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New research to combat 'devastating illnesses' in Dementia Awareness Week

One in 14 people over 65 - and one in six over 80 - have dementia, but new research in our region is hoping to combat these devastating illnesses.

Some of this work is being done at the University of Sussex where a build-up of proteins on the brain is being studied. And in this Dementia Awareness Week members of the public have been invited to see their work close up.

Andy Dickenson reports. He speaks to Andy and Janet Gumbrill, Dr Karen Marshall and Prof Louise Serpell.


Defiant governors break ranks with leadership at Southern Health

There's been more trouble at under fire Southern Health Trust, as the rift between senior staff grows wider.

Rebel governors went ahead with a meeting critical of the leadership , despite it being cancelled by the Trust management.

It was originally convened to propose a vote of no confidence in Chief Executive Katrina Percy, but instead a small group of governors took questions from the public.

Just three of the 18 governors attended, after the interim chairman Tim Smith called for the meeting to be delayed. Mr Smith said it was because any decision could be open to legal challenge.

The Trust - which covers Hampshire and Dorset - has been criticised for failing to properly investigate the unexpected deaths of around 1,000 people since 2011.

Watch Richard Slee's report below:

Richard spoke to Peter Bell (Governor) and Tim Smart (Chairman) from Southern Health Trust


Cody the Raccoon eases Kasey's anxiety

A woman who suffers from anxiety has found a cure - an unusual pet.

Kasey Valentine was diagnosed with a rare connective tissue disorder which caused her to become a virtual recluse.

But after she took on a North American Raccoon called Cody she says his companionship gave her the confidence to live a normal life

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