Cables stolen from theme park

The owners of a theme park in Kent say they will reopen after thieves stole cables which linked their rides to the power supply.

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Reward offered after cable theft

A £2,000 reward is being offered to catch thieves who stole power cables that were running a fun fair in Kent.

They struck overnight at the Strand Leisure Park in Gillingham, using hacksaws to chop through inch thick cables.

The fair, which has been run by the same family for four generations, has restored power using borrowed cables.

Cable theft from theme park

The owners of ‘The Worldwide Travelling Theme Park Experience’, which is operating at The Strand in Gillingham, Kent have vowed to stay open after thieves stole cables. Power leads to dodgems, waltzers and 8 other attractions were cut and taken between 9pm and 8am this morning.


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