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Hundreds of people search New Forest for Dooley

Dooley was 'spooked' while with a dog sitter on 15 April Credit: Let's Find Dooley

Dooley is still missing, so if you are the New Forest anywhere in the Longslade, Wilverley, Wooton, Tiptoe, Broadley Inclosure, Bashley, Sway areas today please keep your eyes open. If you see him please call us straight away on 07789 647964 or 07810 307046 rather than try to catch him as he's nervous of people and may run off further into the forest. He may well be hiding in bushes somewhere. Thanks again for everyone's help on this. It's hugely appreciated.

– Let's Find Dooley group
Dooley enjoys a nap at home Credit: Let's Find Dooley

We're not giving up; far from it! Unfortunately, nothing more to report though. We are however working on a plan but to do this, we need Dooley to stay within a certain area. Having personally chased him round the forest for the last 12 days for 15 hours a day, we are not getting anywhere and are realising that now Dooley is firmly in survival mode and running scared, he will run from anybody, including us and this is just pushing him further and further afield. Everybody has been fantastic in supporting and offering help.

– Let's Find Dooley Group

Public urged to report hedgehog sightings

A hedgehog being weighed Credit: East Sussex Wildlife Rescue & Ambulance Service

With the hedgehog population declining by 5% each year, an animal charity in Sussex is asking people to report sightings of the prickly creature.

The East Sussex Wildlife Rescue & Ambulance Service is urging anyone who finds a hedgehog to call their rescue line. They will then scan the hedgehog for a microchip to see if it has been previously released in the area.

Their plea comes before with national Hedgehog Awareness Week, which runs from 1st to 7th May.

Volunteer Kathy with a rescued hedgehog Credit: East Sussex Wildlife Rescue & Ambulance Service

Hedgehogs are adorable creatures and the most common mammal we see at our Hospital.

It is thought that one of the biggest reasons for the decline is people blocking hedgehog pathways when installing new fencing or proofing gardens so they can't roam through large enough areas to find food or other hedgehogs to mate with in order to keep the population going. You only need a hole the size of CD for hedgehogs to get in and out of gardens."

– Trevor Weeks, founder, Wildlife Rescue & Ambulance Service


Marwell welcomes spring with new arrivals

Visitors are enjoying seeing the new arrivals Credit: Marwell

Marwell Zoo in Hampshire is celebrating a blooming bunch of new births including meerkat pups, a Sulawesi crested macaque and wallabies

Visitors are enjoying watching the new arrivals find their feet and enjoy the sunny spring weather.

Visitors can watch red-necked wallaby 'joeys' popping their heads out of their pouches. Some of the joeys are beginning to jump out to graze and learn new skills from mum.


Thousands of pet owners could face a fine

New dog chipping legislation comes into force today Credit: ITV News Meridian

Dog owners are being warned if their pet isn't microchipped and registered they face a fine of up to £500.

The new law comes into force today and it's thought thousands of owners haven't complied.

Dogs can be microchipped for free at The Dogs Trust and some other welfare organisations.

'She seems ok, she's started biting me again' Owner of cat trapped in two inch gap tells tale

The owner of a lucky black cat - saved after she was found wedged into a two inch gap between two buildings - has spoken of her rescue.

Jon Harper discovered little Pheobe pinned between his house and garage in Hassocks. Firefighters were forced to cut a hole into a wall to get her out.

Zebra - called Spot - born in Oxfordshire wildlife park

'Spot' is now venturing outside and exploring the paddock Credit: ITV News Meridian

An Oxfordshire wildlife park has welcomed the birth of a new zebra. The colt - despite its distinctive stripes - has been named 'Spot'. Visitors named him via the Park's Facebook page.

Spot is the first large mammal birth of 2016 for Cotswold Wildlife Park.

He has now ventured outside and is exploring the paddock and is the sixth member to join the 'dazzle', the collective noun for a group of zebras.

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