Dover chemical spill exercise

Emergency teams are heading to the port of Dover to clean up a chemical spill after a lorry. Hundreds of firefighters, paramedics and police will be taking part in the simulation to test the region's emergency response teams.

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Emergency services prepare for 'dirty bomb'

A security exercise is underway at the Port of Dover Credit: ITV News

A major security exercise is underway at the Port of Dover designed to test the ability of Kent's emergency services to deal with a terror attack.The scenario is that two terrorists have detonated a 'dirty bomb', exposing 50 border control staff to hazardous chemicals.

Emergency drill in Dover

Hundreds of paramedics, firefighters and police are taking part in a simulation in the port of Dover.

Crews will be cleaning up a simulated chemical spill from a lorry which has accidentally dropped its hazardous cargo.

Officers are keen to stress that this is an exercise so residents should not be alarmed if they hear sirens in the area.


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