Flooding hits Dorset and Sussex

Parts of Dorset and Sussex are under water today after almost two months worth of rain fell in some areas in the past 48 hours. There are also warnings on rivers and weirs in the Thames Valley.

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Strong stream warnings for canal boats

A red board warning sign at Caversham Lock in Reading Credit: ITV Meridian

Canal boat owners in the Thames Valley have been urged to take precaution as water levels rise across Oxfordshire and Berkshire's rivers. The Environment Agency are putting up warning boards along the River Thames. Currently there are 18 red warning boards in place. To find out more click here.


Driver caught out whilst going for a McDonald's

Young driver caught out in flood waters in Weymouth Credit: Dorset Media Service

A young driver tried to get to McDonald's in Weymouth for an early breakfast this morning - but got caught out by the floods. He clambered onto his roof and had to jump in the water after his car wouldn't start. Dorset has been particularly hard hit by flash floods this weekend.

In the past 48 hours, 77mm of rain fell in Weymouth and Portland. The average rainfall for July is only 40mm. Bournemouth saw 53.8mm of rain whilst the Isle of Wight saw 44.8mm. Meanwhile, Shoreham in West Sussex saw 34.2mm of rain from Friday morning until 10am this morning.

The driver gets a bit of a shock after jumping in the cold water Credit: Dorset Media Service

Boat rescue after couple's car caught in flash floods

A couple rescued from flooding in Burton Bradstock Credit: Dorset Media Service

An elderly couple had a lucky escape after their car became stuck in rising flood water after they drove down a country lane in Dorset. The couple aged 78 and 80 had to be rescued when their car became overwhelmed by rising flood water from the River Brit at Burton Bradstock yesterday.

The couple became stuck along Bredy Lane. Locals couldn't reach them and for almost an hour they had to wait inside as the water rose to the car’s windscreen. They were later rescued by a specialist team from Dorset Fire and Rescue Service who took them by boat to dry ground some 300 metres away.

The couple's car stuck in the water Credit: Dorset Media Service
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