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Cameron under fire over offshore investments

The Prime Minister David Cameron faces questions from his constituents in Witney tonight as his tax affairs continue to come under scrutiny. Having previously labelled tax evasion as 'frankly and morally wrong' Mr Cameron has admitted benefitting from an offshore fund previously set up by his late father in the tax haven of Panama. The question today was why has it taken so long for him to mention the shares. Juliette Fletcher reports.


'We feel crushed' American wife and mother told to leave UK under new immigration rules

They're being affected by a law that "wasn't meant for them". That's the view of Eastbourne MP Caroline Ansell after strict new immigration rules look to force a family apart.

Dominic and Katy James have been married for ten years and have a two-year-old baby - but Katy is American and was told on Saturday she could be deported. Andy Dickenson reports.

Former MEP found guilty of up to £500k expenses fraud

Peter Skinner, a former South East MEP, has been found guilty of fraud

A long-time Member of the European Parliament for the south east has been found guilty of fraud and false accounting.

Peter Skinner, a former MEP from Maidstone in Kent, used his parliamentary allowance to fund trips abroad, to pay his ex-wife after their divorce, and to pay for hotels, shopping sprees and meals at restaurants during trips to the United States.

He'll be sentenced next month, where he's been told to expect a jail sentence. Phil Hornby sent this from Southwark Crown Court.

Owners of dogs without microchips face £500 fine

Have you had your dog microchipped?

Thousands of dog owners across the region are at risk of breaking the law - and being handed a fine of up to five hundred pounds - unless they get their pets microchipped over the next week.

New legislation comes into force on the 6th of April requiring all dogs to be chipped - although it is estimated that one in six owners still haven't yet complied. Matt Price reports.

The interviewees are: Derek Hall, an animal welfare officer and Helen Wilkes who works at a dog rescue centre.

The Government has issued guidance on microchipping dogs and who you can go to to get it done.

Councillors to vote on budget cuts

Campaigners gather to protest over proposed budget cuts Credit: ITV Meridian

Councillors in West Berkshire will today vote on more proposed cuts having already approved £10m of savings for next year because its receiving less money from central Government.

Residents have demonstrated against the cuts. Funding for theatres and buses is threatened, and libraries face closure.

Schoolchildren have been protesting to save Theale library.

A local author best selling author who went to school in Theale Green, has joined their campaign.


Thousands detained at migrant holding centres in Kent

Migrants forced to sleep on concrete floors with dirty blankets Credit: HM Prisons Inspectorate

The Chief Inspector of Prisons has condemned border officials in Kent for holding thousands of migrants - including children - at centres in Folkestone and Dover without food, hot drinks, or medical checks. In some cases, forcing them to sleep on a concrete floor.

During last summer's crisis, which saw the Channel Tunnel and ferries suspended on dozens of occasions, and the M20 closed for Operation Stack:

  • More than 3,600 migrants were apprehended and detained at three bases on the Kent coast
  • Between July to September, about 1,200 people were held each month at Dover and Folkestone
  • That's equivalent to 40 detained each day

The prison inspectorate report reveals - for the first time - the sheer scale of the numbers caught entering the UK through Kent.

You can watch Abigail Bracken's report below. Interviewees are: the Chief Inspector of Prisons, Peter Clarke; Conservative MP for Folkestone and Hythe, Damian Collins; and Phil Kerton from Seeking Sanctuary.

Mother's Day campaign calls for more support #NOTANURSE_BUT

On this Mother's Day a new campaign has been launched to spotlight some real mothering heroes.

'Not a Nurse But' focuses on parents of seriously ill or disabled children - whose work to keep their children alive often goes unseen.

Andy Dickenson reports. He speaks to Naomi Sullivan, and Isobel McFarlane of charity WellChild.

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