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Mum - son wouldn't cope with tests at age of 7

Mum of three Shirley Belton says her son wouldn't cope with tests at seven. She's not in favour of a return to formal tests for younger children - or the idea of making older pupils resit the tests they take at the end of primary school when they reach secondary if they don't achieve a certain standard.

Mum says son age seven, not ready for formal tests Credit: ITV Meridian

What do pupils think of idea of more tests at 7?

We asked Year 2 pupils what they think of the idea of more testing at school. Here's what they told us.

Would more tests at school be boring - or a challenge? Credit: ITV Meridian

"Tests are fun but I don't want to do any more." said Abbas. "It would be boring. I wouldn't mind doing more writing.

"I would like to do a little bit more playing."

Would pupils like the idea of more maths tests - or more playtime? Credit: ITV Meridian

Matilde said: "My favourite thing at school is maths and Golden Time. We don't have many tests at the moment. I would be happy to have more tests with maths questions. "

Would more testing provide a good challenge to pupils? Credit: ITV Meridian

Tiago told us: "I like maths tests - they are challenging. You have to try your hardest. "I think I would get happy if I had to do more tests."

Is a return to testing at the age of seven a good idea? Credit: ITV Meridian

But Brooke said: "I only like tests a little bit. I wouldn't like to do any more because it's boring. I like playtime, trips and Discovery Time. Those are fun."


Don't label children failures at 7 - headteacher

Will we again see formal tests for children aged 7? Credit: ITV Meridian

The government today announced it is looking at the idea of reintroducing formal tests for children aged 7. So-called SATs or "Standard Assessment Tests" were abolished for children in Year 2 of primary school back in 2004 - schools now rely on teacher assessment instead.

Headteacher of Cottage Grove Primary in Portsmouth, Polly Honeychurch, says that's the way it should stay.

"To say we are going to have to go back to formal testing to me seems like they are not trusting the teachers that they paying to do the job. "

"My teachers are assessing children in lessons every single day so they are not just waiting for the end of the year test to say 'this is what the children have learned'."

"I wouldn't like formal testing to come back for seven year olds. I think the children are far too young and to label a child at the age of seven as 'you have failed' is not helpful."

"Some of my children will not be reaching the required standard at seven for a variety of reasons - it may be because they are new arrivals in the country and don't have enough language acquisition - it may be that they are going through social and emotional issues and they are not yet ready to learn. It doesn't mean they are a failure."

Council drops plans to buy & re-open Manston Airport

Manston Airport was closed down last year

Thanet District Council has postponed plans to buy and re-open the former Manston Airport site in Kent.

Councillors met last night having had legal advice that their proposals were not financially sound. But executives from RiverOak, a US investment corporation which backs the reopening of the airport, say they're determined to carry on with their plans.


Kids make film to fight Oxfordshire Children's Centres cuts

Clip from animation by two children fighting cuts

A family in Oxfordshire desperate to save children's services from closure, has come up with a novel way of getting their message across.

Lucy Marshall, aged 11, and her 8-year-old brother Oliver, have made their own animated film.

Their children's local authority is trying to save around £290 million pounds from its budget. In this time of austerity, some services are going to have to be cut or reduced over the next few years, and children's services are facing an uncertain future.

Eurostar success despite migrant troubles

Eurostar at Ashford Stn Credit: ITV News

Eurostar have shrugged off the troubles of the migrant crisis afflicting the Channel Tunnel in Calais with better than expected results: an increase of 2% in passengers numbers in the third quarter of 2015

· July 2015 saw record breaking numbers with Eurostar carrying over 1 million passengers - the highest number of passengers carried in one month since services began. The number of business passengers increased by 7% year-on-year

What will happen to your tax credits?

Hundreds of thousands of people across the South East are waiting to find out what will happen to their tax credits - after Monday night's dramatic votes in the House of Lords.

The Government say cuts will go ahead - but there's likely to be more help for the less well-off. Our Political Correspondent Phil Hornby reports.

Included in report: George Osborne MP, Chancellor of the Exchequer; Baroness Smith, Former Basildon MP, Lab; Baroness Jones, Green Party.

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