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Slow loris saved by Sussex charity gives birth

Baby lorises are rarely caught on camera

An endangered slow loris saved by a Sussex-based charity has given birth just four days after being rescued from wildlife traffickers.

An x-ray by vets showed the critically endangered animal had been shot with an air gun.

The mother was among 34 taken in by International Animal Rescue and both mother and baby are doing well. Below are rarely seen pictures of the newborn:

Two Oxford farmers to lead cow procession in London

Two cows will be blessed in front of St Paul's Cathedral

Two Oxford farmers will lead a procession of cows in London this morning to celebrate the best of British livestock.

Two of Tina Russell and Simon Farmer's own cows will front the parade and will also be blessed in front of St Paul's Cathedral.

More than 200 farmers from across the UK will take part in the event which will also include calves, lambs and chickens.

Cows will parade through London


Dobby the owl on the mend after horrific attack

An owl which was left for dead after a violent attack by a three youths is making a remarkable recovery.

Dobby the owl who lives near Windsor Castle was taken on by a group of residents who were spurred into action by the bird of prey's plight. They raised more than £3,000 to ensure Dobby could get the best care possible from vets. Mel Bloor went to see how he is doing.

The interviewee is Sue Lee-Paterson, Dobby's owner.

Wanda gets her wheels - dog story with a happy ending

Wanda, the cocker spaniel, when she was a younger puppy

A dog who was born with twisted front legs has been given a specially designed wheelchair to help her get around.

Wanda, the cocker spaniel, is 10 months old. She found it hard to exercise because of her wonky legs.

However after she was handed in to an animal rescue home in Kent, the staff there decided to find a way to make her life easier and more active. Sarah Saunders reports on the dog who has been lovingly nicknamed Wonky Wanda.

The interviewees are Kerri Eilertsen-Feeney a rescue co-ordinator at Cinque Ports Rescue in Deal; and Eileen Mellis, founder of Cinque Ports Rescue.


Marwell's pygmy hippo is called...Norbert

Norbert makes his debut for the cameras Credit: Marwell

After receiving thousands of votes we can reveal that the winning name for Marwell Zoo's male pygmy hippo calf is...Norbert!

Marwell thanks everyone who voted. Norbert won with 40% of the votes, Derek came second with 24% of the votes, third was Walter with 19% and finally George with 18%.

Norbert was born to mum Wendy and dad Oliver . The youngster was the first male pygmy hippo calf to be born at the zoo for 10 years.

Hedgehog rescued from waste, due to be recycled

The hedgehog was trapped in a recycling box Credit: RSPCA

A hedgehog has been saved after almost entering a recycling centre.

Now the RSPCA is urging people to avoid using nets covering recycling boxes, because they can be harmful to wildlife.

RSPCA inspector Helen Mead was called to rescue the animal from the box outside a house in Pelican Place, in Witney, Oxfordshire.

“The hedgehog had managed to get himself completely tangled around his body and had been struggling to get free,” said Inspector Mead.

“Thankfully, he didn’t have any injuries from the incident and he was taken to a local wildlife centre to be fully checked over. He was very lucky."

RSPCA seeking home for dog dumped at roadside

Credit: RSPCA Leybourne

Animal rescue workers in Kent are trying to find a home for a dog, found dumped at the side of a dual carriageway.

The black and tan, female adult German Shepherd had been tied to a tree beside the busy A2 in Greenwich on Wednesday night (16 November).

The dog - now named Princess - didn't have a microchip and was placed on Pets Located. Staff at the RSPCA’s Leybourne Animal Centre say Princess is doing well and if her owners are not found, she will be re-homed.

They are appealing for anyone who recognises her to get in touch and for anyone who can offer her a home to contact them on 0300 123 0751.

Credit: RSPCA Leybourne

She was tied to a tree in a wooded area which was hidden from the road so she was hugely lucky that someone in the area spotted her.

It was dark and she was abandoned away from the main road so she could have easily gone unnoticed for days.

To leave her alone, tied to a tree, in the cold and wintry weather is unbelievable. She must have been very confused and frightened to watch someone walking away from her and leaving her alone in the dark.”

– Inspector Anthony Pulfer
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