Inquest into soldier's death

An inquest is due to be held into the death of a military policeman from Sussex today.

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A soldier has told an inquest that he didn't realise they were shooting at British forces, and if he'd known he would have stopped immediately.

But Corporal Jonathan Dolton told the court that no messages about the location of Lance Corporal Michael Pritchard's watch post came through over the radio.

Michael Pritchard, 22 and from Eastbourne, was shot by a British sniper while he was on his first tour of duty in Afghanistan.


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Sniper speaks at inquest

A British military policeman serving in Afghanistan was mistaken for an insurgent by fellow troops, because they didn't know his watch post was there.

Lance Corporal Michael Pritchard was killed by a British sniper when he was guarding a road in Helmand province in 2009.

A rifleman who fired warning shots on the night he died said he wasn't aware of a restricted firing line and radio communications between the bases was poor.


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