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Tim Peake gears up for space marathon

British astronaut Tim Peake has posted a picture of London from space as he prepares to join marathon runners today from a treadmill in space.

He posted a picture gearing up thousands of runners ready to take on the challenge today.

Peake will be pounding alongside them in a virtual marathon competed on a treadmill in the International Space Station.

3D x-ray introduced in fight against deadly lung disease

Imaging: IPF scan press Credit: University of Southampton

Doctors and scientists at Southampton University have applied advanced 3D X-ray imaging technique for the first time to deadly lung disease.

Originally designed for analysing engineering parts, the technology has been used to image lung tissue samples.

Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis (IPF) is usually diagnosed by a hospital CT scan or by using a microscope to view a lung biopsy sample.

The Southampton team are now studying how this technique can help doctors improve diagnose such diseases more accurately, to make sure every patient gets the correct treatment.


New hope for women with ovarian cancer

It's known as the silent killer - but now pioneering research in Portsmouth could bring hope to women with ovarian cancer.

More than 7,000 cases are diagnosed each year but treatment can often be a case of trial and error.

That's because tumours are so resistant - and so different in each patient. But now scientists are working on changing all that - as Christine Alsford reports.

Interviewees: Dawn Baxter, patient; Dr Sharon Glaysher, Portsmouth Hospitals NHS Trust.


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