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Ascot horses enjoy a snooze after a busy few days protecting the Queen

Thames Valley Police horses enjoyed a well earned rest after giving their all protecting HM Queen at Royal Ascot.

Having a snooze after a busy few days at Ascot Credit: TVP Mounted Section

Your pets looking cool, keeping cool in the heatwave

Credit: Michelle Streeter

When we did a Facebook call-out for photos of your pets keeping cool in the heatwave, we didn't expect to receive such adorable photos! Thank you!

Keep checking back - photos will be updated throughout the day.

Joanna Swan: Frankie's been in her paddling pool to keep cool in Emsworth.

Credit: Joanna Swan

Rob Amber Morphett: Herbie in Bexhill under a cold wet tea towel!

Credit: Rob Amber Morphett

Michelle Streeter: This is 10 month old Monty having a great time in his pool, keeping cool in Paddock Wood, Kent.

Credit: Michelle Streeter

Tracey Ridley: Bud from Lancing, keeping cool under the table with fan.

Credit: Tracey Ridley

Maria Voysey: Ruby and Jasmine keeping cool in Whitstable.

Credit: Maria Voysey

Frankie Humphries: This is Ruby from Gillingham keeping cool.

Credit: Frankie Humphries

Linda Brammer: 7 year old Newfoundland, Marley, in a friend's pool in Poole, Dorset.

Credit: Linda Brammer


Dog "in major state of distress" after being left in parked van for more than four hours

A dog has been left in a parked van for more than four hours as temperatures topped 30C (86F) in parts of Britain.

A passer-by saw a van shaking, and looked inside to see a young Alsatian male crossbreed in a "major state of distress" in Chichester, West Sussex, police said.

Sussex Police said the animal had been inside the parked van for more than four hours amid blistering heat before officers were called just after 1pm today (Tuesday).

As officers arrived, the owner returned to the vehicle. The dog was taken straight to a vet and it is understood will make a recovery.

A Sussex Police spokesman said: "This dog is lucky to be alive and it is a sharp reminder to all drivers - do not leave your dog in the car in this heat, even for 20 minutes."

A man has been arrested.

Video: Dog prepares to jump on child in garden

Dogs attacking children seems to be becoming an increasingly regular occurrence.

We reported in April how a little girl was seriously injured by a pitbull-style dog at a play area near flats in Chatham. She was airlifted to hospital in London in a critical condition, but we are pleased to say she has since made a good recovery.

Now an animal charity has launched its own Dog Smart Awareness week. It is being rolled out at schools in Kent and Sussex and aims to teach young people how to stay safe around animals.

Kittens recovering after being dumped in wet cardboard box

The kittens were dumped in a sodden box Credit: RSPCA

Two six-week-old kittens are now recovering in RSPCA care after they were dumped in a sodden box in Kent.

Flora and Kiara, two black and white kittens, were found in a wet cardboard box near to the border of Gillingham and Chatham on 6 June.

A member of the public was walking home when he spotted the kittens and took them back home before contacting the RSPCA.

Inspector Dave Grant took the kittens to the RSPCA’s Ashford Garden Cattery where they are now recovering.

He said: “A member of the public found these young kittens. It appeared as though one of the kittens had her fur cut with scissors before she was dumped. Her coat had been trimmed, possibly because there was a substance on them, so she looked a bit of a mess.'

Both kittens were undernourished and flea-ridden, but are making a good recovery.

Reptile centre's warning over neglected snakes

Many of the snakes have been neglected or dumped Credit: ITV

The RSPCA reptile centre in Brighton is asking for help after a number of boa constrictors have been neglected and dumped. It currently has 25 in its care ranging from one just a foot long - to a nine foot adult snake. Some were found dehydrated and others had skin infections. The charity says many people don't realise just how much care these large snakes need.


Dog, found dumped on pile of rubbish, bounces back to health

Saluki Penny was found, dumped on a pile of rubbish Credit: RSPCA

A dog found close to death - dumped on a pile of rubbish in Essex - has bounced back to health, thanks to round-the-clock care by RSPCA staff.

Saluki Penny was found by chance by two men who had broken down in Low Street Lane, East Tilbury, on 2 June. She was collapsed, having been dumped in a pile of fly-tipped rubbish and left for dead.

Now, less than two weeks on, and the beautiful, young saluki is barely recognisable.

“You wouldn’t believe she’s the same dog who came into us,” Deborah Satchell, manager at RSPCA Danaher Animal Home, said. “She’s doing really well and is starting to behave as a young saluki should.

“She’s really inquisitive and interested in everything, and it’s lovely to see her with enough strength and energy to be bouncing about the place.

“When she was first rescued by our inspector she was so weak she could barely stand. Now she’s jumping around, wagging her tail and always has a smile on her face."

Wildlife park welcomes first 'prickly' newborn twins

Credit: Cotswold Wildlife Park

Two new arrivals are being welcomed at the Cotswold Wildlife Park.

They're the first porcupine twins to be born at the attraction in the site's forty seven year history. The twins - born to first-time mother Stempu and father Prickle - are starting to venture out of their enclosure. The newborns don't have names yet and it's not known if they're boys or girls - but they're said to be proving very popular with visitors.

Tributes to Oxford Professor who was trampled by herd of cows

An 80-year-old renowned Oxford academic has died after being trampled by a herd of cows in Sussex.

Professor Brian Bellhouse was walking alone in a field at Church Lane in Guestling. Paramedics administered CPR but he was pronounced dead at the scene.

Professor Brian Bellhouse was trampled by a herd of cows Credit: Facebook

The College is very sad to announce that Professor Brian Bellhouse has passed away at the age of 80.

Brian Bellhouse came up to Magdalen in 1957 to read for a degree in Mathematics. He obtained his DPhil in Engineering Science in 1964 and was then made a Fellow by Examination. He was elected an Official Fellow in Engineering Science in 1966. On his retirement in 2004 he was elected an Emeritus Fellow.

Brian co-founded the company PowderJect in 1993 which became one of the first companies to be spun-out successfully from the University of Oxford and was based at our Oxford Science Park. Brian was a major donor to the College and endowed the Oxford-Bellhouse Graduate Scholarship at Magdalen in Biomedical Engineering.

– Magdalen College
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