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London airspace now completely closed

Business Insider UK:

'London's airspace is completely closed and all its airports have suspended flights.The news broke on Twitter on Friday afternoon as passengers at the UK's biggest airport, Heathrow, tweeted about suspended travel.

'Heathrow initially said a power outage is causing problems and that flights are delayed. However, it's now been confirmed that all air traffic is closed until at least 7pm UK time due to a major computer failure.'


  1. West Country (E)

Delays at Bristol Airport after computer failure

There are delays at Bristol Airport after a computer failure problem in Hampshire.

All London airspace is currently closed until 7pm at the earliest, the European flight safety body Eurocontrol said.

The Eurocontrol announcement read:

The UK national air traffic computer has suffered a failure.

This means that until the system recovers, area control units in the London area does not accept traffic until 1900 UTC initially.

Departures planned to enter the London FIR/UIR have been temporarily stopped.

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