Christian GP complaint upheld

A GP based in Margate, Kent, has accused medical watchdogs of persecuting Christians as he denied trying to convert a patient to his religion.

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GP warned not to preach

John Ryall speaks to Dr Richard Scott, two of his patients, and Trevor Willmot, Bishop of Dover.

A GP from Kent has been given a formal warning for discussing his Christian faith with a troubled patient.

The General Medical Council ruled that Dr Richard Scott's advice was a "significant departure from the principles in good medical practice".

The GMC investigation also found the 24-year-old patient was told if he didn't "turn to Jesus and hand Jesus his suffering, he would suffer for the rest of his life".

The warning will sit on Dr Scott's records for five years, although he will be allowed to carry on practising.

It was revealed today that the doctor, himself, has cancer.


Complaint against GP upheld

A complaint against Kent GP Dr Richard Scott has been upheld and he's been given a formal warning by the General Medical Council.

Dr Scott was accused of breaking rules forbidding imposing personal views on patients. He told the GMC hearing that "God is good for your health."

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