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  1. Phil Hornby

The Last Word, May 2018

Are The House of Lords, 'traitors in ermine' as some of the Brexit-supporting press have suggested? Or are they just doing their duty?

As Brexit battles continue, we ask what next for the tortuous passage of Brexit legislation through Parliament. And grammar schools: what will Damian Hinds's £50 million actually do?

And the Royal Wedding this weekend: do we need more bunting, bands, and ceremonial - or is it time for a slimmed down Scandinavian-style monarchy?

To debate all that and more:

  • Lord Fox, Chris Fox from the Liberal Democrats in Windsor
  • Victoria Prentis, Conservative MP for Banbury, and
  • Alan Whitehead, Labour MP for Southampton Test



Drawing with wolves - children with life-limiting conditions get rare day out

It's something most of us take for granted - a day out with the family. But for children receiving hospice care, it's all too rare.

A lack of facilities at museums and theatres, let alone ill-health, often means the severely disabled are stuck at home. But a project supporting children with life-limiting conditions, and their families, has begun in Sussex today.

Andy Dickenson reports and speaks to mothers Chrissie Buckingham and Apolina D Silva, as well as Kate Giles from the Jerwood Gallery and Susan Freeman of Chestnut Tree House.

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