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Kent kids taught to feel safe

30 years ago it was a subject that was barely talked about; now, in part because of the world of possibilities opened up by the Internet, child abuse is a topic that demands to be discussed. But for NSPCC, it's not enough for adults to be in the debate - children have to be informed and educated too.

At an event in Canterbury this week, hundreds of youngsters were given workshops to encourage them to feel safe - and to know what to do if they don't.

David Johns explains, talking to Childline volunteer Becky Randall; abuse victim "Suzi"; and Sarah Walker from the NSPCC.

To contact Childline call 0800 1111 (free) or go to


Graduation day for the four-year-olds!

The summer graduation season is well underway at seats of learning right across the region.

Everywhere, there are mortar boards and gowns - with parents on hand to capture the memories on camera.

But, as Christine Alsford reports, it's not just the bachelors of arts and science who are collecting the honours.

Christine spoke to Panna Nagar, Headteacher of Northfleet Nursery School and Sue Munday, Deputy Headteacher.

Proms in full swing

More than 90 per cent of schools hold some kind of prom for pupils after completing their GCSE exams. For many, it's a fitting reward for all their hard work. But it comes with an increasingly high price tag as parents fork out for dresses, transport, hairdos and makeup. Christine Alsford reports on all the fun, expense - and how many schools are now making attendance at prom conditional on good behaviour and hard work.

Her reports were filmed at the Mousetrap Dress shop in Havant - and at the prom for Woodlands Community College in Southampton.

Prom King and Queen Credit: ITV Meridian
  1. David Johns (@davidjohns_itv)

School holiday policy under fire

Would you risk your child being expelled from school to save money on your summer holiday? That's the threat parents at one school face if they take their children away during term.

The headteacher of Fleetdown primary in Dartford told us fining parents sixty pounds was no deterrent at all. Instead Angela Konarzewski says she's ready to expel children if they take a break when they should be at school.

Many parents have reacted angrily saying they can't afford to go away in school holidays.

David Johns reports, speaking to the headteacher and parents outside the school.


School to exclude children who holiday during term time

This primary school has been criticised for its stand on children missing school holidays Credit: Fleetwood Primary School

A school in Kent has come under fire for its stand on pupils going on holiday during term time.

Fleetdown Primary School in Dartford says it could exclude children who are taken out of school term time to go on a family holiday.

Their recent newsletter explained how an increasing number of families were taking pupils out of classes despite many children being desperate to get into the oversubscribed school.

The newsletter issued by the school in Dartford Credit: Fleetdown Primary School

Pupils banned from using playing field with 'the wrong type of grass'

Pupils have been barred from playing sports on a school playing field for FOUR years after it was said to have 'the wrong type of grass.'The field was declared unsafe shortly after the opening of the St Clements Site of Eastchurch Primary School on the Isle of Sheppey. Tonight - action at last - after angry parents exposed the situation on social media. Andrea Thomas reports. She spoke to parent Rita Simpson and Sandy Hammock, Chair of Friends of Eastchurch School.

Primary schools in Medway must improve

Failing Medway Schools are improving too slowly, according to a new report by the schools inspectorate, Ofsted. Last year almost half of all pupils were at schools rated as needing some kind of improvement. Now a follow-up inspection has found nine and a half thousand children remain in schools that are either inadequate or need improvement. Tom Savvides talks to headteacher Christine Easton, students and councillor Mike O'Brien.

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