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Don't worry sheep: A warning to dog owners during lambing season

Spring might still be a few weeks off, but the lambing season is already well underway. And sadly, that means many will fall victim to dogs allowed to run out of control.

Farmers say at least 100 have been killed so far this year and signs are being put up at fields where sheep are grazing to make dog owners more aware.

Richard Jones' report includes interviews with Farmer Andy Jackman, Terena Plowright from National Sheep Watch and James Osman, from the National Farmers' Union.


Deer freed after becoming entangled in football net

A scared female fallow deer became trapped in a roadside garden just off the busy A22 at Whitesmith, East Sussex.

Residents contacted East Sussex Wildlife Rescue & Ambulance Service (WRAS) after finding the deer caught in a child’s football goal, but when rescuers arrived the deer was running backwards and forwards along the fencing.

Video shows the animal being released bak into the wild.

Animal park's original gorilla dies aged 54

Ju Ju was one of the original wild born gorillas at the park Credit: Howletts

Howletts Wild Animal Park has announced the death of Ju Ju, one of the original wild born female gorillas there.

She died of a suspected stroke at the age of 54. Ju Ju had eight successful births including the mighty Kijo, the first gorilla born at Howletts in 1975. Members of the Aspinall family and Howletts spoke of her playfulness. She was also well known for 'singing' in anticipation of feeding time.

Her descendants, including silverback Kifu, are well represented at our two parks and in other collections. Ju Ju was one of the most important gorillas from Howletts and Port Lympne, who have ensured that the healthy European gorilla studbook now stands on such a firm footing. Ju Ju will be really missed by all who knew her.

– Howletts Wild Animal Park


Jack Russell found dead in brook, tied up with twine

The Jack Russell was discovered by a passing dog walker Credit: RSPCA

The RSPCA is appealing for information after the body of a dog was found dumped in a tied-up bag in a brook near Maidstone in Kent.

The dead adult Jack Russell terrier was found inside the large dog food bag, tied up with twine. The macabre sight was discovered by a passing dog walker between Lees and Benover Road in Yalding on Sunday.

There were no obvious signs of injury on this poor animal, and she seemed to be in reasonable condition.

It is possible she may have been alive when dumped in this bag in the river, and then drowned. If this is so, it would have been an incredibly distressing and horrific way for her to die.

We urge anyone with any information at all about where this dog may have come from, and how she may have died, to call us, in strictest confidence, on 0300 123 8018.

The terrier was tricolor and was found inside a bag of ‘Arkwrights’’ dog food - which was green and white.

– Insp. Rosie Russon, RSPCA
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