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Dinosaur is an old flame in Sussex

The dinosaur stands guard Credit: PNW Communications

A shop's dinosaur mascot - currently dressed up for Valentine's - is hoping to woo visitors and help put a seaside town on the tourist map, by promoting its prehistoric past. The statue of Dino, which stands guard outside Sussex Beds in Bexhill, East Sussex has sparked a plan for a dinosaur trail around the town.

Sussex Police hoping for a date with wanted people

No love lost, but police would still like a date with these people Credit: Sussex Police

Sussex Police say they are lonely this Valentine's Day and is looking for a date with some wanted people. They are sending out messages throughout Valentine's Day by publishing short video messages appealing for some of the force's wanted people to hand themselves in and for information about their whereabouts.

Those wanted people police would like a date with include:

Kyle Gilmore. He is 23, from Hastings and has breached the terms of his licence since being released from prison last July.

Aldo Oringa. He is 31, has links to Littlehampton and Worthing, and has breached the terms of licence having been jailed for drug possession with intent to supply.

Edward Stokes. Edward is aged 19, from London and is wanted in connection with a burglary in Handcross where jewellery was stolen.

John Casey. He is aged 18 and from burgess Hill. Police would like a word with him about failing to answer his police bail in January this year having been arrested on suspicion of burglary.

Last but not least is Lucia Biffi, 26, from Littlehampton. She is wanted in connection with shoplifting offences.


Millions of roses arrive at Heathrow

Millions of roses are arriving at Heathrow Credit: Heathrow

Romantics across the UK can rest assured that the UK’s supply of roses is well stocked for Valentine’s Day with millions arriving at Heathrow. An estimated 7,797,297 stems of fresh cut roses – around 570 tonnes – are expected to be imported to the UK via Heathrow this month. This is triple what is seen on an average month.

Red roses – the international symbol of love and passion - have been a Valentine’s staple since the 17th century. A single rose sent on Valentine’s day is traditionally seen as a declaration of true love, whilst a dozen roses is symbolic of complete love.

Supermarket first in the country to introduce 'quiet hour' for autistic shoppers

More and more of our children are being diagnosed as autistic. Thirty years ago, it was considered a relatively rare condition affecting around one in 500, but now that figure stands at one in every 100.

Much of that could be down to better awareness - but its cause is still a mystery. However, it leaves a generation of children and their parents struggling with the sensory overload of modern life.

Now some respite is now being offered in perhaps the most unlikely of places - a supermarket in Crawley is going out of its way to help.

Andy Dickenson reports and speaks to Emma Castle, who's son Oliver has autism, Abi Smith, Emma Holdsworth and Raj Sivalingam, as well as supermarket manager Gary Powis and Jo-Ann D'Costa Manuel of Autism Parent Power.

Nick Knowles becomes a celebrity vegan chef!

Nick Knowles is a big name in television these days. But he started his career at ITV in Maidstone as a junior journalist. In fact, 26 years ago today, we sent him out to Crawley to do his first report - which consisted of Nick, a pig, and a little monkey.

Well perhaps it was that experience with the pig - but Nick's given up meat, become a vegan - and now has his first cookbook out. Jonathan Wills went to meet him in his kitchen ... and asked him: why take up cooking?

Charity and bakery lead charge to tackle £13billion 'food waste mountain'

An incredible £13 billion of edible food is being thrown away every year.

That's the staggering claim experts made after it was revealed our efforts to tackle food waste have stalled.

But a number of projects in Brighton are hoping to buck that trend. Andy Dickenson reports and speaks to Beth Parry of Fare Share, and Kitty Newbury from the Angel Food Bakery.

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