Drought hits wildlife

With water restrictions just days away, spare a thought for nature. The exceptionally dry weather across our region is threatening many different species.

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Will wildlife survive the drought?

The continuing drought across our region could have disastrous effects on wildlife - that's the warning from conservationists. The lack of rain means rivers and streams are starting to run dry. With many animals now entering the breeding season, it's feared they could fail to raise young.

Malcolm Shaw reports from a Sussex nature reserve and speaks to experts Paul Spiers from the RSPB and John Sutton from the Environment Agency.

  1. Malcolm Shaw

Wetlands under threat

Pulborough Brooks nature reserve Credit: Malcolm Shaw

With water restrictions about to come into force for consumers, what effect will the continuing drought have on our wildlife? The lack of rain is already causing rivers and streams to dry up across the Meridian region.

Experts say many species will find it increasingly hard as they enter the crucial breeding season this spring. At Pulborough Brooks nature reserve in Sussex, rare wetland birds are under threat.


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  • Drought threatens wildlife

    Experts say that unless rain comes soon, many species will start to suffer as they enter the breeding season.