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Election latest from Phil Hornby

A regular update from Political Correspondent Phil Hornby Credit: ITV

This is the phoney war. Parliament's still sitting. Manifestos are being hurriedly written. And there is a mad scramble to select candidates.

Mark Wallace from Conservative Home reports a "revolt" by Tories in Aldershot. He claims they want MEP Dan Hannan to replace Sir Gerald Howarth who's retiring. But Mr Hannan isn't on the shortlist of three Tory Central Office say Aldershot must choose from.

In Oxford East, Labour's only safe seat in our region, there's growing speculation MEP Anneliese Dodds will be the candidate to replace Andrew Smith.

Meanwhile there is much talk of tactical voting and unofficial pacts. UKIP say they won't stand against pro-Brexit Conservative Conor Burns in Bournemouth West. And senior Lib Dem Sir Vince Cable says Lib Dems in Brighton Pavilion should support the Green co-leader Caroline Lucas who he says is "a good progressive".

The Lib Dems have broken with tradition and announced they'll stand against the Commons Speaker, John Bercow, in Buckingham. Traditionally the main parties don't put candidates up against the Speaker. The Lib Dems have selected Sarah Lowes from Berkshire to oppose Mr Bercow.


  1. Phil Hornby

The Last Word, April 2017

As surprises, go this was one of the best-kept. When Theresa May announced this week, there'd be a General Election in June, no-one was expecting it.

The Commons backed the decision to hold a snap election by 522 votes to 13, formally firing the starting pistol on the election campaign. The Prime Minister urged MPs to "put our fate in the hands of the people"

In the south and south east, what will the people decide? After your votes:-

  • Kelly-Marie Blundell, the Lib Dem candidate in Lewes
  • Henry Bolton, from UKIP in Kent
  • Charlie Elphicke MP, the Conservative member in Dover, and
  • Solomon Curtis, from Labour in Sussex

And we also hear from Caroline Lucas, Brighton Pavilion's MP and the co-leader of the Green Party.

General Election 2017: the view from the region

Our political correspondent Phil Hornby has been looking at Westminster's reaction to the Prime Minister's call for a General Election:

The view from the West of the ITV Meridian region including the Thames Valley begins with a look at the Prime Minister Theresa May on the campaign trail year ago in Maidenhead in Berkshire.

The view from the eastern part of the ITV Meridian area starts with an interview from Tom Tugendhat, the MP for Tonbridge & Malling.


Prime Minister's constituents respond to shock election announcement

Theresa May's decision to call an early election has taken people living in her constituency by surprise.

The Prime Minister has been an MP in Maidenhead for 20 years, but even those working in her constituency office weren't warned about the plans.

She made the shock announcement outside the steps of No. 10 after returning from a walking holiday in Wales with her husband.

Political experts say the calling of a snap election is a shrewd decision by Mrs May, who could capitalise on the current weakness of rival parties.

  • Watch Sam Holder reporting from Maidenhead
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