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  1. Phil Hornby

The Last Word, February 2017

We need new houses - hundreds of thousands of them. But where are they to go?

We've voted for Brexit: but where is it going?

And The Speaker's outburst about President Trump: one senior backbencher from the South tells us many of his colleagues are "incensed"

  • Kelly Tolhurst MP - Rochester & Strood, Conservative
  • Alan Whitehead MP - Southampton Test, Labour
  • Liz Leffman - Liberal Democrat from Witney

... debate the issues of the week. And what's it like to be in the eye of the storm? Two by-election candidates give us the view from the pavement.

  1. Philip Hornby

The Last Word, December 2016

This week, we look at the troubled Southern Railway: as Aslef pile on the pressure and join the RMT, it's the passengers who face even more strikes, more uncertainty.

And uncertainty, too, over Brexit: six months after the vote to quit the EU, the timetable and the detail are still unknown.

We look back over 2016, a year unlike any other, with that referendum, the election of Donald Trump, and leadership elections for Labour, the Tories, and UKIP. In fact, they enjoyed theirs so much, they did it twice.

Lively political debate for our final show of the year with:-

  • Tim Aker MEP - UKIP
  • Royston Smith MP - Conservative, Southampton Itchen
  • Baroness Smith of Basildon, from Sussex
  • Stephen Lloyd, until last year, Lib Dem MP for Eastbourne


  1. Philip Hornby

The Last Word, September 2016

Three months after we voted to leave the EU, what progress are we making towards the departure lounge? What do we want from Brexit?

And it's all change at the top: new leaders for the Tories, Greens, UKIP - and possibly Labour too. How will that change the political landscape?

To debate this - and more - Henry Bolton from UKIP, Suella Fernandes MP from Fareham in Hants, and Alan Whitehead MP from Southampton.

Has Brexit affected house prices in our region?

Across our region we have some of the most expensive places to buy a home outside of London - and getting on the property ladder is a struggle.

But has Brexit - started to effect house prices? Since the referendum result there has been plenty of speculation that prices will start to fall.

Interviews with: Tom Clarkson, Walker & Waterer in Whiteley and Cuan Ryan, Butler Sherborn in Wantage


  1. Philip Hornby

Theresa May for PM - backbencher's view

The south east's longest-serving MP has given his enthusiastic backing for Theresa May to become Tory Party leader. Sir Roger Gale, the Thanet MP, said her candidacy was the best news he had heard all week.

I have just returned from the launch of Theresa May's bid to become the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom and for the first time in what has been a bad week I feel a real sense of hope where before there was despair. I have been involved in politics for more than 50 years and Mrs. May`s speech was one of the most powerful, and impressive for its quiet dignity that I have ever heard.

– Sir Roger Gale MP

Farage booed after highly charged EU speech

Farage laughing after his speech at the European Parliament

Nigel Farage has been booed by members of the European Parliament after a speech warning against punishing Britain for leaving the EU.

The South-East MEP told the chamber that "the consequences would be far worse for you than it would be for us" if the EU rejected a "sensible" trade deal with the UK.

He claimed that up to 100,000 jobs in the car manufacturing trade in Germany could be put at risk - and warned European nations not to "cut of your noses to spite your face".

Farage also drew ire from other MEPs for suggesting that "virtually none of you have done a day's work in your lives". He was supported by Eurosceptic MEPs from other countries, including Marine Le Pen of France's Front Nationale.

Watch an excerpt from Farage's highly charged speech below:

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