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Fred and Sangeeta ask: have you got a valuable £10 note?

Have you already got your hands on one of these? A shiny new £10 note. It's made of polymer plastic - just like the £5 note - which means it should be more waterproof, heat resistant and harder to tear. But some of the notes could be worth a lot more than a tenner!

1 in 10 have fallen victim to cyber-criminals

Cybercrime is rarely out of the headlines these days - with universities the latest to be revealed as targets for cyber attack with hackers trying to steal sensitive research information. Cybercrime takes many forms - it's any criminal activity involving computers or the internet. In the first of a series of reports about the problem, Kevin Ashford has been finding out how the criminals operate - and the people they target.


Should graffiti be banned? Taggers 'out of control' in Brighton

Some call it street art others call it mindless vandalism. Graffiti has always divided opinion. But businesses in Brighton and Hove say it's a blight on their city and is getting out of control.

Banks, hotels, public buildings and train stations have been targeted by so-called 'taggers'. This week, a hotel on Brighton seafront has been targeted for the third time this year.

Businesses say graffiti is costing them thousands to clean up - and more must be done to stop a recent rise.

Andy Dickenson reports and speaks to Andy Winter from the Brighton Housing Trust, Cllr Gill Mitchell and artist Daniel Doherty.

Fake lawyer tricked woman out of life savings

A man who pretended to be a lawyer and tricked a woman with terminal cancer out of her life savings has been jailed for eight years.

Sandra Burch from Salisbury gave Michael Cremin more than £92,000 pounds - for what she thought was a property investment.

She told us she felt robbed not just of her money, but of her chances in life. Caron Bell reports.

Final day for residents to comment on county's future

Credit: ITV Meridian

It is the final day for Hampshire residents to have their say on how budget cuts will affect the county's future.

The authority is expecting to face a £140 million gap in its budget due to national austerity measures.

The public can comment on potential changes to services, ways to generate income and increases to council tax.

The county has already seen a £340 million cut in spending over the last nine years.

Credit: ITV Meridian


AA says councils should scrap pay by phone parking

Credit: ITV Meridian

A new report from the AA says councils should scrap mandatory pay by phone parking as they are deeply unpopular, with two thirds of drivers refusing to use them.

The cashless parking machines accept payment by drivers calling or texting an automated service.

More and more towns in our region have adopted the technology.

As Andy Dickenson reports.

Andy spoke to Jack Cousens from the AA and Cllr Gill Mitchell Brighton and Hove City Council, Lab.

Maternity services at Horton will be downgraded

  • Watch the video report below by Charlotte Cross
Protests have been held against the changes Credit: ITV Meridian

The maternity unit at Horton General Hospital in Banbury is set to be downgraded following a vote today by Oxfordshire Clinical Commissioning Group.

Campaigners have been fighting proposed changes with a number of protests held.

In October, the facility became midwife-led due to problems recruiting doctors.

The decision will see the vast majority of expectant mothers travelling 20 miles down the road to the John Radcliffe Hospital in Oxford.

Shoppers warned to be on alert for thieves

Customers are being watched as they enter PIN numbers Credit: ITV

Supermarket shoppers in Sussex are being reminded to be on alert for thieves.

It a recent spate of incidents supermarket customers, and some other shoppers, have been watched while entering their PIN numbers. They had their purses and wallets stolen as they left the stores.

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