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Father of 7/7 bombing victim condemns former Mayor's comments

Grahame Russell's son Phillip died when a bomb was detonated on a bus in Tavistock Square Credit: ITV News

A man from Kent whose son was killed in the 7/7 London bombings has condemned comments made by the former London mayor, Ken Livingstone about the attack.

Speaking on BBC1's Question Time programme Mr Livingstone said the bombers 'gave their lives' in protest at the invasion of Iraq.

Grahame Russell's son, Phillip died when a bomb was detonated on a bus in Tavistock Square.

Brighton and Hove Council to cut 540 jobs

The council needs to save £68m over the next four years Credit: ITV

More than 500 full-time jobs will be lost by Brighton and Hove City Council. The council plans to save £68m over the next four years.

The proposed measures include stripping out middle management, improving efficiency and a recommended rise in council tax of 1.99%. The proposals would result in the loss of an estimated 540 full-time posts.

The savings come on top of £77m savings already achieved since 2011. The additional savings mean that between 2011 and 2020 the council will have saved £145 million.

These are the challenging times for local government as we face the combination of relentless central government cuts, increasing costs and rising demand for our services, particularly those serving vulnerable people.

We plan to involve residents more directly and build new relationships with community groups to give them more influence over local services. We are looking at doing things differently, increasingly working with partners, communities and businesses to find new ways to share delivery of public services.

– Councillor Warren Morgan, Leader


Head-to-head on Europe - Farage v Barroso at the Oxford Union

What's the definition of chocolate?

Not a difficult question you'd think - but it took the European Union 15 years to come up with an answer.

That was just one revelation during a special debate at the Oxford Union on whether we should stay in the EU - or leave.

And centre stage was southeast MEP Nigel Farage - taking on the former President of the European Commission, Jose Manuel Barroso.

Another familiar face was there too - the former Lib Dem leader Nick Clegg.

Our political correspondent Phil Hornby was watching.


Haulage firm says Calais crisis could force them to pull out of European operations

A family-run haulage firm in Wiltshire is considering pulling out of its European operations, because of the danger posed to its drivers and vehicles - by people intent on getting to Britain.

Thousands of pounds of damage has been caused to lorries owned by Broughton Transport Solutions. And they say when immigrants manage to get on board, the firm gets fined thousands more.

David Woodland reports.

Koeman backs Paris tributes

Southampton FC manager Ronald Koeman has backed the call for tributes this weekend, following the terrorist attacks in Paris last Friday.

Saints host Stoke City on Saturday. During his pre-match press conference Koeman said security is bound to be heightened across the Premier League this weekend.

Watch the Press conference in full here:

  1. Phil Hornby

Heseltine: "No regrets ..."

It's twenty-five years this month. 25 years since the Oxfordshire MP Michael Heseltine, challenged Mrs Thatcher for the Tory leadership.

What does he regret about those days? Did he really think he was going to win? Now he's 83 and looks back over those heady events, what keeps him awake at night ? And - why was the man they called "Tarzan" on a trip to the zoo when he realised the game was up?

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