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Plans to boost commerce in Dorset

Ian Girling, DCCI's Chief Executive and Dorchester president Steve Bulley Credit: DCCI

Moves to create a pan-Dorset network of chambers of commerce to fight the county's corner have been boosted by a new member.

Dorset Chamber of Commerce and Industry (DCCI) has been leading the drive to unite business groups to give them a stronger voice locally, regionally and nationally.

Now DCCI has welcomed Dorchester Chamber of Commerce as the third town chamber to become affiliated - following hot on the heels of Broadstone and Weymouth and Portland.

The partnership aim to bring together business groups in the area to give them a stronger voice locally, regionally and nationally.

The network of chambers can be far stronger and far more cohesive than it has been. DCCI has the opportunity and the responsibility to start to bring chambers together for the whole of the county.

– DCCI chief executive Ian Girling

Woman finds dead lizard on jacket she bought in Asda

A dead gecko was found squashed into this coat Credit: Paula Dunican

A woman from Canterbury was horrified to find a very dead, very squashed gecko inside a jacket she bought at Asda.

The £25 garment had a "seeping stain" in the lining which Paula Dunican discovered in the lining when she got it home.

The stain turned out to be the decaying body of the unfortunate animal.

Geckos are a type of lizard, usually found in warm climates.

Asda has offered Mrs Dunican a refund and a £40 voucher. They told ITV Meridian: “We’d like to apologise again to Mrs Dunican for any upset caused, and reassure her this was an isolated incident.”


  1. David Johns (@davidjohns_itv)

Bright future for solar investment?

The owners of a solar farm in Kent are offering local people the chance to invest in the scheme. It's an attempt to win round sceptics in Paddock Wood who might otherwise not be so keen on the idea of thousands of solar panels in a nearby field. But some in the area are still unconvinced including the town council.

David Johns reports, speaking to Solar Project Manager Mike Rogers, and Paddock Wood Town Councillor Sarah Hamilton.

David Cameron talks pension plans at village BBQ

David Cameron has been enjoying a barbecue in Dorset today - but he wasn't relaxing from the campaign trail.

He met constituents at Lytchett Matravers where topics on conversation included the new pension plans which came into force today. The tories are targetting the Mid Dorset and North Poole seat, currently held by the Liberal Democrats with a majority of just 269 votes.

Sinkhole puts Northfleet businesses under threat

Shopkeepers at a precinct in Kent are worried they'll go out of business, because people don't realise they're open. Six shops on one side of Lawrence Square in Northfleet had to close when a sinkhole caused their building to subside. But the traders on the other side of the square are still up and running. Andrea Thomas spoke to cake shop owner Christine McGrath.


Cashless parking - Brighton and Hove to scrap half the city's ticket machines

Drivers in Brighton and Hove are being urged to use their mobile phones to pay for parking. The city council is removing half of all ticket machines to save money. But some motorists fear the change will make parking more difficult for those without mobiles. Malcolm Shaw spoke to Jason Kitcat, the Green leader of Brighton & Hove City Council, and Steve Percy of People's Parking Protest.

  1. David Johns (@davidjohns_itv)

Petrol prices: what's the outlook?

Like the stuff itself, petrol and diesel prices are volatile. And whether you drive or not, your life is affected by them. When the cost of a litre started to skyrocket some years ago, freight organisations and drivers groups said it couldn't go on.

Well it hasn't - and much to many people's surprise, petrol's almost below a pound a litre - and according to the boss of Shell, prices will stay low for months. But what does this mean for companies, and consumers, around the south-east? David Johns has been finding out.

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