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Hundreds protest against plans for second runway at Gatwick

Protest against plans to expand Gatwick Airport Credit: ITV News Meridian

Hundreds of residents turned out to protest against plans to expand Gatwick Airport today.

People from across West Sussex and Surrey met at midday to fight proposals for a second runway. Locals say the increase in aircraft noise is damaging their quality of life. The Campaign Against Gatwick Noise says the situation is already intolerable:


Investment firm spokesman: "Our clear ambition is to reopen Manston Airport, and start making money"

Manston Airport closed in 2014 - campaigners have fought to see it reopened

The investment firm that had been in negotiations with Thanet District Council over a Compulsory Purchase Order of the Manston Airport site, has expressed its disappointment that the plan has been shelved.

Last night councillors from Thanet District Council met. They said they had postponed plans to buy and reopen the former airport in Kent. They added that the decision followed legal advice that their proposals were not financially sound.

Niall Lawlor from RiverOak Investment Corp. said the firm is going to carry on pushing for the project to go ahead.

Meanwhile the current owners of the airport say they will press ahead with plans for a housing and business development.

Council drops plans to buy & re-open Manston Airport

Manston Airport was closed down last year

Thanet District Council has postponed plans to buy and re-open the former Manston Airport site in Kent.

Councillors met last night having had legal advice that their proposals were not financially sound. But executives from RiverOak, a US investment corporation which backs the reopening of the airport, say they're determined to carry on with their plans.

What next for Eurostar? Passengers up, revenue down

Eurostar train in a terminal - the firm's trains travel between the UK and the continent

The boss of Eurostar today condemned angry protests over recent weekends at St Pancras - in support of the Calais migrants - which are aimed at disrupting services.

Protesters at St Pancras railway station in London last week

Eurostar's Chief Executive, Nicolas Petrovic, says the protestors intimidated rail passengers - and it was wrong to target the company. Speaking to ITV Meridian, Mr Petrovic apologised for the recent disruption, and said the French and British Governments must work together to find a solution to secure the tracks.

The company said revenue is down - even though passenger numbers are up. Here's our Transport Correspondent Mike Pearse.


First new railway linking major city with London for 100 years

The first new rail line linking a major city with London for 100 years has been opened in the Thames Valley today. And David Cameron was there to mark the occasion. Chiltern Railways have built a £130m extension of their Marylebone mainline from Bicester to a new Oxford Parkway station near Kidlington. But protests over bats and noise mean plans to take the line to Oxford City centre have been delayed. Mike Pearse reports.

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