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Amy Winehouse drugs scheme to launch in schools

The Amy Winehouse Foundation is to launch a drug and alcohol awareness initiative for secondary schools in Bournemouth.

The foundation has teamed up with the charity, Addaction, to help educate students, teachers and parents about the underlying issues connected to substance abuse.

The foundation was set up in memory of the singer who died nearly three years ago.
The foundation was set up in memory of the singer who died in July 2011. Credit: PA

Through the Resilience Programme, teachers will be helped to better identify with students at risk, to improve attendance at school, increase attainment and build resilience to peer pressure, with assistance from recovering addicts.

The foundation was set up in memory of the singer who died nearly three years ago.

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First World War commemorative arch put in place

Folkestone was the last sight of England for tens of thousands of soldiers crossing the Channel to fight in the First World War trenches of France and Belgium. And now a striking new commemorative arch has been lifted into place on The Leas in memory of the many who did not return.

It'll be officially opened by Prince Harry as part of the centenary commemorations in August. Derek Johnson has been following the story. In this report, he spoke to Paul Emden from the Step Short project, architect Philip Gearing and Councillor David Monk from Shepway Council.


Hundreds of pupils in Britain's biggest science lesson

The Disovery Park at Sandwich - the former site of the drugs company Pfizer - was taken over by hundreds of primary school children this week for Britain's biggest ever science lesson.

Hands-on experiments included extraction of DNA from fruit, murder-mystery forensic tests, and the creation of a witch's cauldron. Nashreen Issa sent this report from the East Kent Science Jamboree.


Shoeless school helps pupils' concentration

With more and more pressure on our schools to deliver teachers and pupils and forever looking for new ways to help their lessons stick. Well, one school in Sussex has brought in a new measure that it says is improving concentration and calm.

Andy Dickenson reports and speaks to pupils Jake Scriven, Lucy Rowland and Kalli-Marie Wilson Nicklin of Holmbush Primary School, as well as head teacher Rebecca Jackson.

Solar winds increase lightning strikes say scientists

Researchers in the Department of Meterology believe they have discovered new evidence to suggest lightning is triggered not only by cosmic rays from space, as has previously been thought, but also by energetic particles from the Sun.

The Berkshire scientists found a link between increased thunderstorm activity and streams of high-energy particles accelerated by the solar wind, suggesting that particles from space help trigger lightning bolts.

After the arrival of a solar wind at the Earth, the researchers showed there was an average of 422 lightning strikes across the UK in the following 40 days, compared to an average of 321 lightning strikes in the 40 days prior the arrival of the solar wind.

The rate of lightning strikes peaked between 12 and 18 days after the arrival of the solar wind.

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