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Southern Health's Chief Executive's response to critics

ITV Meridian spent the day trying to talk to the Southern Health NHS Foundation Trust's Chief Executive, Katrina Percy, about the CQC's damning report into some of its care of people under its protection.

No interview was granted, but Katrina Percy did issue a statement about the health watchdog's findings. ITV Meridian presenters Fred Dinenage and Stacey Poole spoke to reporter Richard Slee.

Parents told children shouldn't play out in cul-de-sac

Children playing on bicycles outside their homes in a cul-de-sac in Sussex

Families in a cul-de-sac in Sussex have been told they could face eviction - if they let their children play outside.

Council tenants living on the Forest Row street say they're being treated like criminals following the letter from Wealden District Council. The local authority says the road is not a safe place to play and the warning was in light of a number of complaints. This is what two local residents told us.


Fatberg problem - Don't just throw it down the drain

This is what happens when fat is not disposed of properly

The water supplier Thames Water says it has finally found out why Oxford has such a big problem with 'fatbergs'.

When collating the results of a recent survey the firm found that around 80 percent of the city's restaurants were not using fat traps to stop oil and grease spilling into Oxford's sewers. Therefore, the fat collects in the sewer and drains below the city streets and creates the huge, solid deposits, otherwise known as fatbergs.

Earlier this year, a 20 tonne blockage was removed from one drain in the city centre. Kate Bunkall's report explains what happened. The interviewee is Alex Saunders from Thames Water.

Restaurant staff causing "fatbergs" plague

Lumps of hard, congealed fat can cause blockages in the sewer system Credit: PA

Restaurant staff in Oxford are causing a plague of "fatbergs" according to Thames Water.

The water company say 95% of food outlets in the city don't dispose of oil, fat and grease correctly. They are pouring it down the sink, causing more than twenty tonnes of waste to end up in Park End Street sewer each year.


Royal potato crop is flavour of the season

For many Jersey Royal new potatoes are a delicious eat. They are also a sign that Spring is here, even if the weather suggests otherwise.

Supermarkets are stocking up with the potatoes; 40,000 tonnes are handpicked every year with farmers packing up 80 bags a minute, 24 hours a day.

Our reporter Wesley Smith has been to see the Jersey Royal's journey from field to fork.

Return of the 18-inch waist!

We all know fashions change over the years. And that also applies to what we wear underneath our clothes.

A new exhibition is exploring the history of underwear through the ages. And if you thought that 18-inch waists were a thing of the past, then think again. As Toby Sadler reports, comfort has often played second fiddle to fashion.

Tesco unsold food to be given to charities in Bicester

The first food distribution scheme of its kind in the region is set to begin in Bicester in Oxfordshire today.

A new branch of Tesco - which opens at 8am today - will pioneer a service which will see surplus food donated to a foodbank. The store is looking for more charities to sign up to receive unsold fruit, vegetables and packaged foods. The FareShare FoodCloud is being carried out in conjunction with the organisation FareShare.

The initiative follows a pilot scheme at 14 stores last year after which 22 tonnes of food was donated to more than 50 charities.

The new initiative follows a pilot scheme last year Credit: Tesco

“No food that can be eaten should go to waste. We’re really excited to start working on this initiative to ensure that any unsold food we have is made use of. We are looking forward to forging strong links with local charities and community groups in Bicester, and to use this initiative to support their efforts to help vulnerable people in our community.”

– Paul Phillips, Tesco Bicester Store Manager

Beware sun's reflection! After mirror sparks house fire

Fire crews were called to deal with a house fire sparked by a mirror

Fire crews in Oxfordshire have issued a warning to the public after a box of tissues caught fire from the heat caused by the sun reflecting on a mirror.

Firefighters were called to a house in Miller Close in Goring-on-Thames. No-one was injured. People are being reminded to think carefully about how a room is decorated so that mirrors are not put in places where they could be in direct sunlight.

Fire station manager, Chris Barber from Oxfordshire Fire & Rescue Service had this warning:

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