Sewage leak closes Kent beaches

Businesses near some north Kent beaches may be entitled to compensation after claiming their firms are losing money because of a sewage leak. Thanet District Council closed some beaches after a pumping station discharged the waste into the sea.

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Sewage beaches may reopen by weekend

Beaches could reopen by weekend

Beaches on the north-east Kent coastline are closed to swimmers for a fourth day after raw sewage was let out into the sea off Thanet when a pumping station broke down. The Environment Agency is currently carrying out tests on the water.

Southern Water says some beaches around Margate and Broadstairs could be opened as soon as this weekend.


Compensation bids after sewage closes beaches

Firms in north Kent could be entitled to compensation after claiming they have suffered financially from the closure of several beaches in Thanet because of pollution. The beaches were closed after sewage was discharged into the water after problems at a pumping station.

Southern Water has apologised for the leakage.

“We're sorry for this incident and apologise to all those affected. We continue to work with Thanet District Council to clean the beach at Margate / Broadstairs following pumping station problems. Teams have been working 24/7 over the weekend to resolve the issues at the site.

“The council, as beach manager, has decided to close the beach while the clean-up continues. Cleaning the beach so it can be reopened is a priority for us and we continue to work closely with the council and the Environment Agency. We'd like to assure customers we're doing all we can to resolve these issues."

– Southern Water spokesperson
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