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Cancer United - patients fight back with first gym of its kind in UK

'Rest is best' used to be the mantra for patients battling cancer.

Now a charity, born from a garage in Sussex, is challenging that with a gym and fitness classes designed specifically for those suffering from the disease.

Andy Dickenson reports and speaks to CU Fitness users Stephen Kingley and Gillian Redman, as well as Cancer United founder Jan Sheward and trainer Dwayne Clevett.

It's second time around for space man Tim Peake

Tim Peake will go back into space for the second time Credit: ITV

Sussex astronaut Tim Peake will be returning to the International Space Station for another mission.

The 44-year-old, father of two, announced the news at the London Science Museum, where his former spacecraft is on display.

Myself and my classmates from 2009, we are all going to get the second mission to the space station which is wonderful. The work that is being done on board the space station is incredibly important and also tremendously exciting as well.

– Major Tim Peake

Maj Peak spent 186 days in space and during his time there, he took part in 250 science experiments, ran the London Marathon and did a space walk.


Scientist returns from all-female Antarctica expedition

A scientist from Kent has just returned from the largest ever all-female expedition to Antarctica.

Professor Lindsay Stringer from Gravesend has been on the Homeward Bound trip - twenty days at sea designed to promote leadership by women in the scientific field.

Sarah Saunders reports:

British-born astronaut Piers Sellers has died aged 61

Piers Sellers, pictured in January 2003 Credit: Rui Vieira PA Archive/PA Images

The British-born astronaut Piers Sellers has died of cancer at the age of sixty-one. Originally from Crowborough in East Sussex, Dr Sellers, was a climate scientist for NASA in the United States of America. He was a pupil at Cranbrook School in Kent as a boy.

Hospital to receive share of £130 million cancer funding

University Hospital Southampton is one of 15 to receive funding

A Hampshire hospital trust is to receive a share of £130 million national cancer funding.

University Hospital Southampton is one of 15 trusts set to benefit enabling it to upgrade and replace radiotherapy equipment.

The announcement by NHS England will benefit cancer patients as around four in 10 are treated with radiotherapy.

A £200 million scheme to improve local cancer services over the next two years was also announced.


Hospital first to offer new laser operation for cataracts

Eye surgeon at Frimley Park Hospital

Frimley Park Hospital in Surrey is believed to be the first NHS hospital in the country to use a new laser treatment for routine cataract operations.

The laser technology uses tiny bursts of energy to clear a patient's cloudy eye lens so that there is no for knives, needles or a general anaesthetic.

"We are really excited about being able to use this technology to offer our patients great outcomes, especially for such a common procedure,"

"We really believe this is the future of cataract surgery and I'm delighted that we are able to offer it to the great majority of our NHS patients at Frimley,"

– Thomas Poole, Eye surgeon

Viewers' pictures of Sunday's full moon

Residents from across the Meridian region have been sharing their pictures of Sunday's full moon with us on our Facebook page.

It's ahead of tonight's rare supermoon which will light up the skies when it orbits closer to the earth than it has done for seventy years.

Here are a few of your pictures:

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Tonight, skywatchers will witness a rare supermoon; the "Beaver Moon" is expected to look 14% bigger and 30% brighter than a normal full moon. The Met Office say it will reach the peak of its full phase at 13:52 GMT and will be the largest since 1948.

NASA say the full moon won’t come this close to Earth again until November 25, 2034.

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