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Hampshire firefighters help create mobile field hospital

The new mobile field hospital during an exercise

Hampshire Fire and Rescue Service has helped to design Britain's first mobile field hospital.

The tent-based facility would be used in disaster zones. It can be transformed into a medical centre with 40 beds for up to 90 days. The UK has become the sixth country to have a mobile field hospital.

According to Robin Bates from Urban Search & Rescue (USAR) who was the project section leader in charge of accommodation and logistics, the facility is impressive.

The hospital is most likely to be used in disaster zones or at severe flooding incidents

"The work that has gone into this is incredible. To be able to go to a disaster zone and immediately put up such a vital lifeline will make a huge difference to those in need.

"As well as treating the injured, this hospital will be able to help prevent minor injuries becoming major with a team of highly trained trauma doctors and nurses.

"This facility will save lives without a doubt and improve life for people who have lost everything in countries where the infrastructure has been completely wiped out."

– Urban Search & Rescue (USAR) crew manager Robin Bates


More than 3,000 children hospitalised for self-harm

Mental health care provision for young people is under the spotlight

According to recent figures, more than 3,000 children in the south east were hospitalised for self-harming themselves last year.

The total number of children treated in England and Wales in that same time period was 19,000.

Common pressures on teenagers include - bullying, pressures at school, and emotional abuse - all issues which can require professional help.

Julie Harrison's report contain details of the troubles that some young people have experienced - that you may find upsetting.

The interviewees are Aimee Wilson, Dr Paul McArdle, a Consultant Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist; and Zoe Gilder, from the Child & Adolescent Mental Health Service.

If you have been affected by any of the issues in the report or would like some advice. You can contact the following organisations:

ChildLine, the NSPCC, the Samaritans, and Mind the mental health charity.


Woman jailed after refusing to move brother from care home

A devoted sister - jailed for refusing to allow social services to take control of the care of her brother, a victim of dementia - today spoke of her astonishing ordeal.

Teresa Kirk, who's 71 and from Saltdean near Brighton, was ordered by the controversial Court of Protection to move her brother from a care home in Portugal - which he loved - to a care home in England which she says he would have hated.

As John Ryall now reports, when she refused to co-operate, she was handed a six-month prison sentence.

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