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Man videoed pulling the head off a bird is given criminal behaviour order

A man who was videoed pulling the head off a wood pigeon - the footage of which ended up on Facebook - has been given a criminal behaviour order.

Scott Matthew Cochrane, 25, of Poole, in Dorset, was issued with the order at Bournemouth Crown Court. He had been convicted, at the same court, six months earlier, in February, of killing a wild bird. For that offence, he had been given a six-month conditional discharge.

Part of the order states that Cochrane must not behave in an anti-social manner as to cause harassment, alarm or distress or encourage others to use threatening or insulting behaviour in a public place.

It also states he must not be allowed to be in possession of a wild animal or wild bird, living or dead.

Scott Cochrane Credit: Dorset Police

“Cochrane has been involved in a number of anti-social incidents over recent years, and he was responsible for callously killing a bird.

“This order sends a strong message that we will be tough on those who commit rural crime, animal cruelty and anti-social behaviour in Dorset.”

– Sgt Andy Napper, Dorset Police

Fly-tippers dump nursery items in a Hampshire lane

Flytippers have dumped items from a children's bedroom or nursery in a country lane in Steep, near Petersfield, in Hampshire.

The rubbish was left in Harrow Lane and East Hampshire District Council’s environmental team is trying to track down who is responsible.

Dumped rubbish left on a country lane
Dumped rubbish left on a country lane

Council spokeswoman Rachel Gorvin said: “The waste dumped is quite distinctive and looks like it has come from a nursery or similar.

“If we could trace the source we might be able to find out how it ended up dumped in the countryside.

“Fly-tipping is a blight on the beautiful countryside of East Hampshire. Not only is it unsightly but it also poses a danger to people, animals and the environment. A number of fly tips contain hazardous waste such as asbestos or chemicals.

“If you have any information about this or any other fly tip please let us know.”

The council’s Environmental Services Team can be contacted on 01730 266551.


Residents invited to share opinion on South Downs development

South Downs National Park Credit: PA

New policies that set the course for development across the South Downs National Park are to be opened up for public comment.

The local Plan - which will cover Hampshire, East and West Sussex - will aim to put the landscape first whilst also serving the needs of the community.

It is the first time people will be able to comment on the proposed policies for future development in the National Park.

Details about the plan and the consultation process, can be seen in this video:

Tree cutters in £350k 1-day scheme to stop power cuts

Trees falling on power lines have disrupted supplies in West Sussex nine times in the past year

A team of 150 workers is to carry out Southern Electric's biggest ever tree cutting programme - in a bid to reduce the number of power cuts in West Sussex.

Fallen trees hitting power lines or interfering with the network have caused nine power outages in the past year alone. The firm is spending £350,000 on the one-day operation which will see tree cutters, engineers and contractors working in Milland, Redford and Linch. Power will be turned off between 8am - 6pm in the areas with electricity being provided through temporary power generators where possible.

"We are not just minimising the risk of a power cut during high winds, but we are also reducing the number of planned outages that are needed to carry out installation of new equipment and routine tree cutting work. By doing the work in one day, and on this scale, means we don't have to keep switching off the network in the area."

– Chris Anderson, SEPD's Tree Cutting Field Manager
Tree cutters will cut back trees over an area of 200,000 square metres

The entire project will cover an area of 200,000 sq. metres. The firm has reassured the public that only vegetation and dead trees will be removed if they pose a significant threat to the network and are within falling distance of an overhead line.

The company is setting up a mobile welfare and information point to provide free hot food and drinks, as well as charging facilities for customers' mobile phones and tablets.

Farmers protest against falling milk prices

Dairy farmers across the Thames Valley are taking drastic action as falling milk prices threaten to drive them out of business.

They have been carrying out what they call 'Milk Trolley Challenges', where they block distribution centres, and even bring cattle into supermarkets to highlight their plight.

In Asda at Swindon shocked shoppers saw them storm into the supermarket and remove all the cartons of milk and cream from the shelves before dumping them in the soft drink aisle.

The farmers say if they don't get a fair price thousands will go out of business and it could be the end of locally-produced milk . Watch Mel Bloor's report.

Badger cull could be extended to Dorset

There's increasing pressure for a cull of badgers to be extended to parts of Dorset. Farmers say TB is continuing to spread through their herds and are calling for the Government to act on pre-election pledges, to eradicate the disease.

Pilot badger culls started in Somerset 2 years ago. Now applications are being prepared which could see the cull extended to part of our region as Duncan Sleightholme reports.


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Recovery efforts begin for stricken train

A train operator has come under fire after two carriages derailed - an hour after it was warned a herd of cows had got onto the line.

It happened at Godmersham, midway between Ashford International Station and Canterbury West, just after half past nine yesterday evening

No-one was injured and the line is likely to remain closed for several days. David Johns reports, speaking to passenger Vince Stevenson, eyewitness David Goodenough; the Managing Director of Southeastern, David Statham; and local resident Stephen Taylor.

Fox-hunting vote postponed as SNP say they'll vote against changes

Fox-hunting vote postponed after SNP say they'll join in vote Credit: PA

A vote to relax the fox-hunting ban in England and Wales has been postponed. It had been due to take place in the Commons tomorrow - but was delayed when Scottish MPs threatened to defeat the proposal which would allow an unlimited number of dogs to flush out a fox to be shot.

The plans had provoked fury among anti-hunt protesters - and reopened the debate into fox hunting, which was banned ten years ago.

Abigail Bracken has been looking at the arguments.

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