Osborne scraps 3p fuel duty rise

The Chancellor George Osborne has cancelled plans to raise fuel duty by 3p in August.

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  1. Mike Pearse

U-turn on August's 3p fuel duty rise

Peter Carroll of Fair Fuel UK

MPs from the south are delighted that George Osborne has announced fuel duty will not go up by 3p in August as planned. It is also a victory for Fair Fuel UK, a pressure group led by the redoubtableFolkestone-based campaigner Peter Carroll.

He was the man behind the campaign to get residency rights for former Gurkhas. This time he didn't need to enlist Joanna Lumley to the cause - but he did get a number of Tory MPs from the south to threaten rebellion against the Government over fuel duty. That seemed to do the trick.

The Government is battling a massive deficit, but when it saw its own backbenchers - and Mr Carroll - ranged against it, it knew a fuel duty climbdown was inevitable.

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