Primary school places revealed

Thousands of of children in our region have been finding out today whether they will get a place in their preferred primary school.

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Building starts at specialist school

On the day it's revealed that 818 children do not have places at their preferred primary schools in Kent, building work has started at a specialist school in Medway.

£1.1 million will be spent building a new teaching unit at Bradfields School in Chatham.

The school specialises in teaching children on the autistic spectrum and is expanding to accomodate primary school places.

Hundreds lose out on school places

800 children in Kent have not got into their three preferred primary schools according to figures released from Kent County Council. The news comes as families in Hampshire find out whether their children have got into a school of their choice.

My sister didn't get any of her 3 choices and now she's stuck with getting him to school and home around her working! If he had got his 1st choice I could of picked him up and dropped him of with my daughter and this was explained on the form but i can't be in 2 places at once!

– Angela Louise Evans - Parent

Parents in West Sussex, Kent, Buckinghamshire, West Berkshire and on the Isle of Wight have already been delivered the news. Finding out this week:

  • Hampshire 19th April 2012
  • Oxfordshire 20th April 2012
  • Dorset 20th April 2012
  • Wiltshire 20th April 2012
  • East Sussex 27th April 2012
  • Brighton and Hove 30th April 2012
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