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Junior doctors told what to do in case of major emergency

Johann Malawana, chair of Junior Doctors Committee

Junior doctors have been told what to do if a trust declares a major emergency during the strike.

During the last junior doctors' strike, Sandwell Hospital in West Bromwich declared a level 4 incident and told its junior doctors they must attend work.

As you know when we last took industrial action there was some confusion about when trusts could call junior doctors back into work.

In addition to the legal advice we took at that time we now have a joint letter signed by Sir Bruce Keogh of NHS England and the BMA's Mark Porter setting out the protocol should a major unpredictable incident occur.

– Johann Malawana, chair of Junior Doctors Committee

According to the letter, junior doctors can be requested to work if:

  • There is both "exception and sustained deterioration in performance such as to endanger patient safety and cannot be managed through the deployment of the hospital’s senior hospital doctors and the junior doctors providing emergency care".
  • The Trust must make a formal request to NHS England, who will then contact the BMA.
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JK Rowling tweets support for junior doctors' strike

JK Rowling has tweeted support for the junior doctors' strike to her 6.7 million followers.

The best-selling author, who is married to a doctor, tweeted a picture of support along with the caption: "speaking as a doctor's wife".

"We stand together," say junior doctors on strike

Junior doctors in Southampton make their protest Credit: ITV

Junior doctors in the Meridian region have joined the picket lines as they go on strike for 24 hours, forcing the cancellation of thousands of operations. Nationally, thousands of operations, check-ups and tests have been cancelled as a result of the industrial action, which started at 8am.


New form of radiotherapy is trialled

Two of the region's hospitals are trialling a new form of radiotherapy treatment that's less invasive for cancer patients - in an attempt to improve their quality of life.

Doctors at the Oxford University Hospitals Trust and the Royal Surrey County Hospital in Guildford are among 17 places across the country chosen by NHS England to evaluate the procedure's effectiveness.

Medics will still deliver a high dose of radiation but this treatment is said to be more accurate - causing less damage to other areas of the body. Katie Rowlett, has been given an exclusive look at how it works.

Oxford is the UK's fittest city

People in oxford are the fittest in the UK Credit: ITV

Oxford is the fittest city in the UK and the number of people taking part in regular exercise is on the increase, two separate studies have found.

A survey of 2,000 adults found that residents in Oxford do more exercise than those who live in other UK cities.

The research found 74 per cent of those asked worked out at least once a week.

Liverpool was named the second fittest city, with 65 per cent exercising once a week, while Manchester came in third, with 63 per cent.

People in Oxford are now taking part in sport at least once a week.

Breakthrough cancer treatment saving lives

A new cancer treatment which harnesses the power of the body's own immune system is achieving remarkable results. The breakthrough has been made by scientists at the University of Southampton. A £25m centre for cancer immunology is planned at Southampton General Hospital in 2017 - the fund raising boosted by a £4.5m grant from Solent Local Enterprise Partnership. On World Cancer Day Kerry Swain has been talking to the brains behind this possible 'cure' and to the father of a three year old boy who is alive today thanks to their revolutionary new treatment.

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