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Parents take part in walk to help paralysed Jasper

Jasper has a damaged spinal cord Credit: Actionpr

Kate Thornton Jones, from Surrey, is organising a charity walk to help raise funds to cover specialist spinal cord rehabilitation for her four-year-old son Jasper.

The Jasper’s Journey Walk will take place in Reigate at 2pm on Saturday 20 May – Spinal Cord Injury Awareness Day. It will comprise a circular 2.5KM route along paths suitable for baby buggies and wheelchairs.

Jasper was fit and well before contracting Hand, Foot & Mouth disease at a party in November 2015. A rare complication saw this go to his heart and he was admitted to the Royal Brompton Hospital with dilated cardiomyopathy – an enlarged heart.

He was put on life support but, when the doctors brought him round, Jasper couldn’t move his legs: a blood clot had damaged his lower spinal cord and he was paralysed from the waist down.


Wheelchair athlete ready to take on Brighton Marathon

The Brighton marathon is less than two weeks away. Meaning over twelve thousand people are fine-tuning their training this week. That includes David Williamson. He hit the headlines last year - after being told wheelchair users can only take part - if they're accompanied by an able-bodied runner. He's determined to prove organisers should change the rules. And is hoping to fundraise along the way.

David, from Havant, has set up a Just Giving page to raise money for 21 month old Felicity Gooderham, who has three brain conditions as well epilepsy and is visually impaired.

He's hoping to prove to the organisers of Brighton Marathon that wheelchair users can compete unaccompanied. As well as raising money to buy equipment for Felicity.


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