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Anger that one in four homes at Brighton Marina sold to second-home owners and overseas buyers

There's been anger in Brighton after it was revealed around a quarter of new homes in its Marina development have been sold to second-home owners and overseas buyers.

The city now has the third highest levels of homelessness in the country, and campaigners say the development is doing nothing to solve Brighton's housing crisis - with residents priced out.

Andy Dickenson reports and speaks to Living Rent campaigner David Gibson, Andrew Goodall of Brunswick Developments, and Cllr Anne Meadows of Brighton and Hove City Council.


Scouts may lose holiday due to 'Brexit' pound value

Two scout groups who were due to go away next week say the have felt the negative effects of Brexit.

The 2nd Newbury and Wash Common groups found themselves £1500 short for their trip to Norway, due to the sudden downturn in the value of the pound. It means they're desperately fund-raising to make up the difference.

Our reporter, Cary Johnston, spoke to Scout Leader, Lara Desroche who is "saddened" by the situation.

Dad becomes superhero to help son, 8, tackle condition

Cycle challenge through a Hampshire park

Dozens of boys from our region who have a muscle-wasting medical condition called Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy are continuing to campaign for access to a drug which could help to keep them out of a wheelchair.

NICE, the national body which chooses what medication will be available on the NHS, made an agreement to fund the drug Translarna on the NHS back in April, following 18 months of campaigning by boys with Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy and their families. However the drug is not yet available.

One Hampshire father, James Curtis - whose 8-year-old son Jagger has Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy, is cycling to Paris this week to raise money for an electric wheelchair to make his son's life easier. Kerry Swain has our report.

Jagger and other boys with Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy visit Downing Street

To find out more about the Peckham to Paris fundraising bike challenge click here.

Muscular Dystrophy UK has said that research into the condition has reached a critical stage. By 2018 the charity Duchenne Research Breakthrough Fund says it will have invested more than £4 million into studying the condition thanks to individual donations, family fundraising activities, trusts and corporate support.


Commuters protest in Brighton as new rail strikes announced

Credit: Andy Dickenson
Credit: Andy Dickenson

A demonstration has been held at Brighton railway station by passengers calling for an end to ongoing disruption.

Southern wants to increase the number of driver only-operated services but the RMT union claim safety and jobs would be at risk. Southern say jobs and safety are not at issue.

A new strike has now been announced for Tuesday next week after talks broke down at ACAS.

Warning over fake Scottish £20 notes

These Scottish £20 notes were discovered in Hampshire Credit: ITV

Kent Police are warning the public in East Kent to beware that fake Scottish £20 notes are circulating in the area. It follows similar incidents in Hampshire.

Officers are investigating a number of reports that people are using them in Canterbury, Dover and New Romney.

Fake notes can be hard to spot and people are advised to check the feel of the paper, the raised print, metallic thread and watermark.

Retailers should also continue to use UV detector lights where available.

Investigating officer Police Constable Ben Crook said: “It is a criminal offence to hold on to or pass on counterfeit notes. Shopkeepers should not allow the note to go back into circulation and need to retain the note and follow the advice the Bank of England.

“We know of one particular batch that have all had the same serial number of 841128. We would urge everyone to be vigilant and check notes.”

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