Daredevil jump - no parachute

Stuntman Gary Connery is attempting a world first - to jump from a helicopter without a parachute.

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Flying high for practice glide

Gary Connery's jump for real is due to take place shortly. Earlier, he had a practice run with a parachute. These photos show the take-off.

Ready on the side of the helicopter, Gary Connery braces himself Credit: ITV News
Helmet cam in place as the rotors whirr. Credit: ITV News
Up, up and away Credit: ITV News


Ready for the jump

Preparations are underway for the wingman jump. He plans to land on a rig of cardboard boxes Credit: Mel Bloor

Preparations are underway for the Wingman jump. Stuntman Gary Connery will aim to land on a specially prepared stack of cardboard boxes.

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