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House prices in Oxford rise by more than £41,000

House prices in Oxford have rocketted by more than £41,000 in the last year - around £4000 more than the rise in London.

The is figure is also four times higher than price rises in the rest of the UK.

It makes the average cost of a house in the city £380,000.

It is pricing out people who want to live and work in the city, such as scientists and academics.

Watch Rachel Hepworth's report:


Payments 'missing' from bank accounts

Money is 'missing' from accounts Credit: ITV

Thousands of NatWest and RBS customers in our region have been told that some payments are 'missing' from accounts.

Tax credits and salaries have not appeared as they should, according to complaints from angry customers on social media - with many now worried they will face late payment fees or charges for bills which should have been paid.

We are going along to local banks to chat to customers this morning,

Doll's house is the most expensive ever to be sold at auction

A doll's house has made history by becoming the most expensive ever sold at auction.

Daniel Agnew, Toy & Doll Specialist at Special Auction Services, said the cupboard doll's house attracted bidders on the telephone as well as in the saleroom. He was delighted that the item had achieved such a significant price and was sold to a UK Collector.

The Victorian doll's house went under the hammer in Newbury for £17,700 - more than double its estimated price. Kate Bunkall previewed the auction.

Lottery cash for Dorset farms project

The project down on the farm Credit: Future Roots

Men experiencing dementia, chronic illness or loneliness will soon be offered a different opportunity to a traditional day centre.

Future Roots, a local community organisation that runs farms near Sherborne and Dorchester, has been awarded £290,814 by the Big Lottery Fund to expand a project that uses the best that farm life can offer.


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What is a 'reasonable' excuse for a late tax return?

HM Revenue and Customs has reportedly waived a £100 fine for people who have a "reasonable" excuse for filing their tax returns late.

Its website states that a reasonable excuse for missing the deadline is "normally something unexpected or outside your control that stopped you meeting a tax obligation" and includes:

  • The recent death of a partner
  • An unexpected stay in hospital
  • Computer failures
  • Service issues with the tax authority's online services
  • A fire which prevented the completion of a tax return
  • Postal delays

Fewer children are getting their weekly pocket money

The number of children who receive weekly pocket money appears to be on a declining trend in the South, research suggests.

While more than three-quarters (78%) of eight to 15-year-olds who took part in Halifax's annual pocket money survey still get a weekly payout, this proportion has fallen from 82% who did so when the survey was carried out in 2014.

Fewer children are getting pocket money Credit: ITV News

Despite the improving economy, children are getting 15p a week less on average for their piggy banks than they were a year ago.

Halifax found that the typical weekly payout a child receives now amounts to £6.20, compared with £6.35 in 2014 and £6.50 in 2013.

Continuing a trend seen previously in the survey, boys tend to fare better than girls when it comes to the amount of money received, the research suggests.

Boys said they get £6.25 a week on average, while girls receive £6.14.

Seven in 10 children surveyed save at least some of their pocket money and one in 10 save all of it. Two-thirds (67%) of girls are putting money away in savings, compared with nearly three-quarters (73%) of boys.

Some 1,200 children between eight and 15 years old took part in the survey. Here are the average amounts of pocket money children receive each week from their parents or guardians, followed by the percentage change compared with 2014:

:: London, £7.65, minus 7.5%.

:: South East, £6.16, minus 4.5%.

:: South West, £5.60, 4.8%.

Ousted MP Stephen Lloyd says he can't accept money from supporters to pay his mortgage

Supporters of former MP Stephen Lloyd have offered to pay off his mortgage to keep him in the running for the next general election.

The Lib Dem was defeated by the Tories in last week's battle for Eastbourne and says he now needs to find a job to keep his home. He's declined the money, saying it would be better to donate it to the local hospital campaign.

Stephen Lloyd, ex MP, who says he's got a massive mortgage Credit: PA Images

Protect yourself - telephone scams cost Dorset £1m

Dorset Police are tackling fraud including telephone scams

A day of action is being help in Dorset to fight fraud. The Dorset Police force wants to highlight the number of scams currently operating in the county.

Telephone fraud alone cost Dorset more than a million pounds in just over one year.

The following workshops are being held today to advise people about how to protect themselves against fraudsters:

Dorford Centre, Dorchester - between 9.30am and 11.30am

United Reform Church, Dorchester - between 2pm and 4pm

Christchurch Day Centre, Highcliffe - between 9.30am and 11am

"This is a great opportunity for local residents to learn about a number of scams currently operating in the county. It will hopefully encourage people to take sensible, yet simple measures to help themselves avoid becoming victims of such crimes.

"Telephone fraud has cost the county over one million pounds in just over one year, so we're hoping that people will remember that the police and banks will NEVER ask anyone for their account number of PIN details over the phone.

"People can go away from the event armed with knowledge which they can pass on to their relatives, friends and neighbours and help prevent them from becoming victims of fraud too."

– Steve Marsh, Safer Neighbourhood Team Inspector

Dorset Police issued the following guidelines to help people avoid becoming the victims of scams:

  • NEVER give your PIN or bank details out over the phone
  • NEVER withdraw cash and send it anywhere via a courier or taxi
  • NEVER send bank cards anywhere via a courier or taxi
  • NEITHER the police nor your bank will ever ask for you to do any of the above.
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