Gas blast: OAP's lucky escape

A pensioner has had a lucky escape following a gas explosion at his home in Southsea.

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Gas explosion: Cooker was left on

A gas distribution company has issued a stark warning after it emerged that an explosion that destroyed a house in Southsea was caused by the cooker being left on.

Following an investigation it has emerged that gas mains and services in the area are sound and have not contributed to the incident.

"We can also confirm the explosion was caused by the gas cooker being left on," said Chloe Boyce, a spokeswoman for Southern Gas Networks.

"We've isolated the gas supply and done further checks which show there are no gas readings at all in the area.

"This is a stark reminder to everyone to check gas appliances are fully turned off before they go to bed or leave their house. If anyone smells gas they should contact the National Gas Emergency Number on 0800 111 999.

"Our thoughts are with the gentleman who has been injured today."


No injuries in gas blast

House destroyed in Southsea Credit: Hampshire Fire and Rescue Service

A pensioner is reported to be dazed but uninjured after an explosion at his home in Southsea. Neighbours on Welch Road were evacuated following the blast which occurred in the early hours of this morning.

Explosion ripped through the property Credit: Hampshire Fire and Rescue Service
Local residents were evacuated Credit: Hampshire Fire and Rescue Service
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