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Air traffic failure was "not due to a power outage"

NATS has said that again apologised for any delays and the inconvenience that the air traffic failure may have caused.

It added: "We are investigating the cause of this fault but can confirm that contrary to some reports, it was not due to a power outage.

"Further information will be released as it becomes available."


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Passenger says bags stuck on planes at Heathrow

Tom Brandhorst said the delay was only a minor inconvenience but there are now problems with baggage. Credit: Tom Brandhorst

A passenger landing at Heathrow from Hamburg said he was told baggage handlers are unable to retrieve bags from the plane and they will have to be delivered at a later date.

His flight was sat on the tarmac for around an hour before disembarking.

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Photo captures unusual view of empty London airspace

One passenger captured this unusual view of the airspace above London completely empty of other planes.

He says he snapped the picture as his flight circled over Heathrow Airport.

Another Twitter user took this photo of London looking westwards from Canary Wharf.


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Passengers warned to expect more flight delays today

Air traffic control company NATS warned passenger that it will take some time for flight scheduling to fully recover despite their computer systems having been restored.

Following a technical failure at Swanwick, the system has been restored.

However, it will take time for operations across the UK to recover so passengers should contact their airline for the status of their flight.

We apologise for any delays and the inconvenience this may have caused.

Further information will be released as it becomes available.

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Heathrow's Terminal 5 appears deserted

ITV News Middle East Correspondent Geraint Vincent has just arrived in Heathrow's Terminal 5 to find it looking unusually empty.

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Planes remain grounded on Heathrow airport's runway

Rows of planes at Heathrow. Credit: ITV News

All flights departing flights have been suspended and planes remain grounded on the runways of Europe's busiest passenger airport.

Aerial view pictures show rows of planes grounded on the various terminals of Heathrow Airport in London. The airport said it was allowing some arrivals but all departures have been suspended.

No flights are leaving Heathrow. Credit: ITV News
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