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The car transformed... into a dog... for dogs

Would you take it for a drive or for a walk? That's the dilemma facing chauffeur Justin Scrutton who's created a unique mode of transport that's turning heads in Dartford.

Some might even say that the man known for his love of animals has now gone barking mad - as Andy Dickenson explains.

Brighton Festival closes with 'mini-festival' on local estate

The largest arts event of its kind in England - the Brighton Festival - draws to a close today and as part of the celebrations a local estate was given a small festival of its own.

This is the second time the 'Your Place' weekend of free performances, sports and workshops has been held.

Andy Dickenson reports and speaks to Naomi Alexander of Brighton People's Theatre, Jaqui Somers, Committee member, Your Place, and Beth Burgess, Executive producer, Brighton Festival.

'Slow-building drama' as artist attempts to balance three tonne boulders on beach

We all spend so much time rushing around, how often do we take time out to watch, relax and contemplate?

Well, an artist in Brighton has given his audience just that opportunity - as he attempted the almost impossible - balancing huge granite boulders on top of each other.

For some it was painstaking, others were mesmerised - but in the end - did it all come crashing down? Andy Dickenson was there to witness Nick Steur's slow-building drama.

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