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Chancellor rolls out plans for jobs, spending and pizza - but refuses to say where he'll make cuts

Day two of the election campaign and amid claims and counterclaims about spending plans and taxes, the man from the Treasury was down on the Sussex coast.

George Osborne wasn't with the bankers and the financiers: he was at a pizza parlour in Hove. His message was that his party's been good for the economy and good for employment.

This afternoon, as B&Q announced they're closing up to 60 stores, Pizza Express announced two-and-a-half thousand new jobs.

Andy Dickenson reports.


As the general election looms, ITV wants to hear from those who think it's all a big turn-off!

ITV's brand new daytime debate series O'Brien, hosted by James O'Brien, begins on Monday at 12.30 on ITV. We're looking for people to come and talk about voting in the general election.

Are you an older voter who has voted all their life, but has decided not to bother anymore and won't be voting this year? If so we'd like to hear from you.

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