen who found the bird.

Sparky's reunion: cat trapped in van engine for 60 miles

Sparky is on the mend after his ordeal stuck in the engine of a van as it travelled 60 miles cross country

A cat which survived a sixty-mile journey trapped in the engine compartment of a van has been reunited with his family.

Sparky travelled from Tottenham in north London to Reading in Berkshire before being rescued, and has made a full recovery from his ordeal. Richard Jones has our report.

The interviewees are Helena Peace from the RSPCA; and Gemma Davis, Sparky's owner.

Sparky is back with his family
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