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It's second time around for space man Tim Peake

Tim Peake will go back into space for the second time Credit: ITV

Sussex astronaut Tim Peake will be returning to the International Space Station for another mission.

The 44-year-old, father of two, announced the news at the London Science Museum, where his former spacecraft is on display.

Myself and my classmates from 2009, we are all going to get the second mission to the space station which is wonderful. The work that is being done on board the space station is incredibly important and also tremendously exciting as well.

– Major Tim Peake

Maj Peak spent 186 days in space and during his time there, he took part in 250 science experiments, ran the London Marathon and did a space walk.


Sign of the times - Churchill, Kipling and Picasso amongst the stars in extraordinary autograph auction

An extraordinary collection of autographs and signatures from some of the most iconic figures in history will go on sale tomorrow in Sussex.

In total more than a thousand hand written scrawls from Prime Ministers, Kings, Queens, military and literary heroes will be auctioned.

Between them they cover four centuries - but the collection itself came as a complete surprise, as Andy Dickenson discovered when he spoke to auctioneer Paul Campbell.

Plans approved for more Hampshire school places

There will be more school places in Hampshire Credit: ITV

Plans to create more than 700 additional school places in Hampshire have been approved. It will see four schools enlarged - with an investment of around £20m. Schools to benefit will include Basingstoke's Park View Junior school and Robert May's in Hart.

Do parents understand new GCSE performance tables?

A new style of secondary school league tables were published today. The government says it's a better and fairer way to judge schools - looking at the amount of progress students make - rather than how many pupils got five good grades including English and Maths.

Schools are given a score that's positive, negative - or zero. The numbers are calculated across eight different subjects - many of them highly academic.

But critics say the new judgements are overly complex and difficult to understand - and leaves lots of parents without a clue about what's going on. Our Social Affairs Correspondent Christine Alsford reports.

You can look up your school's performance under the new measures here.

New league tables show 'failing' schools

A new style of secondary school league tables was published today. The government says it's a better and fairer way to judge schools - looking at the amount of progress students make - rather than how many pupils had good grades in subjects like Maths and English. Schools said to be failing are listed below:

BASINGSTOKE Aldworth School Cranbourne Business and Enterprise College Everest Community Academy Fort Hill Community School.

SOUTHAMPTON Woodlands Community Academy

Redbridge School Chamberlayne College for the Arts

ISLE OF WIGHT Sandown Bay Academy Isle of Wight Studio School

BOURNEMOUTH Parkfield School

POOLE St Aldhelm's Academy

DORSET Isle of Portland Aldridge Community Academy

GOSPORT Bridgemary School


Uni apology after 'inadequate' handling of assault

Credit: ITV Meridian

The University of Sussex has issued an apology for its 'inadequate' handling of a case involving one of its former lecturers.

Dr Lee Salter was found guilty of assaulting his ex-student partner Allison Smith.

The university suspended Dr Salter 11 months after it was informed of the incident.

An independent review into the case, conducted by Durham University's Professor Nicole Westmarland, found that the university failed to follow its own policies and procedures.

Credit: ITV Meridian

It found that the university failed to communicate with the victim in a professional manner and had an inadequate risk assessment.

It also revealed that media attention appeared to have been a factor towards the university finally suspending Dr Salter on 3rd August 2016.

The case caused much controversy leading to an online petition which was signed by over 3,000 people calling for his dismissal.

His suspension came a month after he was sentenced to 22 weeks in jail as well as 150 hours unpaid work and a restraining order.

He was charged with assault and criminal damage.

An appeal against his conviction is due in April.

On behalf of the University of Sussex, I am very sorry for the failings identified in Professor Westmarland's report. I am grateful to Allison for taking part in the review. We will continue to offer her whatever support she needs." "The university is now bringing in a series of major initiatives in response to the recommendations."

– Professor Adam Tickell, University of Sussex new Vice-Chancellor

School crossing patrols given bodycams to tackle abuse

It's their job to make sure parents and children get to and from the school gates safely, but they're often verbally abused and even driven at by angry motorists.

Now, school crossing patrol staff will be given body cameras to capture threatening behaviour and dangerous driving.

The idea is being tried out at primary schools in Sussex, as Malcolm Shaw reports.

Interviewees: Beverley Morley, School crossing patrol Louise Bishop, West Sussex County Council

More than half of parents rely on school breakfast clubs

One in five working parents admit they never sit down and have breakfast with their children. That's just one of the findings in a survey of more than 2,000 people into the effects of our increasingly pressurised lifestyles.

Many schools are finding increased demand for their breakfast clubs where mums and dads can drop their children off before school and still be confident they're getting a healthy start to the day.

Wesley Smith reports:

  • 60% said that their child's school breakfast club was very important for their day-to-day life
  • Over half (58%) said that the breakfast clubs enabled their children to have breakfast in the morning without being rushed
  • Over a third (33%) stated that they or their partner would have to give up work if it were not for the school breakfast club
  • Almost a third (28%) said that the breakfast clubs saved them on average between £10 - £25 per week

Our reporter, Wesley Smith, has interviewed: Theresa Pooley, Mother Minara Begum, Mother Simone Roberts-Lawlor, Mother Oli Burton, Organiser

Oxford rejection turned into art

Painted rejection letter Credit: Claudia Vulliamy

Classics student Claudia Vulliamy turned a rejection letter from Oxford University into a thing of beauty.

She told ITV Meridian that she was disappointed not to be accepted but had the urge to turn the important letter into something.

She said: 'It was quick and intuitive - I suppose it was a therapeutic way of handling important news. I was shocked to find that it went viral!

"People have been so nice about it. I think it’s because it cheers people up to see something positive made out of rejection, especially for those who have just received similar news."

Claudia, who's from London, has been offered a place at Durham University. Her letter appeared on her instagram account. (flamboyant_aesthete)

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