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Short-term benefits in Oxon but long-term uncertainty

Credit: ITV Meridian

The local economy of Oxfordshire depends on a mixture of elements including tourism and arable farming.

A farmer on the outskirts of Oxford believes that voting to leave the EU has made future growth in farming much harder.

But, a major tourism hot-spot in the city says that in the short-term a weak pound is bringing in more tourists.

Cary Johnston reports on the counties concerns for the future.

'Theresa May needs to be transparent' Hove MPs reaction

Labour MP for Hove, Peter Kyle Credit: ITV Meridian

Labour MP for Hove, Peter Kyle, has said he was against triggering Article 50. Earlier in the year, he joined 18 other Labour backbenchers in offering an amendment to the Bill which would see it thrown out.

Now that the UK is going forward with its exit from the EU - Kyle wants Theresa May to be transparent about what will be delivered and to give the public a true understanding of what will happen next.

Phil Hornby reports.


The most pro-Brexit area in the South is hoping for change

Credit: ITV Meridian

In June Gosport voted to leave the EU. It is the most pro-Brexit area in the South with 64% of people voting to leave.

Sam Holder finds out what made the Borough convinced that leaving the EU was the right way to go.

Nigel Farage reacts to Article 50 being triggered

Credit: ITV Meridian

Nigel Farage has said he is overjoyed that at 1230pm today we will pass the point of no return for Brexit.

He tells our political reporter Phil Hornby that he still can't believe that it is about to happen.

Getting a taste for Brexit at the regions markets

Credit: ITV Meridian

An historical day today as the Prime Minister starts Brexit negotiations - however it is unchartered territory - and we are likely to see both winners and loses.

Mary Stanley went to a local market in Winchester to find out what stall holders are concerned about.

The French share their thoughts on the UK leaving the EU

Calais is the first French town many British tourists encounter when they travel to the Continent by road, rail or ferry.

Mainland Europe is just 26 miles away from Dover when crossing the English Channel. But what do our continental neighbours think about us leaving the EU.

Tom Savvides has been finding out


Polish workers' concerns over leaving EU

The Prime Minister will trigger Article 50 today Credit: PA

Leaving the EU has raised massive concerns in Southampton - home to 25,000 Polish people.

Many moved to the city as far back as 2004. But already, recruitment agencies have seen the number of Eastern European workers plummet. Many say they're in limbo - waiting to see what happens.

Rachel Hepworth reports.

The Last Word, March 2017

It's not been a great week for the Government: a u-turn on the budget, and a £70,000 fine for spending too much on elections - including two in Kent. You might think the Tories would be suffering in the polls as a result ... not a bit of it!

And Brexit: Theresa May say Article 50 will be triggered this month - in fact the Bill received Royal Assent today. But as the Brexit Secretary admits he doesn't know what the implications will be if we leave the EU without a deal, we ask what it could mean for our economy.

And the famine in Africa: how should we respond? Is the Government doing enough? Will the British public respond in the way they need to, to alleviate the dreadful suffering?

To debate all that and more:-

  • Baroness Brinton from Kenardington in Kent for the Lib Dems
  • Alan Mak MP, the Tory MP for Havant in Hants
  • Baroness Smith from Sussex, the Labour Leader in the Lords
  • and Tim Aker MEP for UKIP, from Thurrock in Essex

How aftermath of 'Brexit' could threaten UK's craft ales

Craft ales are a popular feature of modern day life in the region

Craft beers are enjoying remarkable success - not least here in the South of England. The popularity of many of the brands is put down to the use of the distinctive of American hops. But the cost of importing those hops has soared after the pound fell following the vote for Brexit - an effect that is putting the craft ale revolution at risk. John Ryall reports.

  1. Phil Hornby

The Last Word, February 2017

We need new houses - hundreds of thousands of them. But where are they to go?

We've voted for Brexit: but where is it going?

And The Speaker's outburst about President Trump: one senior backbencher from the South tells us many of his colleagues are "incensed"

  • Kelly Tolhurst MP - Rochester & Strood, Conservative
  • Alan Whitehead MP - Southampton Test, Labour
  • Liz Leffman - Liberal Democrat from Witney

... debate the issues of the week. And what's it like to be in the eye of the storm? Two by-election candidates give us the view from the pavement.

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