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Woman jailed for string of purse thefts across county

Hristova was jailed for 20 months Credit: Dorset Police

A woman has been jailed for committing a string of purse thefts across Dorset

Ivalina Hristova, 34, of St Michael's Road in Bournemouth, pleaded guilty to 14 counts of theft and one count of fraud by false representation. She was handed a 20-month prison sentence.

The court heard that Hristova targeted elderly female shoppers in the High Street and Ashley Road in Poole as well as the Dolphin Shopping Centre.

She also preyed on her victims in stores along Wimborne Road in Bournemouth, in the Sovereign Centre in Bournemouth, Dalkeith Arcade in Bournemouth and several other locations.

A number of the thefts were captured on CCTV in various stores. On one occasion where the victim's PIN was with her bank card, Hristova fraudulently obtained money from a cash machine.

After Hristova was identified as a suspect, efforts were made by police to arrest her. She was eventually arrested at Stansted Airport on Thursday 9 February 2017 after returning to the UK from Bulgaria and taken to Bournemouth police station to be interviewed.

Hristova engaged in a campaign of purse thefts across the county, systematically targeting elderly women with cold, brutal efficiency and showed no remorse for her actions.

She would pretend to browse for goods, bump into her victim and simultaneously take her purse or bag. Hristova would then often remove the cash and dump the purse or handbag nearby.

– Deputy Neighbourhood Inspector Steve Houston

Large increases in cost of parking

Thousands of drivers in the region are facing big rises in the cost of parking. In Basingstoke motorists are seeing increases of up to a third.

That means the cost of parking all day in one of the town's council run car parks goes up from £8.40 to £11. The council says parking still offers good value for money.

Charges have also been put up in Surrey - and in car parks run by Oxford City Council. Our Transport Correspondent Mike Pearse reports.


Parking charges in Basingstoke go up by a third

Credit: ITV

}If you're parking in Basingstoke, expect to see a hike in prices. The council have increased charges by a third - it's one of the biggest ever rises in the country. It means parking for a day has risen to £11. Last week it was revealed that the local authority is one of the most lenient with parking fines. The new move has left many drivers wondering why they don't get tougher with those who break the rules, rather than increasing prices.

Schools rely on parents to pay for basic equipment

Growing numbers of primary and secondary schools are relying on parents to pay for basic equipment their children need for school.

Despite being told that record amounts of money is being spent on children's schooling by the Government.

As budgets become increasingly tight, schools are reluctantly asking mums and dads for cash.

Our Social Affairs Correspondent Christine Alsford reports.

Christine spoke to Headteacher Pat Kerton, Steve Gray from the Parent Teacher Association and Emma Knights, the CEO National Governors' Association.


VIDEO REPORT: major improvements promised

South West Trains will be taken over by its rival operator First Group later this year.

It is the second largest franchise in the country with 650,000 passengers using it every day.

Chinese company MTR will provide a £1.2 billion pound investment to the franchise.

750 new carriages and faster journey times are promised.

It's hoped this means good news for passengers.

Our Transport Correspondent Mike Pearse reports.

Credit: PA

Mike spoke to Steve Montgomery from First Group, the Transport Secretary Chris Grayling and Anthony Smith from Transport Focus.

Flybe fined for sending millions of unwanted emails

Credit: Flybe/PA

Airline Flybe has been fined £70,000 for sending millions of marketing emails to people who did not wish to receive them.

An investigation by the Information Commissioner's Office (ICO) found 3.3 million unwanted emails were sent.

The airline, which has a large base at Southampton Airport, sent the emails in August last year.

The email advised people to amend any out of date information and update their marketing preferences.

It also offered recipients to be entered into a prize draw if they updated their preferences.

The ICO warned UK firms to respect customers' data wishes.

Sending emails to determine whether people want to receive marketing without the right consent, is still marketing and it is against the law.”

“The company deliberately contacted people who had already opted out of emails from them.”

“Businesses must understand they can’t break one law to get ready for another.”

– Steve Eckersley, Head of Enforcement, ICO
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