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What can be done about noise in hospitals?

We all know that hospitals are busy places - operating 24/7 and always full of patients, visitors and staff.

That means they can be quite noisy - so much so, it's sometimes stopping patients from getting much-needed sleep.

Researchers have been looking at ways to quieten things down, focusing on one of the noisiest parts of the hospital - the intensive care unit. Lauren Hall reports.

Hampshire researchers develop new whooping cough vaccine

A new vaccine is being developed Credit: ITV

More than £2 million has been awarded to researchers in Southampton to develop a new whopping cough vaccine.

A vaccine is currently offered to all babies in the UK, but scientists say it does not offer lifelong protection and is much less effective than 15 years ago.

Whooping cough is a highly contagious bacterial infection of the lungs and airways, and is spread through coughs and sneezes of someone with the infection.

It causes repeated coughing that can last for two to three months or more and affects mainly babies under the age of six months.


Addiction expert: 'We must rethink our relationship with alcohol to avoid a health crisis'

Credit: ITV News

A leading addiction expert says we need to rethink our relationship with alcohol in order to avoid a health crisis.

Latest figures show the number of alcohol related deaths here has remained static for a decade.

It comes as a former addict has spoken publicly for the first time about how he almost lost everything because of his drinking.

Dafydd Jones has his story.

Dafydd spoke to Tony Wright, addiction psychiatrist Dr Julia Lewis and chief medical officer Dr Frank Atherton.

Details of some charities and organisations who can offer help if you are suffering from any of the issues raised in Dafydd's report are listed below:

Teddy bear picnic raises vital funds for trauma unit

Credit: The Murray Parish Trust

One of the first in a series of teddy bear picnics has been held to raise money for a new children's emergency trauma department in Southampton.

Actress Sarah Parish and actor husband Jim Murray, who live in Hampshire, are aiming to raise £2 million pounds in match-funding from the government.

They set up the Murray Parish Trust in 2014, in memory of their little girl Ella-Jayne, to make sure the unit has the up-to-date lifesaving equipment it needs. Watch our studio chat with Sarah and Jim about their fundraising efforts here.

For more information, visit their website.

Jim Murray and Sarah Parish, both Founders and Trustees at The Murray Parish Trust.

Nurse struck off medical register after stealing patient's £5,000 Rolex watch

Joseph Miller tried to sell the dead patient's watch Credit: PA

A nurse who stole and tried to sell a dead patient's £5,000 Rolex watch has been struck off the medical register.

Joseph Miller, 40, took the valuable watch from a 68-year-old patient at St Richard's Hospital, in Chichester, in August 2014. He said he must have accidentally put it in his pocket, then panicked when he found it there at home. Eighteen months later, the dad-of-two, from Walberton, West Sussex, retrieved the watch from a shed and tried to sell it to a jeweller. But the timepiece was identified by its unique certificate number and Miller, who had worked for two decades as a nurse, was arrested. He admitted theft at Portsmouth Crown Court on the basis that he had not deliberately taken the watch initially.

Despite getting away with a suspended sentence, Mr Miller has now been hit with an order striking him off the nursing register. A Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC) committee said his dishonesty was incompatible with him continuing as a nurse.

"He has caused emotional distress to the family of Patient A by stealing an item which was of significant sentimental and financial value," the panel said."He has shown a disregard for the likely effect on Patient A's family by maintaining the dishonesty over a prolonged period of time."

1 in 5 living in rural areas suffer with mental health

One in five of us living in rural areas have mental health problems, with the level of support at a worrying low.

That's according to a report by the charity Solent MIND.

The report found that people living in remote areas were particularly affected by issues such as depression and anxiety.

ITV News has partnered up with the Media Trust for an initiative that gives people who wouldn't normally have the chance to work in news, an opportunity to report on a subject close to their heart.

This year's candidate, Rachel Edge, made the below report.

Interviewees are: Nick Viney, Jonathan Jones and Lesley Anthony.


Parents: 'We want to help others in memory of Elliot'

Elliot's parents want his legacy to live on by helping others

The family of a little boy from Oxford who died of leukaemia have launched a new charity in his memory. Elliot Cornfield's parents have launched' Elliot's Shed' - providing free specialist equipment and toys for the parents of children with Down's Syndrome to borrow. The items can be expensive to purchase. Penny Silvester reports.

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