Fans banned from Gills match

Police funding row results in ban for football fans

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Kent Police react to Gills fans ban

Kent Police has said plans to hold a match between Gillingham and Swindon behind closed doors is justified.

Chief Superintendent Alasdair Hope, of Kent Police, said: "The safety of fans attending this football match is our main priority and we are not prepared for their safety to be compromised.

"The provision of an appropriate number of police officers inside the stadium is essential, and the cost of this must be met by Gillingham FC.

"To expect Kent Police and the tax-payer to subsidise a commercial event is not acceptable. Commercial enterprises across the country pay for the policing of their events, including football matches, and no one is exempt."


Council prohibition order means match will be played in empty ground

Councillor Mike O'Brien, of Medway Council, said: "We have unfortunately been left with no alternative but to issue a prohibition notice on the game preventing supporters from attending."

The match between Gillingham and Swindon is due to be played on April 21.

He said the prohibition order was as a result of a dispute between Gillingham FC and Kent Police about costs and the number of officers needed to police the match.

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