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Some passengers make the best of the delays

One Twitter user's weekend trip to Berlin has been delayed after he became stranded on the tarmac at Heathrow Airport.

Luckily him and his friends are making the best of the situation.


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London flight delays airport by airport


  • Allowing some arrivals but departures are suspended


  • Allowing arrivals, all departures delayed


  • All departing flights currently suspended

London City Airport

  • All incoming flights are landing, no departures until further notice


  • Has confirmed flights affected but no more detail


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Stranded passengers 'growing increasingly agitated'

A pilot and aerodynamics student, Brad Haverly, has tweeted that he is stuck on the taxiway at Gatwick Airport:

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Passengers stuck at airports and on flights

Passengers across the country are grounded with some reportedly being asked to wait 12 hours to catch another flight. Others are not able to land.

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Flight delays spreading into Europe

The delays caused by the temporary closure of London airspace appear to be spreading into northern Europe.

A map from Eurocontrol shows areas of northern France, Belgium, the Netherlands and Germany affected by delays.

The map from Eurocontrol shows delays affecting parts of northern Europe. Credit: Eurocontrol
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