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The Last Word, November 2017

Lively political debate with Leo Docherty MP (Aldershot, Con), Layla Moran MP (Oxford West and Abingdon, Lib Dem) and Peter Kyle MP (Hove, Lab)


  1. Phil Hornby

The Last Word, October 2017

Are the Government bungling Brexit? Did Jeremy Corbyn sabotage the Remain campaign? And how long should you stay in the bath? Bob Marshall-Andrews was a Labour MP in Kent - he's now a Liberal Democrat. Rosie Duffield pulled off the shock result of election night by winning Canterbury for Labour. Kit Malthouse used to be Boris Johnson's deputy - he's now Tory MP for North West Hampshire.

Brexit sparks 'ever worsening' NHS staffing crisis

Hospitals across our region are bracing themselves for an ever worsening staffing crisis - because of growing fears about Brexit.

New research reveals a double-edged threat with more people from the European Union leaving the NHS and fewer joining. But the reason is the same - concern for the future after Britain leaves the EU.

It comes as Sussex Partnership NHS Foundation Trust launches a new video campaign in a bid to recruit 150 nurses.

Andy Dickenson reports and speaks to Dame Donna Kinnair, director of nursing at the Royal College of Nursing, GP Dr Hubertus Von Blumenthal, Dr Chaand Nagpaul, Chair of the British Medical Association, Diane Hull, Chief Nurse of Sussex Partnership Trust, and John Richardson, filmmaker and former service user.

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