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  1. Philip Hornby

Theresa May for PM - backbencher's view

The south east's longest-serving MP has given his enthusiastic backing for Theresa May to become Tory Party leader. Sir Roger Gale, the Thanet MP, said her candidacy was the best news he had heard all week.

I have just returned from the launch of Theresa May's bid to become the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom and for the first time in what has been a bad week I feel a real sense of hope where before there was despair. I have been involved in politics for more than 50 years and Mrs. May`s speech was one of the most powerful, and impressive for its quiet dignity that I have ever heard.

– Sir Roger Gale MP


Farage booed after highly charged EU speech

Farage laughing after his speech at the European Parliament

Nigel Farage has been booed by members of the European Parliament after a speech warning against punishing Britain for leaving the EU.

The South-East MEP told the chamber that "the consequences would be far worse for you than it would be for us" if the EU rejected a "sensible" trade deal with the UK.

He claimed that up to 100,000 jobs in the car manufacturing trade in Germany could be put at risk - and warned European nations not to "cut of your noses to spite your face".

Farage also drew ire from other MEPs for suggesting that "virtually none of you have done a day's work in your lives". He was supported by Eurosceptic MEPs from other countries, including Marine Le Pen of France's Front Nationale.

Watch an excerpt from Farage's highly charged speech below:


VIDEO REPORT : The view from Westminster- what happens next?

Credit: ITV

It's been a busy day in Parliament as political parties of all persuasion examine the fallout from Brexit, and where to go from here.

The Cabinet met this morning, while the Shadow Cabinet has changed beyond all recognition.

Our Political Correspondent Phil Hornby assesses the days events:

Phil spoke to Richard Ashworth MEP, Con- Henley MP John Howell, Con and Phillip Lee, Conservative MP for Bracknell.

'Deep regret' but Oxford remains 'open for business' - Council leader reacts to Brexit vote

Statement from Councillor Bob Price, Leader of Oxford City Council, about the EU Referendum result

Cllr Bob Price, Leader, Oxford City Council Credit: ITV Meridian

"Oxford City Councillors deeply regret the outcome of last Thursday's national referendum on continued membership of the European Union.

"The people of Oxford voted overwhelmingly in favour of staying in the Union, and younger generations were particularly strong in their support. This reflects confidence in the strength of our society and our economy.

"Oxford has always been an outward looking city, with a diverse international community, and ready to welcome people from all parts of Europe and the wider world.

"Ten per cent of our residents are from other EU countries, contributing massively to our health services, to research and teaching in the universities and in our schools, to the IT and science based industries, and to construction, hotels, cafes and restaurants.

I would like to assure them that they remain very welcome in Oxford, and that their contribution to the economic dynamism of the city is warmly appreciated.

"Oxford is one of Europe's leading cities for innovation, science, culture and medical research. The potential medium term implications of the Leave vote are hugely damaging for employment in the city and for our position in the European economy.

"The City Council will do all it can, with its partners in the city and the wider county, to sustain our reputation as a city region that is open for business and can attract global investment and opportunities for its people."

– Cllr Bob Price

VIDEO REPORT: Thames Valley reacts to Brexit - centre stage for Tory leadership battle

Could Maidenhead be home to the NEXT Prime Minister? Credit: ITV

Maidenhead MP Theresa May is expected to announce this week that she's standing to be Prime Minister.

She's setting up a team - ready for the challenge - where she'll be promoted as the only candidate who can stop Boris Johnson becoming Conservative leader.

It could mean the leader of our country will again be a Thames Valley MP - David Cameron is, of course, and will remain, the MP for Witney

The fallout from Brexit has caused a political storm - but what's the real story among real people.

Mel Bloor has been canvassing opinions in the Thames Valley.

Friendships divided as EU result continues to cause shockwaves across the South

The shockwaves of last week's vote continue to reverberate around the South. It's the talking point in cafes, shops and businesses across the region. The Leave vote has divided friendships and caused heated debate. Mary Stanley has been canvassing opinions in the South.

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