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Mothers share their sad and moving stories

All this week we are focusing on mental health - raising awareness and exploring what more needs to be done. The mothers of two young women who took their own lives when suffering from mental illness are sharing their incredibly sad and moving stories.

Jax Missen and Mandy Park want to help prevent others from experiencing the kind of loss they are living with. They're encouraging parents to be vigilant and calling for more help for struggling teenagers.

Hannah Groves who was a former student of the University of Kent killed herself aged just 20. Brittany Missen was just 19. Christine Alsford reports.

Interview with Professor Cathy Creswell, Professor of Developmental Clinical Psychology at the University of Reading.


A generation on the edge - the scourge of social media

Today, the charity, the Mental Health Foundation, said - in a survey of 2,000 people - two in three adults have experienced severe panic attacks or depression.

Eighty per cent of young people have said exam pressure has affected their mental health.

In fact, three children in every classroom has a diagnosed mental health problem - and rates of depression and anxiety are rising - with every year.

Social media is also putting more pressure - on our young people. Mel Bloor has this special report - with one Reading charity.


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