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Search for the best park in the country

On a warm autumn day many of us will head to the local park for a breath of fresh air.

But how does your local park compare with the rest? Could it be the best in the country?

A charity is on the lookout for the UK's favourite local park. Sarah Beecroft reports.

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Huge billboard singles city out for high pollution levels

Billboard's biting message criticises pollution levels

It has been described as one of the most polluted cities in the country - and now Southampton is being shamed into taking more action - by a billboard.

Pollution is responsible for 110 deaths in the city each year. And it's estimated to cost the local NHS an annual 50 million pounds.

Emissions from traffic and Southampton Port. has prompted the Clean Air Initiative to create a new sign to get their message across. Sam Holder reports.

Controversial air pollution billboard hits Southampton

The billboard has a stark message

A controversial billboard which criticises the high levels of pollution in Southampton has been put up on one of the city's roadsides.

Pollution levels have been said to be responsible for one hundred and ten deaths in Southampton every year. The poster was paid for by the Healthy Air Campaign - members want to raise awareness of the threat posed by air pollution. According to NHS figures, pollution costs the city's health service fifty million pounds each year. Andrea Lee from the Healthy Air Campaign told ITV more about their aims.

Families are urged to think about recycling

Nearly all of us would SAY we recycle, but do we actually DO it ? There is still a stubborn percentage that don't get the message.

Statistics from the campaign group 'Recycle Now' reveal, that in the South East, almost 28 per cent of people don't recognise the benefits of recycling. One in 20 people in the South East say they don't recycle anything at all.

Faced with these rather dismal statistics, 'Recycle Now' is pushing the message, and showing that it's good for us, good for the environment, and good for our pockets too.

This week is Recycling Week, and Chloe Keedy has been to meet a family who are finding out more about what can and can't be re-used.


Option for Stonehenge tunnel is revealed

The tunnel will pass within a few hundred metres of Stonehenge Credit: PA

The Government has revealed its preferred option for a tunnel under Stonehenge. The tunnel will run the entire length of the A303 - passing within a few hundred metres of the historic landmark. Campaigners say the 1.8 mile long tunnel isn't long enough and fear it could blight the historic landscape.

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