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Mum with terminal cancer fundraising for treatment

A young mother-of-two who has cervical cancer is trying to raise at least £60,000 for medical treatment which she says could prolong her life.

Samantha Beaven, 28, from Sussex has already given up her home, sold her car and some of her children's toys to pay for pioneering cancer treatment in Mexico. The cancer has spread to her lungs and brain. She says that all she can do is hope for the best.


Testicular cancer awareness campaign

Catch it early - and there's a great chance you'll beat it. But sadly many men are still reluctant to talk about cancer. And that can cost them their lives.

Conditions like testicular cancer have an excellent survival rate - if they're dealt with quickly. So an awareness campaign is running this week - to get us ALL talking about it. Andrew Pate reports.

More information about testicular cancer.

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Paramedic talks of his time in Ebola treatment centre

He's been a frontline paramedic for thirty five years. But now Chris Williams from Sussex has used his medical training to help Ebola patients in West Africa. Chris has just returned home after spending six weeks at an Ebola treatment centre in Sierra Leone. He was part of a group of British volunteers deployed to the region. Tom Savvides talks to Chris Williams and Dr Ben Neuman at the University of Reading.

Men United spread health message in pubs

We are often told how important it is to discuss health concerns with a doctor, and now a national cancer charity is encouraging men to do the same with their friends.

Today Prostate Cancer UK begins a new campaign, Keeping Friendships Alive. It wants men to see more of their friends, and talk about their health together.

To spread the message, it's opening a number of pop up pubs. Lauren Hall reports:


£10m surgical unit to open at Royal Berkshire Hospital

A new £10m surgical facility and ward is to open at the Royal Berkshire Hospital.

Nearly 3,000 operations and procedures will be carried out in the suite Credit: PA

The Redlands Elective Orthopaedic Unit is a state-of-the-art, self-contained facility for patients.

It comprises of four operating theatres, a six-bedded recovery ward and a 30-bed elective orthopaedic ward.

Patients will be transported directly from the theatre suite to the ward by a dedicated lift.

Around 2,800 operations and procedures a year will be carried out in the new unit - mainly hip and knee replacements, hip arthroscopies, spinal surgery and shoulder surgery.

Case of Hepatitis A reported in Portsmouth

Public Health England is investigating a single case of Hepatitis A in Portsmouth.

People connected to the case will receive a vaccination Credit: PA

The Wessex PHE Centre has recommended that close contacts of the case, including household, children and staff attending the same class group as the case should receive Hepatitis A vaccination to prevent further spread of this infection.

This viral infection which is very uncommon in England is often associated with foreign travel. It can cause a range of illness from mild, non-specific nausea and vomiting through to hepatitis (liver inflammation, jaundice, or icterus) and rarely, liver failure.

The illness in young children may often be very mild or they may not show any symptoms at all but can pass the infection to others.

We are working closely with colleagues in the local NHS and Portsmouth City Council Environmental Health and Public Health departments to manage the low risk of spread of this illness.

We have reviewed the risk posed by this infection and have recommended the vaccination of all children and staff in a specific class as a precautionary measure.

No other children, staff or visitors to the schools will be offered the vaccine at this time as the risk of exposure to them is very low. However, we are closely monitoring the situation and will continue to review the need to extend vaccination.

– Dr Anand Fernandes, Consultant in Health Protection at PHE Wessex

Planned ambulance strike action cancelled

Strike action will no longer go ahead tomorrow

South Central Ambulance Service NHS Foundation Trust has announced that planned strike action by its staff will no longer go ahead.

The Trust says it was notified by Unison, Unite and GMB of their intention to strike on Thursday 29 January, but that following talks between unions and the government, the action has been suspended.

We welcome the suspension which means we can concentrate on business as usual.

We recognise the right of our employees to strike and in light of this action we had been continuing to work closely with all our staff, partners and the public to help us reduce demand on our services and help us to continue to protect our patients and achieve an adequate and safe level of 999, 111 and PTS cover.

– South Central Ambulance Service NHS Foundation Trust
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