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Dream trip on Belmond British Pullman - all in the name of charity

Sick babies, abandoned dogs or the elderly? If you give money to charity, how do you decide which one gets to benefit from your hard earned cash? More and more charitable organisations are depending on our generosity to keep them going. But persuading us to donate is getting tougher. Now they're having to come up with even more novel ideas and schemes to attract our attention. This weekend, one Kent charity even hired a very famous train to raise money. Andrea Thomas reports. She spoke to Anne-Marie Kelly from the Heart of Kent Hospice, Jan Perfect from Community Action South East and Graham Carpenter, Chief Executive of Dandelion Time.


  1. David Johns (@davidjohns_itv)

School holiday policy under fire

Would you risk your child being expelled from school to save money on your summer holiday? That's the threat parents at one school face if they take their children away during term.

The headteacher of Fleetdown primary in Dartford told us fining parents sixty pounds was no deterrent at all. Instead Angela Konarzewski says she's ready to expel children if they take a break when they should be at school.

Many parents have reacted angrily saying they can't afford to go away in school holidays.

David Johns reports, speaking to the headteacher and parents outside the school.

House prices in Oxford rise by more than £41,000

House prices in Oxford have rocketted by more than £41,000 in the last year - around £4000 more than the rise in London.

The is figure is also four times higher than price rises in the rest of the UK.

It makes the average cost of a house in the city £380,000.

It is pricing out people who want to live and work in the city, such as scientists and academics.

Watch Rachel Hepworth's report:

Payments 'missing' from bank accounts

Money is 'missing' from accounts Credit: ITV

Thousands of NatWest and RBS customers in our region have been told that some payments are 'missing' from accounts.

Tax credits and salaries have not appeared as they should, according to complaints from angry customers on social media - with many now worried they will face late payment fees or charges for bills which should have been paid.

We are going along to local banks to chat to customers this morning,


Doll's house is the most expensive ever to be sold at auction

A doll's house has made history by becoming the most expensive ever sold at auction.

Daniel Agnew, Toy & Doll Specialist at Special Auction Services, said the cupboard doll's house attracted bidders on the telephone as well as in the saleroom. He was delighted that the item had achieved such a significant price and was sold to a UK Collector.

The Victorian doll's house went under the hammer in Newbury for £17,700 - more than double its estimated price. Kate Bunkall previewed the auction.

Lottery cash for Dorset farms project

The project down on the farm Credit: Future Roots

Men experiencing dementia, chronic illness or loneliness will soon be offered a different opportunity to a traditional day centre.

Future Roots, a local community organisation that runs farms near Sherborne and Dorchester, has been awarded £290,814 by the Big Lottery Fund to expand a project that uses the best that farm life can offer.

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What is a 'reasonable' excuse for a late tax return?

HM Revenue and Customs has reportedly waived a £100 fine for people who have a "reasonable" excuse for filing their tax returns late.

Its website states that a reasonable excuse for missing the deadline is "normally something unexpected or outside your control that stopped you meeting a tax obligation" and includes:

  • The recent death of a partner
  • An unexpected stay in hospital
  • Computer failures
  • Service issues with the tax authority's online services
  • A fire which prevented the completion of a tax return
  • Postal delays
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