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Queen chuffed over Railway extension

A steam railway which is a favourite of the royal family, has been been given permission to extend their track. Both the Queen and Prince Charles have enjoyed trips on the train at Exbury Gardens in Hampshire in recent years. The railway line will be lengthened - allowing visitors to view an area currently not open to the public.


Search for a king in ruins of Reading Abbey

Surveyors have begun excavating land around the ruins of Reading Abbey in search of the missing remains of King Henry 1. Archaeologists believe the king who died in 1135 could be one of several to be found in recent years.

Just two years ago the pelvic bone believed to be that of King Alfred the Great was found in Winchester. And in 2012 the bones of Richard 111 were found under a car park in Leicester. Luke Hanrahan reports.

Search for the remains of King Henry

Archaeologists are looking for the tomb of William the Conqueror's fourth son around the ruins of Reading Abbey. The remains of King Henry the First are believed to have been buried there, having died in France in 1135. The King founded the abbey, which is to embark on a two-year conservation project.

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