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Sign of the times - Churchill, Kipling and Picasso amongst the stars in extraordinary autograph auction

An extraordinary collection of autographs and signatures from some of the most iconic figures in history will go on sale tomorrow in Sussex.

In total more than a thousand hand written scrawls from Prime Ministers, Kings, Queens, military and literary heroes will be auctioned.

Between them they cover four centuries - but the collection itself came as a complete surprise, as Andy Dickenson discovered when he spoke to auctioneer Paul Campbell.


Charity and bakery lead charge to tackle £13billion 'food waste mountain'

An incredible £13 billion of edible food is being thrown away every year.

That's the staggering claim experts made after it was revealed our efforts to tackle food waste have stalled.

But a number of projects in Brighton are hoping to buck that trend. Andy Dickenson reports and speaks to Beth Parry of Fare Share, and Kitty Newbury from the Angel Food Bakery.

Painkillers no longer free for some NHS patients

The painkillers cost £45 when prescribed on the NHS Credit: PA

Paracetamol and Ibuprofen will no longer be free to some patients in Brighton and Hove.

It is part of plans to save the local NHS service half a million pounds.

The proposals will stop the funding of Paracetamol and Ibuprofen prescriptions for short-term minor ailments.

The Brighton and Hove Clinical Commissioning Group says the money could instead fund 16 community nurses, 26 breast cancer treatments, 108 more hip replacements or 400 more treatments for Alzheimer's.

The group is the first in Sussex to introduce this measure and is looking to extend it to other medications later in the year.

Over 100,000 prescriptions for the painkillers were issued last year in Brighton and Hove for conditions such as headaches, sprains, and period pains.

The painkillers are four times more expensive, costing over £45, when prescribed on the NHS compared to under £1 in pharmacies and supermarkets.


Warnings over scams at bank cash machines

Devices were placed inside the machines Credit: ITV

Police are reminding people to take extra care when using cash machines to avoid becoming victims of fraud.

Police in Dartford received a report that two suspicious devices had been placed inside ATMs in Hythe Street on 29 December.

The devices are commonly known as ‘Lebanese loops’, which are strips of metal or plastic that block the card slot and give a victim the impression that their card has been swallowed by the machine.

Once they have left, the fraudster can return to remove the device and steal the card.

Rail fare rises on way - but Southern passengers to get a refund

Rail commuters in the south face fare rises of nearly 2% from next week, costing them, on average around £100 extra a year.

However, commuters who have experienced months of delays will get refunds. Southern Rail passengers will get a refund of a month's fare to compensate for the chaos caused by strike action.

And Great Western Railway season ticket holders will get a 5% discount because of late trains.

Passenger watchdogs say all they want are trains to run on time. Our Transport Correspondent Mike Pearse reports:

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