HMS Illustrious' 30th birthday

The helicopter carrier, HMS Illustrious, is celebrating its 30th birthday today with a big bash in Portsmouth. There will be a ceremonial parade and a flypast for the ship nicknamed Lusty.

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HMS Illustrious' birthday bash

HMS Illustrious docked at Portsmouth Credit: Ministry of Defence

The crew of the helicopter and commando carrier HMS Illustrious will celebrate her 30th birthday in style today. There will be a ceremonial parade in Portsmouth in the presence of the ship's sponsor Lady Sarah Chatto and former commanding officers including the current First Sea Lord.

HMS Illustrious was commissioned in a ceremony at sea in 1982 - on her way to the Falklands in the aftermath of the conflict - and has been an iconic member of the Royal Navy's fleet ever since. Thousands of sailors have served in her during the past three decades.


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