Titanic 'cruise' setback

A memorial cruise recreating the Titanic's maiden voyage has left Southampton.

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Titanic cruise back on course

Balmoral Credit: Meridian

The guest airlifted from the Titanic Memorial Cruise has left the ship via the Irish Coastguard and will receive hospital treatment. The ship, Fred Olsen’s Balmoral, has now turned around and resumed its scheduled itinerary. Balmoral left Southampton on April 8th.

Sick passenger is BBC cameraman

The passenger airlifted from the MS Balmoral, the Titanic memorial cruise ship that left Southampton on Sunday is reported to be BBC cameraman Tim Rex, who is 56. Tweets from onboard say he fell "seriously ill" and on doctor's advice, was airlifted off the ship by helicopter at 7pm this evening.


Titanic cruise passenger rescued

The MS Balmoral, the cruise ship that sailed from Southampton on Sunday on a Titanic memorial voyage, was involved in its own emergency today. A passenger was airlifted off by the Irish coast guard with a heart condition. MS Balmoral is now behind schedule to reach the Titanic wreck site in time.


Titanic cruise ship prepares to sail

A cruise recreating the voyage of the Titanic sets sail today with the exact same number of passengers on board as the famous liner that sank on its maiden voyage after hitting an iceberg. The MS Balmoral will leave Southampton on the 12-night cruise this afternoon.

The same number of 1,309 passengers and the same port of departure are part of an effort to recreate the voyage of arguably the most famous ship of all time at a cost of between £2,799 and £5,995 per person.

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