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Thousands of patients 'in limbo' as GP surgery to close

Five thousand patients at a surgery in Kent have been told the centre is to close.

The Folkestone East Family Practice says it's struggling to recruit new GPs and will shut in November. The move has angered patients who say they've been left in limbo.

NHS managers say they're trying to make alternative arrangements for patients.

Sandra Cannadine, patient:


Retired nurse says more social care help is needed

An 82-year-old nurse from Eastbourne says she's glad that social care has become the main issue this week.

Shirley McCall questioned politicians on Thursday at the ITV Party Leaders' debate.

She relies on carers to help her get dressed and to make her meals. But she says so many people - are not given the help they need.

Sarah Saunders' report includes footage of the ITV Party Leaders' debate, including the leader of Ukip, Paul Nuttall; the co-leader of the Green Party, Caroline Lucas; and the leader of the Liberal Democrats, Tim Farron. Along with a speech from the prime minister, Theresa May and leader of the Labour Party, Jeremy Corbyn.

Medway GP's pioneering approach to combat stress

Credit: ITV Meridian

A staggering £800,000 is spent by the NHS every day on anti-depressants.

Almost 16 million working days are lost every year and that's the true cost of stress and mental illness in today's modern Britain.

However, a GP from Medway has come up with a pioneering approach to help her patients.

It's a simple technique that could save millions of pounds on prescription drugs.

Dr Farnaaz Sharief says her approach is all about tackling the problem early on.

As Nashreen Issa reports.

Nashreen spoke to GP Farnaaz Sharief, Saffia Bunger and Amanda Eveson.

For more information on Dr Sharief's workshops, visit Manage Your Mind.


New play 'Shell Shock' to challenge the stigma of PTSD and mental health

Between 2007 and 2015, 450 military personnel were discharged from the British services due to post-traumatic stress.

But, of course, trauma and loss are something we all face, and a new play appearing in this month's Brighton Fringe is hoping to challenge the stigma surrounding mental health.

Andy Dickenson reports and speaks to writer and former soldier Neil Watkins, director Tim Mariott, actor Tom Page and military psychologist Prof Jamie Hughes.

NHS a key issue on the campaign trail

Over the next few weeks, we're taking a look at some of the key issues that could determine the outcome of the election. And we begin with one that at some stage will affect us all: the National Health Service.

Across the region, hospitals are under increasing pressure, struggling to match budgets with the demand on services - and a number are rated by inspectors as either inadequate or needing improvement. Tom Savvides reports, followed by reaction from Political Correspondent Phil Hornby.

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