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Man videoed pulling the head off a bird is given criminal behaviour order

A man who was videoed pulling the head off a wood pigeon - the footage of which ended up on Facebook - has been given a criminal behaviour order.

Scott Matthew Cochrane, 25, of Poole, in Dorset, was issued with the order at Bournemouth Crown Court. He had been convicted, at the same court, six months earlier, in February, of killing a wild bird. For that offence, he had been given a six-month conditional discharge.

Part of the order states that Cochrane must not behave in an anti-social manner as to cause harassment, alarm or distress or encourage others to use threatening or insulting behaviour in a public place.

It also states he must not be allowed to be in possession of a wild animal or wild bird, living or dead.

Scott Cochrane Credit: Dorset Police

“Cochrane has been involved in a number of anti-social incidents over recent years, and he was responsible for callously killing a bird.

“This order sends a strong message that we will be tough on those who commit rural crime, animal cruelty and anti-social behaviour in Dorset.”

– Sgt Andy Napper, Dorset Police


Molly dies after being thrown over garden wall

Molly was thrown over a garden wall Credit: RSPCA

A dog, thrown over a garden wall, has died. Molly was dumped over the wall at Wimborne in Dorset on Wednesday. A woman, hiding her face with a scarf, was spotted driving off in a white van. The four-year-old crossbreed was suffering from a serious infection and died after being taken to a vet.

Zoo celebrates birth of red panda

Another baby red panda for the zoo Credit: Drusillas

Drusillas Park in East Sussex is celebrating the birth of a baby red panda - the third to be born at the zoo in the last 14 months.

The baby, thought to be female, is being looked after in the safety of the nest box - although some have been lucky enough to see mum, Mulan, transporting her between houses.

Head Keeper, Mark Kenward said: “The red pandas have three separate nest boxes and Mulan will move the baby from one to another, carrying her by the scruff of the neck, so she benefits from the most suitable environment.”

“Mulan is proving to be an excellent mother once again. For the first two days, she remained with her cub approximately 90% of the time."

Britain's top dog comes face to face with his LEGO model!

A Sprocker Spaniel was officially declared the UK’s best pet when he came nose to nose with his perfect LEGO double at Legoland in Windsor.

One-year-old Sully was voted the nation’s top dog for helping a family deal with a life-changing tragedy and was nominated by eight-year-old Ella Harvey.

Sully was joined by his owners, The Harvey family, who credit their dog with bringing them closer together after dad, Gavin, lost both legs on a tour of duty in Afghanistan.

The canine topped a nationwide search to find the country’s best pet friend and Ella was overjoyed to see her puppy pal honoured with his very own LEGO model.

Sully has helped the family to overcome dark times.

Ella's mum, Kerry, said: "There's so much physically that we can't do as a family since Gavin was inured. But Sully helps us to bridge that activity gap."

The playful spaniel took a keen interest in his LEGO double, which took a model maker 11 days to create from 6,255 individual bricks.


Animal lover achieves dream of opening own zoo

Adam Hemsley has loved animals since he was a child.

He has always dreamed of having his own collection.

He started small, with a few reptiles in his garden, and the collection continued to grow.

Now the 22-year-old is the proud owner of the country's newest, smallest zoo.

The Hemsley Conservation Centre near Wrotham has all kinds of exotic creatures and, as Lydia Hamilton finds out in the video below, he is not finished yet.

Could you offer a home to a blind, maltreated springer spaniel?

Delphine is looking for a new home

Delphine, the springer spaniel that captured the hearts of the nation after being dumped in a remote lane in Maidstone, is now ready to be re-homed.

The terrified dog had ear infections and cataracts in both eyes which left her almost blind. Thanks to substantial donations from the public Delphine had specialist veterinary treatment and, although her sight could not be restored, she is recovering well from her ordeal and now needs a new home.

Christine Dooley, manager of RSPCA Leybourne Animal Centre, said: "As a blind dog Delphine needs a very special home.

"We have taught her to respond to voice commands to help her find her way around without bumping into things, and her new owners will need to carry on with that training.

"We all have a soft spot for Delphine. She has such a sweet nature and loves nothing better than laying on the grass in the sun. She is good with other dogs, but is naturally very nervous of sudden and loud noises.

Christine added: "I still cannot understand how anyone could dump a dog and leave it to starve to death, but the public's amazing response to Delphine's story has restored my faith in humankind."

If you think you can offer Delphine a forever home contact RSPCA Leybourne on 0300 1230751.

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