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£1.3 billion plan to redevelop Sussex cement works site

Ambitious plans have been unveiled to redevelop a derelict cement works on the South Downs in Sussex.

The massive quarry near Shoreham closed twenty-five years ago, but remains a blot on the landscape.

The former cement works site covers a large area of land in Sussex

Now, a group called the 'South Down Project' wants to build more than two-thousand homes and businesses on the site, at a cost of £1. 3 billion pounds. Malcolm Shaw reports.

The interviewees are Neil Laughton, a local businessman; Ed Carr, the Chairman of the South Down Project; and John Richards, a former cement worker.

Cameron under fire over offshore investments

The Prime Minister David Cameron faces questions from his constituents in Witney tonight as his tax affairs continue to come under scrutiny. Having previously labelled tax evasion as 'frankly and morally wrong' Mr Cameron has admitted benefitting from an offshore fund previously set up by his late father in the tax haven of Panama. The question today was why has it taken so long for him to mention the shares. Juliette Fletcher reports.


Workers to get a boost in pay

Thousand of workers will get an extra 50p per hour Credit: PA

Thousands of workers will receive an extra 50p an hour pay rise today.

The National Living Wage means over 25s must receive at least £7.20 an hour, instead of £6.70.

Some say it is long overdue, but critics say it could put struggling firms out of business and may lead to job losses.

There is more information on the Government's living wage website.

Secrets of city's past are uncovered

Its been a year since the main shopping centre in Oxford closed and the bulldozers moved in to demolish the Westgate.

Rows of shops, the multi-storey car park and pedestrian walkways have been razed to the ground ready for a new £440m development.

At the same time, archaeologists moved in to try to uncover the secrets of the city's past. Penny Silvester has been to see how the work is progressing.

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