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Owner of untidy front garden fined

Homeowners fed up with the sight of builders rubbish piling up on their street say they felt like they were living next door to the neighbour from hell. Their complaint against Michael Smith was taken up by the council. They used new rules to take him to court and fine him. But Mr Smith said originally the council told him he was doing nothing wrong by storing the rubbish there and that he had every intention of clearing up in due course. John Ryall talks to Michael Smith and Hastings councillor Peter Chowney.

  1. Tom Savvides

Good food heading for landfill given to charities

Food worth millions of pounds ends up in landfill every year, when it could be used by those most in need. Now, an organisation is collecting surplus, edible food from supermarkets and distributing it to various charities. FareShare has warehouses in Ashford, Brighton, Didcot and Southampton and provides meals to thousands of people. Tom Savvides talks to Li Brookman and Alan Bayford from FareShare, former rough sleeper Zeph Smith and James Duff from the Catching Lives homeless shelter.


Surplus supermarket food going to those in need

Millions of pounds worth of food ends up in landfill every year Credit: ITV NEWS MERIDIAN

Food worth millions of pounds ends up in landfill every year, when it could be used by those most in need. Now the organisation "Fare Share", which has warehouses in Ashford, Southampton, Brighton and Didcot is collecting surplus, edible food from supermarkets and distributing it to various charities. Li Brookman is Operations manager and has been speaking to ITV Meridian.

Not everything in THIS garden is rosy...

Hastings Council issued several warnings about the state of the garden Credit: Hastings Council

A garden, strewn with rubbish, has been targeted by the 'Grotbuster' scheme at Hastings in Sussex.

Mr Michael Smith of Elphinstone Road, Hastings was served with the notice under new scheme.

Cllr Peter Chowney the council’s lead member for regeneration and planning said: " The section 215 notice gives councils the power to deal with untidy land and dilapidated buildings, by getting owners to improve them. If they don't, they get a fine, but still have to do the work as well.

“The notice was served on Mr Smith by the council’s planning enforcement team on 19 May 2014 and despite several warnings he failed to improve the condition of his front garden. “We take issues of this nature very seriously indeed and will prosecute if residents ignore warnings.” Smith pleaded guilty at court and was fined £150 with £150 costs and a £25 victim surcharge.

Report: Girl talks of dramatic mud rescue

A teenager trapped up to her waist in deep mud on the Kent coast alongside a friend has spoken of their terrifying ordeal. Chloe Bennett and her friend were trapped below cliffs on the Isle of Sheppey. Kent Fire and Rescue interviewed Chloe and we spoke to to Dave Parry from the RNLI and Andy Bridger-Smart from Sheppey Fire Station. Rescue footage from RNLI.

Teenage girls, trapped in mud, were 'very lucky'

Interview with Dave Parry, RNLI. Emergency services have said two teenage girls who got trapped in mud on the Kent coast have been very lucky. The pair - aged 13 and 15 - were stranded at the base of cliffs in Warden Bay on Sheppey with the high tide fast approaching. They were rescued by the RNLI after Kent Fire and Rescue couldn't reach them. They were examined by an ambulance crew, and judged to be 'frightened but unharmed'.


Brighton one of best places to go car-free

Brighton is one of the easiest places to live without a car Credit: PA

Brighton and Hove has been named as one of the five best places to be car-free.

A survey by the Campaign for Better Transport found that the city had a good range of alternatives to using cars.

London, with its extensive public transport network, is considered the least car-dependent location among the 29 English cities and towns surveyed. CBT rated each location on four categories:

  • Accessibility and planning
  • Buses and trains quality and uptake
  • Cycling and walking as alternatives
  • Driving and car use
Swindon's Magic Roundabout Credit: PA

In contrast, Swindon is one of the worst places in the country to be car-dependent

CBT chief executive Stephen Joseph said: "To be good places to live and work, towns and cities need good transport. The most successful places in our research give people a choice in how you get around.

"They have good quality public transport, plan new development thoughtfully and make it easy and safe for people to cycle and walk."

Well done everyone taking part in Oxford's Santa Run

Oxford's streets have been full of Santas this morning to raise money for the city's children's hospice, Helen and Douglas House.

1700 people dressed up to take part in the two mile run.

Girls mud rescue : RNLI pictures

The tide was coming in as the Lifeboat arrived Credit: RNLI

The RNLI has issued photos of the rescue of two teenage girls being rescued from deep mud off the coast of Sheppey.

They want to highlight the dangers of getting caught by the incoming tide.

It's thought the girls, aged 13 and 15, had taken a short cut along the beach at Warden Bay, then got stranded by deep mud and the incoming water.

One of the girls is carried to safety Credit: RNLI

Kent Fire and Rescue Service were already on scene, but were unable to access the girls' location due to the state of the tide, and distance involved.

Therefore, three firefighters wearing drysuits and lifejackets were brought aboard the lifeboat, along with their mud rescue equipment, and landed ashore under the cliffs close to the girls.

They were able to free them from mud, and then carried them to the lifeboat, which took the casualties and firefighters to the nearest point of road access at the end of Imperial Drive, where Sheppey Coastguard officers were on hand to assist.

The lifeboat then returned to station. Other than being slightly cold and frightened, the girls were unharmed.

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