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  1. Phil Hornby

The Last Word, February 2017

We need new houses - hundreds of thousands of them. But where are they to go?

We've voted for Brexit: but where is it going?

And The Speaker's outburst about President Trump: one senior backbencher from the South tells us many of his colleagues are "incensed"

  • Kelly Tolhurst MP - Rochester & Strood, Conservative
  • Alan Whitehead MP - Southampton Test, Labour
  • Liz Leffman - Liberal Democrat from Witney

... debate the issues of the week. And what's it like to be in the eye of the storm? Two by-election candidates give us the view from the pavement.

  1. National

Prime Minister Theresa May to visit China later this year

Prime Minister Theresa May will visit China later this year. Credit: PA

Prime Minister Theresa May will visit China later this year according to her spokeswoman.

The visit will be the latest in a series of foreign visits designed to cement ties with major trading powers as Mrs May negotiates Britain's divorce with the European Union.

No specific details about the trip were released but Mrs May is keen to secure foreign support ahead of Britain's talks to leave the EU.

Surrey council tax: Corbyn accuses it's a 'secret deal'

The Leader of the Labour Party, Jeremy Corbyn has accused the government of doing a secret deal with Surrey County Council over social care.

The council was planning to hold a referendum over a 15% council tax rise to pay the social care bill but that was called off last night.

Mr Corbyn claims that he had some leaked text messages from the council leader to prove that a special deal was done.

Surrey County Council tonight denied his claims.

Our Political Correspondent Phil Hornby reports.

MP Jeremy Corbyn speaking in the House of Commons.

Video Credit: Surrey County Council


RMT EXCLUSIVE: a 'summer of discontent' awaits

Credit: PA

Peace talks will be held next Tuesday in the long running dispute between Southern and the RMT.

In an exclusive interview, the RMT union say unless the company guarantees a second member of staff on every train more strikes could follow.

There is also a warning of a 'summer of discontent' if other companies introduce more Driver Only Operation.

Our Transport Correspondent Mike Pearse spoke to Steve Hedley, Senior Assistant General Secretary of the RMT.

Government White Paper sets out housing plans

Getting on the housing market has never been more difficult, and in the South East, it's not helped because we have some of the most expensive places to live in the country.

Here's what first time buyers are dealing with in the South East region.

A two bedroom terrace in Tunbridge Wells would have cost you less than £100,000 at the turn of the century - that's almost tripled to £262,000 now.

A four bedroom terrace in Bexhill-on-Sea has shot up from £70,000 to £244,000 in the same period.

A city centre flat in Canterbury has risen from £74,000 to a quarter of a million.

The worrying thing for those trying to buy their first home is that there's no end in sight to the rises.

Today a Government white paper set out plans for what can be done to fix what ministers are calling our 'broken housing market'.

Derek Johnson reports.

Derek spoke to Paul Spooner from Ebbsfleet Development Corporation, Roger Perkins from "Sevenoaks Residents Say Save Our Green Belt", Hilary Newport from Campaign to Protect Rural England and Mark Quinn from Quinn Estates.

Thousands of new homes to fix "broken market"

Credit: PA

The government has pledged to fix Britain's "broken housing market" by unveiling plans to build thousands of new properties each year.

It published a White Paper outlining plans to develop on brownfield sites and a new Lifetime ISA to help first-time buyers save a deposit.

The average price for a flat in Winchester is around £250,000 which is an increase of 32% since 2007.

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