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More 'affordable' homes needed as well as council homes

Councils are being encouraged to build more social housing to meet that ever-rising demand. But the numbers of new homes remain stubbornly small.

Meanwhile in the general housing market there are complaints of high rents, a housing shortage, and a lack of land to build on - so many people are struggling to find anywhere to rent - let alone to buy.

Across the south east, fewer than fifteen hundred council houses were built in Kent as a whole. East Sussex and Brighton managed less than three hundred. Medway Council built almost 200. Maidstone under 200. Hastings just 19. And Lewes just 12.

Despite those dismal numbers, the Housing Minister was in the Medway Towns this afternoon. He told our reporter Tom Savvides that extra funding is being made available to build more affordable homes.


Another strike on Southern as talks collapse

A fresh strike is to take place Credit: ITV

Workers on Southern Railway are to stage a fresh strike in the long-running

staffing dispute following the collapse of talks.

Members of the Rail, Maritime and Transport (RMT) union will walk out for 24 hours on Wednesday February 22, threatening fresh misery for Southern's 300,000 passengers.

The two sides met at the conciliation service Acas on Tuesday, but the row over the role of conductors remains deadlocked.

Grieving father accuses government of doing 'absolutely nothing' on meningitis B

The father of a toddler from Maidstone who died from meningitis B one year ago has accused the Government of doing 'absolutely nothing' since her death.

Faye Burdett was just two years old when she died. Her death led to more than eight hundred thousand people signing a petition backing her parents' campaign for all children to be vaccinated.

The Department of Health says more than one million babies have been immunised in the last two years. But campaigners want all children under five years old - not just babies - to be given the vaccine.

Abigail Bracken's report includes an interview with Faye Burdett's father Neil, and Steve Dayman of Meningitis Now. Viewers may find some of the images in the report distressing.

VIDEO: Speaker John Bercow in his own words- on why he voted Remain

Here's the Speaker of the Commons John Bercow explaining to students at Reading University, WHY he voted Remain in the EU Referendum.

It's led to calls for his removal, as the Speaker has to maintain political impartiality.

But his supporters say his privately held views don't impinge on his ability to do his job fairly and impartially.

Now you can make your own mind up.


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