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Fears of rising insurance premiums after flooding across the country.

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The fierce storms and torrential downpours at the end of last year contributed to the wettest month in the UK since records began - despite record warmth for a December.

ITV News Meridian is working with insurance bosses, to investigate whether homeowners who escaped the floods will see a rise in premiums. And how much those who were flooded can expect to pay.

We'd like to know if you're concerned about the cost of rising insurance premiums. Take part in our online poll.

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Traffic nightmare over as A249 fully re-opens

The main route on the A249 towards Sheppey - which closed for nearly a month because of a huge sinkhole - re-opened today. Local villagers say they're relieved their nightmare is over, but say it's taken to long too sort out and they haven't been kept up to date by Highways England. Andrea Thomas reports. She spoke to councillors Robert Ball and Duncan Dewar-Whalley from Bobbing Parish Council, Andrew Broughton from Highways England and Sittingbourne and Sheppey MP Gordon Henderson.


Hundreds queue to scrutinise new Thames Crossing proposals

It's ludicrous - that's the reaction of many people living near the proposed site of a new tunnel beneath the Thames. It would run under the river east of Gravesend, with roads cutting through at least two villages. It's the preferred option for a new crossing between Kent and Essex. It was among proposals on show at the first public exhibition in Kent which had hundreds of people queuing today. Andrea Thomas was there. She spoke to Martin Potts from Highways England.

Don't worry sheep: A warning to dog owners during lambing season

Spring might still be a few weeks off, but the lambing season is already well underway. And sadly, that means many will fall victim to dogs allowed to run out of control.

Farmers say at least 100 have been killed so far this year and signs are being put up at fields where sheep are grazing to make dog owners more aware.

Richard Jones' report includes interviews with Farmer Andy Jackman, Terena Plowright from National Sheep Watch and James Osman, from the National Farmers' Union.


'Lives at risk' from HS2 rail project

There are fears lives will be put at risk if HS2 bosses push ahead with plans to route lorries through a village in Oxfordshire.

Five hundred trucks would pass back and forth through Wardington every day for two years during the construction of the proposed link between London and Birmingham.

The project - estimated to cost around £50 billion - would cut through Oxfordshire and Buckinghamshire but train services will not stop in many of the places being affected while it is being built.

Villagers say not only would the heavy goods vehicles make their roads dangerous, the work would also destroy the area. Mel Bloor reports.

Man-made climate change 'did cause severe floods'

Man-made climate change DID contribute to the cause of the severe winter storms and flooding of 2013 to 2014, according to new research published by Oxford University.

Scientists say data has shown that the extreme rainfall and almost continuous series of storms which battered the South were more likely to have occurred in a changing climate.

Two years on, our reporter Martin Dowse returned to the mobile home park at Christchurch in Dorset which suffered serious flooding that winter.

Animal park's original gorilla dies aged 54

Ju Ju was one of the original wild born gorillas at the park Credit: Howletts

Howletts Wild Animal Park has announced the death of Ju Ju, one of the original wild born female gorillas there.

She died of a suspected stroke at the age of 54. Ju Ju had eight successful births including the mighty Kijo, the first gorilla born at Howletts in 1975. Members of the Aspinall family and Howletts spoke of her playfulness. She was also well known for 'singing' in anticipation of feeding time.

Her descendants, including silverback Kifu, are well represented at our two parks and in other collections. Ju Ju was one of the most important gorillas from Howletts and Port Lympne, who have ensured that the healthy European gorilla studbook now stands on such a firm footing. Ju Ju will be really missed by all who knew her.

– Howletts Wild Animal Park

New predator threatening Sussex water voles

Conservationists in Sussex have been instrumental in saving one of the country's rarest mammals.

The number of Water Voles at the Arundel Wetland Centre has soared in recent years, because they've been protected from their main predator - the alien American Mink.

But now, the Water Voles are facing a homegrown foe - the fearsome Stoat.

Our reporter Malcolm Shaw has the story.

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