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Family's plea for treatment to be made available on the NHS - that could have saved young father's life

National charity Anthony Nolan is calling on the Government to intervene on behalf of cancer patients they say have been 'abandoned' by the NHS.

They're asking Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt to overturn a decision stopping the health service from funding stem cell treatments if a previous transfusion has failed.

The procedure costs between £50,000 and £120,000 - yet without it one young family from Sussex say they have lost a father and a husband.

Andy Dickenson reports and speaks to Lisa Hepburn.

AWE staff in 24 hour strike over pension changes

Workers have been carrying out industrial action over pension changes

Up to 600 workers at the Atomic Weapons Establishment (AWE) in Berkshire are on strike today in a continuing dispute over changes to their pensions.

Members of the Unite union from the sites at Aldermaston and Burghfield will join colleagues from across the country protesting at the Ministry of Defence in Whitehall. They say they stand to lose thousands of pounds in retirement income.

The firm's defined benefit pension scheme was closed on 31 January 2017.

"Our committed members feel betrayed and badly let down by what has happened to their pensions and they don't deserve to lose thousands of pounds when they retire.

"There is a solution that could resolve this dispute and that is to allow the AWE workforce to join the principal civil service pension scheme.

"Our members want to have a constructive dialogue with Michael Fallon, but they have met with a brick wall which is insulting to such a dedicated workforce delivering the government's flagship Trident nuclear programme.

"So on Tuesday, our members will be knocking on the proverbial front door at the MoD as they seek to secure a decent retirement income that they were promised by a Tory government a quarter of a century ago."

– Jennie Formby, Unite regional secretary for the south east


More 'affordable' homes needed as well as council homes

Councils are being encouraged to build more social housing to meet that ever-rising demand. But the numbers of new homes remain stubbornly small.

Meanwhile in the general housing market there are complaints of high rents, a housing shortage, and a lack of land to build on - so many people are struggling to find anywhere to rent - let alone to buy.

Across the south east, fewer than fifteen hundred council houses were built in Kent as a whole. East Sussex and Brighton managed less than three hundred. Medway Council built almost 200. Maidstone under 200. Hastings just 19. And Lewes just 12.

Despite those dismal numbers, the Housing Minister was in the Medway Towns this afternoon. He told our reporter Tom Savvides that extra funding is being made available to build more affordable homes.


"High cost of living is making us poorer", claims man who overcame debt

The benefit cap is lowering the amount some families can claim

One man who has was riddled with debt but came out the other side is hoping to help others who feel like they are suffocated by money problems.

Pete Moss says he has always worked but found, due to the high cost of living, the bills kept stacking up.

Watch our report on his story below:

Rise in number of people suffering from debt in the south

There's a rise in the number of people in the ITV News Meridian region who are struggling with debt.

Charities say they are helping an increasing number of families or individuals who're desperate for help.

Despite this, the benefit cap is lowering the amount of payments some families can claim by £6,000 a year.

Universal credit, the monthly living allowance, can initially take more than a week to process although advances are available.

And an assessment to receive Personal Independence Payment - or PIP - is replacing the previous test for disability living allowance.

ITV News spoke to Beth Farhat from the Trade Union Congress (TUC),

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