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Don't worry sheep: A warning to dog owners during lambing season

Spring might still be a few weeks off, but the lambing season is already well underway. And sadly, that means many will fall victim to dogs allowed to run out of control.

Farmers say at least 100 have been killed so far this year and signs are being put up at fields where sheep are grazing to make dog owners more aware.

Richard Jones' report includes interviews with Farmer Andy Jackman, Terena Plowright from National Sheep Watch and James Osman, from the National Farmers' Union.


Pollution threatens our rivers and water supplies

Of all the threats to our rivers and water supplies, pollution has to be the most dangerous, with the potential to wipe out whole eco-systems.

Swalecliff Brook near Whitstable, Newmill Chanel near Tenterden and Shinewater Lake near Eastbourne are just three of our waterways to be hit by pollution in the last five years.

But who is responsible? And is anyone now prepared to take care of the precious resources that have sustained us, and wildlife, for centuries? Andy Dickenson reports.

Looking for the source of the Ouse - special report

It's the one resource we can't live without, yet here in the south east we have less water available per person than in Morocco or even Egypt.

So what does that mean for our rivers? In first of three reports, we've visited the River Ouse in Sussex with a man who's watched over it all his life to find out how it's coping with the pressures of over-use, pollution and climate change.

Andy Dickenson reports and speaks to former River Bailiff Jim Smith, Mayor of Lewes Cllr Susan Murray and Chris Wick from the Environment Agency.

Champagne corks popping over wine investment in Kent

It's being described as a 'game-changer' for wine production in the South East. A leading French champagne house is making a massive investment in Kent, where it's confident it can produce a world-class sparkling wine bearing its famous name.

Tattinger will create a 70-hectare vineyard at Chilham between Canterbury and Ashford - eventually producing 300,000 bottles a year.

Industry experts say the move, made possible by climate change, could establish Kent and Sussex as one of the world's premier wine producing regions.


More than 1,800 lights put on Britain's tallest tree

A view of Britain's tallest Christmas tree at Wakehurst Place in Sussex, fitted with an estimated 1800 lights following its official switch on Credit: Gareth Fuller/PA Archive/PA Images

More than 1,800 lights have been put on Britain's tallest Christmas tree, enabling it to be used as a beacon for planes landing at nearby Gatwick Airport.

Standing at around 110ft tall, the giant redwood at Wakehurst Place near Ardingly, West Sussex, is the UK's largest living festive tree. It was first decorated outside Wakehurst's Elizabethan mansion 23 years ago, and was planted in the 1890s as one of the first exotic trees on the 500-acre estate.

It takes a team of arboriculturalists all day in two cherry pickers to put up the LED bulbs and remeasure the tree at Wakehurst, a National Trust site run by Kew Gardens.

Wakehurst's director Tony Sweeney said: "The tree is approximately 120 years old and we're expecting it to have grown around a foot. The tree has great vitality and it will continue to grow at an impressive rate for many more years to come."

The tree is one of Wakehurst's great survivors, weathering the Great Storm of 1987 and many other gales since, including Storm Barney this week. Following the decoration and testing of the lights, the illuminations will be switched on on December 4 to mark the start of Wakehurst's Glow Wild Lantern Festival.

Cows and sheep to 'work the land' at nature reserve

Seaford Head nature reserve Credit: Sojka Libor/Czech News Agency/Press Association Images

Seaford Town Council and Sussex Wildlife Trust have welcomed back sheep and cattle to graze at its Seaford Head nature reserve.

It's the second time the animals have been brought in to manage the land.

The twenty nine sheep and three cattle will help to control the vegetation.

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