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Motherless rare penguin chicks venture out, with dad

The chicks to leave the nest Credit: Cotswold Wildlife Park

Three new rare Penguin chicks have spread their wings and joined the rest of the Penguin pool at Cotswold Wildlife Park.

Peanut, Basil and MJ spent the first two months of their lives inside their nests before Peanut, a male chick, ventured out, with the two females closely following behind.

The two female chicks are being reared by their father, Wonky, after their mother, 24-year-old Mushy, the oldest penguin at the park, died of an age related illness.

The new chicks are Humboldt Penguins, which are becoming increasingly rare with just approximately 12,000 left in the wild.

Since fledging, the three chicks have been swimming around with the rest of the colony in their pool.

Warnings after fox trapped in watering can

The animal may have been trapped for up to 48 hours Credit: RSPCA

A fox has been rescued by the RSPCA, after it got its head stuck in a watering can in a back garden in Sidcup, Kent.

An RSPCA inspector called to the scene believes the animal was desperate for water in the hot weather, and was trying to reach the last few drops in the bottom of the can.

“We don’t know how long he had been there but it could have been for up to 48 hours - no wonder he was so agitated.

It seems likely, in this hot weather, that he was trying to get to a bit of water at the bottom of the can to quench his thirst - but misjudged how easy it would be to get out again.

– Nick Wheelhouse, RSPCA inspector

They're warning garden owners to think about how everyday items might pose a threat to wildlife.

They've issued the following guidelines on how you can help wild animals:

Checking long vegetation before cutting to see if any animals are hiding

Avoiding cutting hedges whist birds are nesting

Checking for birds or their nests before clearing scrub

Thinking about if you need to cut brambles or trees, or if it can wait

Piles of logs, rubble, leaves and compost can also make good nesting/hiding places for wildlife so carefully check these too before clearing them

Keeping drains and swimming pools covered

Removing sports and garden netting and storing it in a safe place when not in use. Where possible, try replacing garden netting with solid metal mesh

If you have a pond, make sure at least one edge has a slope, ramp or steps to allow any animals to escape if they fall in

The fox is making a good recovery.


New campaign as stats show 1 in 3 children scared of dogs

They're known as man's best friend but it's been revealed that more than a third of children are scared of dogs.

According to a survey by the Salisbury-based Dogs Trust 37% of children fear them, and a quarter of parents say it affects their child's daily life.

68% of children have had bad experiences of dogs. And three in ten will run and hide when they see one.

Well now a new campaign has been launched to help children combat their fear as Penny Silvester reports:

Godalming man charged over attacks on cats in Surrey

A 19-year-old man from Godalming has been charged after one cat was killed and several others were seriously injured.

Some of the cats, which were attacked in Cranleigh, Guildford and Woking earlier this year, required amputations.

Franky Mills, of Long Gore in Farncombe, was charged with eight counts of criminal damage and eight counts for a firearms offence.

Mills has been release on bail and is due to appear at Guildford Magistrates Court on Tuesday 9 August 2016.


New campaign against cull of badgers

A new campaign against badger culling Credit: ITV

The Queen guitarist Brian May is launching a new campaign against badger culling. The musician, who lives in Sussex, is trying to stop the government's latest test programme. He claims culling is cruel and it doesn't stop the spread of TB in cattle.

Horse dealers and vet jailed for "despicable conspiracy"

Two horse dealers and a vet have been jailed for running a scam from Kent in which defective horses were doped and then sold to unsuspecting buyers.

The judge today described a ''despicable conspiracy'' which put often young and inexperienced riders at risk of being injured.

Buyers and insurance companies were conned out of more than £80,000 in lost fees. Derek Johnson reports.

Horse dealers and vet jailed for large-scale fraud

Ill and dangerous horses were sold to unsuspecting buyers Credit: Kent Police

Two horse dealers and a vet have been jailed for their part a large-scale fraud where they colluded to sell ill and dangerous horses.

Aniela Jurecka, 28, of Prospect Place, Collier Street, Tonbridge, Charlotte Johnson, also 28, of Tollgate Way, Sandling and 66-year-old, David Smith, The Street, Finglesham, Deal were all found guilty of conspiracy to commit fraud by false representation when they appeared at Maidstone Crown Court.

The trio were arrested following a large-scale operation involving officers from Kent Police, Trading Standards and The Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons.

They were each been sentenced to two-and-a-half-years behind bars.

The court heard how the Jurecka and Johnson advertised horses for sale in equestrian publications. When text messages were downloaded by detectives they suggested the pair were drugging horses to cover up poor behaviour and lameness. Jurecka and Johnson would also advise that buyers used their recommended veterinarian David Smith to save money. Smith would then give the horses a clean bill of health. In many cases the paperwork for the horses was altered. Prices for horses ranged from £1950 to £5700.

The horses were sold from Duckhurst Farm, Staplehurst, Great Thorn Farm, Marden and the certificate of the animal’s good health and suitability for purpose were provided by David Smith of the Lakeview Veterinary Centre in Capel Le Ferne.

Happy new life for Georgie the terrified lurcher

Georgie is now playful and happy in his new home Credit: Forever Hounds Trust

A frightened dog has become a playful pet after living with a charity volunteer in Tunbridge Wells.

Georgie, a year old lurcher, lives with foster mum Frances Stick and her family in Kent. He was cowering and terrified - but now is a happy, waggy-tailed dog, delighted to join in a game.

Forever Hounds Trust helps greyhounds and lurchers that have had a bad start in life.

Frances, who along with her family has fostered over 40 sighthounds, said: “Georgie was found wandering near here, and ended up in a pound. He was so terrified that he would wet himself and scream if anybody came near him.”

Forever Hounds Trust are dedicated to rescuing greyhounds and lurchers, and as one of their volunteers. Frances agreed to collect Georgie from the pound once he had been there for the mandatory seven days,

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