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Two arrests after £15,000 vandalism at school

The school was badly vandalised Credit: ITV

Officers investigating thousands of pounds worth of damage, caused to St Francis School in Fareham on 8 November, have made two arrests.

Graffiti was sprayed on the school buildings, roof tiles were ripped up, and windows smashed. In all it's thought around £15,000 of damage was caused.

Two 17 year-old boys have been arrested on suspicion of causing criminal damage and have been bailed until 4 January, pending further enquiries.


Scouts bring down community barriers

Children from across the country will soon be given the chance to become part of a new initiative, which it's hoped will bring down the barriers between different cultures.

The Scout Association is encouraging youngsters from ethnic minorities to join so they can play together and improve their language and writing skills. Katie Oscroft has been to visit one of the pilot groups.

Disabled children and their parents get 'lifeline' back as vandalised school reopens

Despite being trashed by vandals and forced to close for more than a week, the St Francis Special School in Fareham re-opened today thanks to the work of staff and volunteers.

Thousands of pounds of damage was caused during the break-in, with windows smashed, roof tiles ripped off, and graffiti on the walls.

It was the fourth time the school, described as a lifeline for many families, has been vandalised in months.

The headteacher says those responsible should return to the school to see the children who were so badly affected. Kerry Swain reports.


Vandals force closure of special school: children are 'devastated'

Parents of pupils who attend a special school in Fareham - closed by of vandals - say the effect on their children is devastating.

'St Francis School was broken into three times over half term and was attacked again last weekend. The latest break-in caused £15,000 worth of damage with windows smashed, roof tiles ripped off and graffiti on the walls. Kerry Swain reports.

Schools cut subjects saying unfair funding to blame

Headteachers and MPs claim schools in Kent are among the worst funded in the country - and say it could start to affect children's education.

They say the funding formula is unfair. The headteacher of Queen Elizabeth's Grammar School in Faversham announced today that he's had to drop some A Level subjects, and may in the future have to increase class sizes because of the cash crisis.

Sarah Saunders' report is followed by a studio discussion of the issues with Fred, Sangeeta and social affairs correspondent Christine Alsford.

Blind veteran leads Armistice parade

On Armistace Day - The young joined the old - in paying tribute and remembering those who sacrificed their lives fighting for our country. Shopping centres - factories - offices and schools fell silent. Leading the service in Brighton was 100-year-old - blind veteran - Ron Freer - once a Japanese prisoner of war. Andrew Pate reports.

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