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Man fights for operation to help him lose weight

A man in Herne Bay is fighting to have an operation he says will change his life. Ian Sandford began to put on weight after an operation to have a rare tumour removed - he went from around 16 stone to 30 stone. Now he wants his local NHS to pay for a procedure to help him trim down, but officials say there's no need for it - Mr Sandford says they have never even seen him. Tony Green has our report.

Kent surgeons find way of treating frozen shoulder

Surgeons at a Kent hospital have found a simple way of treating a common and painful condition to be almost entirely successful.

Frozen shoulder affects three per cent of us during our lifetime. And now surgeons at the Medway Maritime Hospital are doing the largest study into a treatment called hydrodistension that's ever been carried out. Abigail Bracken went to see what it involves. Her report shows scenes of surgery


Mosquito eggs, capable of carrying Zika virus, found in Kent

It is the first discovery of its kind in the UK Credit: ITV

Eggs from a mosquito, which are capable of carrying the Zika virus, have been found in Kent - the first discovery in the UK. Health officials are stressing there is no risk to the public.

It is believed that the eggs were discovered at a service station on the M20.

Properties in Stanford, near Folkestone, received letters saying that a small number of eggs from an Asian Tiger Mosquito have been discovered. Shepway District Council have been spraying gardens in the area.

Public Health England has recommended that we carry out a treatment to eradicate the mosquito, its eggs and larvae as a precaution. There is no risk to your health or that of your family and pets from either the presence or the eradication.

– Shepway District Council

Children go on holiday of a lifetime to Florida

A group of children from the Meridian region who all have serious illnesses or disabilities have been taken on a special holiday to Orlando, Florida.

There are 192 children on the Dreamflight trip. For many, this is their first time away without their parents and they are being looked after by a large team of doctors, nurses and other volunteers.


Mental health charity SANE reacts to independent review detailing trust's failings

The independent review into the failings of an NHS trust

ITV Meridian presenter Sangeeta Bhabra spoke to Marjorie Wallace, the Chief Executive of the mental health charity SANE about her reaction to today's independent review into the Sussex Partnership NHS Foundation Trust. The report accused the trust of failings in the way it handled the cases of ten people who were involved in killings, and who had links to the trust's mental health services.

Our report on the review itself has more details about some of the individual cases, including the criticisms of and the recommendations for the Sussex Partnership NHS Foundation Trust.

The people whose cases were included in the review

'More must be done' NHS trust's failings revealed after review of killings involving mental health patients

The ten people whose cases were examined for an independent review

A damning independent review has criticised the Sussex Partnership NHS Foundation Trust - and revealed that there were severe failings in the cases of ten people.

The review was launched after the conviction of Matthew Daley - who killed pensioner Donald Lock. He had stabbed him 39 times after a minor collision between their cars, near Worthing.

The interviewees in Malcolm Shaw's report are Joseph Goswell, whose father was one of the mental health patients mentioned in the review; and Colm Donaghy, the Chief Executive of the Sussex Partnership NHS Foundation Trust.

Health trust boss apologises for mental health 'failings'

The Sussex Partnership NHS Foundation Trust has been criticised in an independent review published today

The Chief Executive of the NHS health trust which has been criticised for failings in the way it handled the cases of ten people with links to its mental health services, has issued an apology.

Nine of the ten individuals went on to kill other people and in the tenth case - become a victim of murder. An independent review into the cases was published today. Meanwhile, the son of Roger Goswell, one of the patients involved, has also voiced his concerns about mental health care provision at the trust.

“I want to start by saying sorry. The independent review we have published today relates to incidents which had devastating consequences for those affected. I realise this may bring back painful memories for them. I also understand that some, if not all, will feel angry about our services. On behalf of the Trust, I want to extend my sincere apology and condolences.

“We commissioned this review with NHS England because we want to make sure we have done everything we should have in response to these tragic incidents. The review sends us a very strong message about the need to identify and embed the learning from when things go wrong in a way that changes clinical practice and improves patient care. This goes beyond action plans; it’s about organisational culture, values and leadership.”

– Colm Donaghy, Chief Executive of Sussex Partnership
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